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Carne (Car-n)

Warden-Commander Carne (a.k.a. Windwalker)

Never had I believed a man could run like a deer and be as silent as a shadow. He came out of nowhere and killed three men before we realized and vanished into the smoke without a trace. One by one, we fell and we couldn't see him, but he could see us and we either fell by blade, arrow or falling rubble. Even the reinforcement could not take him down and all fell to him, He who walks with the wind. A hundred Legionaries were sent in to clear out the Ardanians that survived the siege and only I remain broken, beaten and only I was spared. I thought that my death would come came from nothing in front of me. Instead, he came up and spoke to me, I could not see his face for it was covered by a hood. But I did see his eye, oh those terrible eyes, eyes of that wolf or an eagle look upon its prey before killing it. All he told me was " You made a terrible mistake coming here believing that these lands would so easily be conquered through force alone and in doing so you will pay dearly for the suffering you have caused. For death comes to all men and I am its servant that will take you to meet him sooner than you would expect. You will pass on these words for you have witnessed the blood spilled here and remind them all of what you saw this terrible day." By the time I saw another wave come into the breach, he was gone for the wind had carried him off. - Statement from Titus Aldos, the lone survivor of the 8th century at the siege of Fort Hightower

Physical Description

General Physical Condition

He is more physically fit than most others and is quite faster than most. His eyesight is also more advanced letting him seething that others can’t. Other than that he is quite healthy. Even through pain and injury, he manages to keep his body working the best he can.

Body Features

Pale white skin

Physical quirks

  • Ambidexterity
  • Tends to walk quietly
  • twirls knife in hand
  • scar in his life shoulder.

Special abilities

Can see Spirits with Second Sight

Mental characteristics

Personal history

Outcast at Birth

  Carne was born into the world with only his mother to care for him with never knowing who his father was. Only that he was noblemen that meet her during Roderick Rebellion. With him leaving her before he was even born. He was often forced to stay indoors as he was born different from other people and was often made to pretend to be blind by wearing a blindfold when anyone came into the house or left it. Never to see what the village of Whitewood that he lived in ever looked like. He did not have any friends when he was growing up, so the only person close to his mother. She taught him how to read and write, allowing him to read any book he got his hands on. She was his whole world and did not know what he would do without her. Often bring him books about adventurers and on plants and animals which he read thoroughly as if his life depended on it. Even though they didn't have much money, they did what they could to make each other happy. He would often be alone much of the time as his mother would be working, making him either daydream or do chores around the house to help his mother. The village children would often harass him from outside their home as well as they saw him as a weakling for not leaving it and that he was blind. He always wondered what the world was like and what it was better than living in a house all his life, even though he did not wish to leave his mother behind. But it seemed that fate had other plans for him.   One day his mother became ill and the village healer could do nothing to help her as it was a disease that he had never seen before and did not know how to cure. He only told him to make her comfortable and spend what time he had left with her. That was what he did and the thought of losing her was eating him up inside. His mother told him to be brave and follow his path, one that was better than this. He stayed with her until the day she died at her side. He was only eight years old at the time and was alone in the world now. It was not soon after that his secret was discovered by the villagers. It was that his eyes were a peculiar color, that of yellow that the villagers feared him. Believing that it was a sign of evil and misfortune from their old superstitions. Making them hate and despise him, even though he did nothing to him.   The months that passed were not as kind to him as well, he was thrown from his home and all that he owned was taken from him leaving him out in the cold. Forced to eat the scrapes the villagers did not eat and slept in barns to stay warm on cold nights. There was also another reason why he often covered his eyes, he often saw the spirits that passed through when they were open and was often afraid to look at them for he could not understand why he saw them when no one else could. The people did not help him anyway and the children around him often picked on him and beat him. He knew he could not stay here any longer as winter would come, but did not know where to go since he did not know of any places. The only place that he did know of was the Great Forest since he explored the outskirts often hiding from those who bullied him. His best meals were from there as well from traps he learned to make from watching hunters and small slings to catch rabbits and other smaller animals that live there. Along with knowing what plants were edible from the books he read. He just thought to himself that this was a better idea than staying in a place where everyone despised him for what he had no control over. He would rather take his chance in there than out here with them. He started well on the first few days, until he couldn't find any food and learned how to climb fast to escape whatever ever tried to eat him.   Later he found himself lost and on the verge of starving to death finding it sad he would die alone with nothing to live for. Then out of sheer luck or destiny, he found an old hut that was isolated from everything. A good place to shelter from the elements and even possibly find some food in there. But when he entered, he realized that it was not abandoned and that whoever it was only left recently. When he was about to leave the occupant of the hut had returned and was an old man from the forest tribes. He was afraid of what he was going to do to him, even though he was an old man. As he heard that the tribes did a terrible thing to trespassers. But rather than hurt him, he fed him and clothed him. He soon discovered that he was a shaman that decided to spend his time in contemplation and seemed to be no threat to him at all. But the most alarming thing about him was what he told him about his eyes. That he was a seer said to have been chosen by the land and the Spirits to protect the land from great change that would one day come, though he thought it was just the ramblings of an old man.  

