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Continent of Kinath

The lands of Humaity shall never known peace.


Kineth land scapes are divided into several different landscapes. The middle of the continent is divided by the Spine Ridge mountains which divides the continent in half from west to east. The Western region is covered in forests and plains along with rich soil and wild life. While the eastern region is cover in a vast desert the cover just about everything, with water that only available in a few area and only a few of the natural animals remaining. The land itself was lush and beautiful, but is mysterious died out under unknown circumstance. To the south of the continent are several islands known as the Southern Isles the are scattered about the ocean.

Fauna & Flora

Most of the land is covered with maple and oak trees along with other types of trees as well. Wolves, bears, rabbits and deer are they most common of animals on the land. On the eastern side of the continent, camels, vipers and condors are common. Along with some greenery found in a few area for things to survive.

Natural Resources

The land itself is rich in natural resource across the land. Wood, grain and other foods and materials are available to most of it populations. Along with animal such as cows, deer, boar are easily used a food supply. Mineral can be mined on hills and the mountain ranges. Most of the land is used for farming to feed the masses.
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