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Brotherhood of the Wood

You best keep your eyes peeled when your stationed here, you never know when the Brotherhood will come to kill you in so many different ways. - Veteran Legionary to fresh recruit.


The Brotherhood is mostly made up of Ardanian military remnants from the War of the Raptors. The heads of the group are made up of officers and skilled civilians that survived the war that come to all parts of the military with a few civilians as well. They are led by the Circle, the most experienced and capable of them all and their will is absolute since they are the best chance of helping them survive. The members are Carne, Cassius Flint, Dayne of Wayne, Federick Lumbren, Jacob Morris, and Sophia Kelner. Each one is in charge of a certain branch that ensures its success.  

The Branches

  Elusive Hands: The spies of the brotherhood, lead by Cassius Flint as their spymaster. They know where to place their sly hands into many places across Ardania and in the circles of the enemy. They often just deal with information on the military and resources that might useful. Along with the occasional assassination of anyone that be too difficult to reach. You never really can find them as they often can be anyone and can blend into a crowd easily.   Whispering Truth: Those who chose to stay behind enemy lines to gain the support of the people and look for allies and recruits. They are led by the former ranger Frederick Lumbren as their organizer. Even though he is blind he still knows how to use his words to get people's attention. The best way to start a rebellion is to get people on their side and help you with your goals. The common people are often the ones who are persuaded the most by them and with those people, the word spreads to rise and fight a common enemy.   Silent Stalkers: To fight a superior enemy, it's better to strike at them from the shadow when they least expect it Carne, the commander of the rangers and also known as the infamous Windwalker leads them. They often are sent out to fight in guerrilla against the empire. Their targets vary from supply caravans to stationed garrisons to ensure they get the brotherhood supplies and disorient imperial forces in the region. You never know when they will strike and before anyone realizes it, they are gone as soon as they arrive.   Wayward Raiders: They are the brute force needed to break the grip on imperial holdings. The Knight, Sir Dayne of Wayne is in charge of these experienced fighters that fight in the large scale operations of the brotherhood. Often being used in assaults and large ambushes on large imperial forces, outposts, and settlements. They are made up of the former kingdom military and are the most experienced in battle. Often being used to cause massive damage to imperial forces and resources to better weaken their grip in the region. They come in like a storm and leave a path of destruction in their wake.   Guiding Crow: Wars are not one by willpower alone, it takes training and discipline to turn the tide. This is why the former royal guardsmen Jacob Morris is in charge of them. Their purpose is to help train and equip those who are outside of the brotherhood to prepare them for the rebellion to liberate Ardania when the time comes. Creating a network of militia groups that would one day become a part of the army to drive out of the empire once and for all. They aid sympathizers by training them in the art of war and equipping them with weapons and armor to give them a fighting chance. Allowing the creation of rebel cells to cause trouble for imperials along the way. Everyone, someone to guide them if they are going to set things right properly and efficiently.   Supporting Branch: Not everyone is needed to carry a sword to fight for freedom. An army needs those who can ensure they are in proper fighting condition and that their supplies are properly maintained. This is why the wizard Sophia Kelner is in charge of keeping the brotherhood healthy and properly equipped. Though many of its members are not fighters, they make up for it with their knowledge as they are smiths, healers, cooks, and clerks among other things. Each one does a vital job in maintaining the functions of everyday life in the brotherhood. The brotherhood would never be as organized as it would be without them.


You know I never expected to find myself in a place like this, being hunted like an animal and living in bushes. But I'll be damned if I will ever let those imperial bastards get away with this. I show them who the real thieves are when I slit every last one of their conniving throats. - A frustrated Rebel
  The brotherhood is considered an enemy of the Vatian Empire and since the empire controls the entirety of the Western Lands, this mean the world is out get them. From Legionaries to Bounty Hunter the empire sent many after them and yet they managed to still survive. Along with causing much trouble for the empire in the process as they raid and steal from them.  

Being a Member

To be a member is to live on the edge as there are few places to stay safe and to survive. It is not easy nor is it glorious, but the odds are you will live longer than the rest of the people in the region that are dying from starvation and disease. Along with killing some imperials that caused you to be here in the first place. As long as you can do something for the brotherhood you will be fine, those who can't are often put with the refugees to earn the brotherhood's protection. As long as you aren't a spy or a turncoat, you won't be strangled in your sleep and your body fed to the wolves. You might be thinking that you are doing this to liberate your homeland from the occupation of the empire or maybe you just doing this to stay alive. One thing is for certain, you are one of many people who are trying to defy an empire that has the resources to wipe you out, but they have to catch you first and that will be difficult since you know the land better than they do. You are one of the last true Ardanians that chose to fight those who would enslave your people and take your lands. You are facing tyrants and profiteers that abuse the power for their gain. Though the chances of freeing your homeland are small, there is still a chance to drive out of the empire. Just make sure to keep your head down and strike the enemy from the shadow and you might live to see the results.  

What People Think of You

There are people who both hate you and love you for what you are doing. There is the Vatian Empire, one of the largest empires to ever exist that want to kill you and display your corpse to be a warning to others. Then there are your fellow countrymen who either wish to help you or sell you out for a gold piece. You never know who you can trust as it you against the world at this point. The nobles that survived the war are another story, those who hate the empire are secretly funding you with what coin and equipment they have. They might be helping you or they just want to gain favor with the empire why capture a few pesky rebels, at least their money is still good. There are also the people that go after you for the bounty on your head like all other brotherhood members get, most of them are your run-of-the-mill thugs who think that you will be easy pay, they often cover the forest floor to be food for the crows. But once in a while, a Bounty Hunter comes along, and then there is a challenge as they are professionals at hunting people. This is why it is best to keep your skill honed and be ready in case you come across one. So it is all about the role of the dice when you meet people that will either kill you or welcome you in open arms.

Public Agenda

The Brotherhood's only goal is to have Ardania independent once more and drive the Vatianss out by any means necessary.


The Brotherhood's main income comes from stealing enemy supplies whether it may be weapons or food depends on the assignment. Whatever else they have comes from supporters of their cause which are militias, nobles, and anyone else who does not like the empire. Hunting and foraging are also common for them. Along with spies found throughout Ardania. Dra Toren also gives the brotherhood a secure base that is well hidden and secure from those who wish to seek them out.


From the Ashes of War

  After the fall of the Kingdom of Ardania at the hands of the Vatian Empire , most of the kingdom’s military went into hiding in the forests, due to the empire’s policy of destroying any threats of rebellion in the populous. Those who managed to survive the purge escaped into the Great Forest and have been in there ever since. From that day the brotherhood has been fighting the empire with guerrilla tactics and stockpiling as many weapons they can get their hands on. Though they have existed only for a few years they have left a lasting impression on the enemy and the people alike. Cause as much damage as they can when they can. Which has often led to turmoil with the legions garrisoned in the region and gaining the support of the people to rise against their conquerors. Making many Legionaries be afraid to even sleep at night not knowing if their throat would be slit in the middle of the night by a member of the brotherhood or an angry villager. At the moment the only real leadership with the brotherhood is within the surviving military leadership and a few others, due to their survival skills and knowledge of the terrain. As time went on, their numbers have been growing more and more with refugees, military remnants, and other rebel factions to free their land from the empire once and for all. It’s also put quite the price on their heads with Bounty Hunters from across the west who want to get rich fast, of course, most of them end up dead before they even snag one of them.  

A Spark of Hope

  While this small band of rebels seems to be nothing more than a nuisance to the empire, they have been getting more and more people on their side every year. Causing turmoil across Ardania that even the occupying imperial soldiers had trouble keeping the masses in check. With the current state of the empire, their legions are stretched out thin as is already. The imperial governor Argos Antony Aurelius is not helping either as he has lead the region into ruin. The brotherhood may be the key to unraveling the power of the empire in the region. As they have the will to keep on fighting as long as it takes to liberate their homeland from foreign invaders

Stick to the Wilds

Founding Date
Illicit, Rebel
Alternative Names
Rebels, bandits, outlaws, The Brotherhood
Predecessor Organization
Formation Type
Training Level
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Ruling Organization
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Lethal Force

Make sure you aim between the armor's weak points, then they will go down like any other man. - Brotherhood Drill Instructor
  The brotherhood unlike most rebel groups is trained in warfare and organized unlike the average rebel in the empire. Making them a threat that the empire has not seen in centuries and is unable to properly crush them. Allowing them to cause more damage to the enemy then ever before and creating a phycological impact on even the most experienced imperial Legionary. They strike hard and retreat just to cause chaos and confusion to slowly wear them out. It's nothing more than a war of attrition now to see who is willing to give up first.  

Forced Together

I use to be a farmer no more than a few years ago, now look me, a man who knows how to hunt and forage for himself. - Proud Rebel
  The brotherhood is not just one group of individuals fighting alongside one another, they are people from all walks of life that are forced together by current events. Each person has their own story and a reason to be here. This has its benefits and back draws that can either divide or unify the brotherhood. As different backgrounds and beliefs can easily divide the brotherhood into factions to ensure their agendas are met. But this is often overlooked as their hatred for the empire is far greater than anything else. When the brotherhood does work together it allows them the become an efficient and effective fighting force that can easily fight the empire on their terms.

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