Forging his Own Path

The old man went by the name of Root, a strange name to have even in the Forest Tribes of Ve’tal but didn't know what else to call him, so Root it was. It took some time to trust this strange old man, but he finally found someone who accepted him for who he was and felt like he belonged, something he hadn't felt in his entire life. He was full of surprises as well when he taught him what he knew. He would learn the way of the forest and the creatures that lived in it. How to hunt, track and speak the Old Tongue among other things. Along with him awakening his primal instinct through shamanistic practices. He was quite natural when it came to bows too as his aim was often true. But this happiness was never meant to last for him for long. Like his mother before him, the old shaman passed away two years later and his heart broke once more. For everyone he loved, died as if he was cursed to be alone with only the spirits he saw to keep him company which he had learned to accept and no longer be afraid of them.   He stayed in the Great Forest to live in solitude and away, often wearing a hood over his head to hide his eyes. Living off the land and keeping clear of anyone due to his past. A year passed in his isolation as he honed his skills. Until someone decided to intrude on his grounds. A Ranger had entered his territory battered and wounded trying to recover from his injuries. Behind him, several bandits set on killing him as they were on his trail. He did not want to get involved, but he then remembered what his old teacher told him. "Follow your heart and believe in what is right." It was with that he decided to help the man with his troubles. The bandits were quite easy to deal with as they were easily scared off by his traps and injured a few, but not willing to kill them as he had yet to do so. The Ranger was both surprised and puzzled by the boy that seemed to have saved his life. He would tend to his wounds and made sure he could get out of the forest. His name was Fredrick Lumbren and he was grateful for his help and he saw how Carne was living and wanted to repay him for saving his life. He asked him to join on his travels back to Oaken Tower to become a Ranger as it seemed he had the skills for it.   He was hesitant at first, but then he thought about the bandits that he let get away. He knew they would come back and figured that he needed a place to stay as leaving his hut and finding a new home would be difficult, especially with autumn coming and resources being scarce. He accepted his offer and journeyed to the castle he was stationed at. They decided to journey outside of the forest due to the danger they were in and past several settlements along the way, even the town of Hebonar, which Carne thought was a city that he only read about. Which sparked his child-like mind that he forgot he had for some time. He tried to hide his excitement in front of Fredrick but was terrible doing so and he never seemed to enjoy such things and explored a little bit. Along with him discovering what money was and how it worked as he took food from stalls without realizing what stealing was. Then he started to feel happy once more even though he tried to fight it. As they continued to travel he learned more about Fredrick and his duties as a Ranger in the Forest Guard. That they were responsible for keeping the peace between the Great forest and the kingdom. Though he was skeptical about it due to his experience with other people, he knew they weren't all bad. Along with witnesses the thing that dwelled in the forest firsthand from time to time to see why people need protecting, to begin with. So he decided to accept his offer to become a Ranger and wanted him to train him to be better prepared when they arrived. Fredrick though was taken aback as he quickly went through most of the basic training and decided to teach him some advanced training along the way which didn’t seem to stop him at all. After a few more days, they managed to reach Oaken Tower as it stood out in the distance.   Of course, when he got there, he wasn't greeted as friendly as he would have expected. They didn't see his eyes, but they were skeptical that a scrawny child such as him could be a Ranger and told him to come back in a few years. But Fredrick told his Warden-Commander Galas Curts to give him a chance for he was much more than he looked. On hearing this he made a bet with him, if he won he could begin his training, and if not he would leave. The challenge in question would be archery, something that most Rangers were quite good at. Those who were present thought it would be a nice few laughs and watch the boy fail. Their best marksmen were sent out and fired a few shots at the target which was a moving bucket that was pretty good. Carne effortlessly shot the target which all of them were bullseyes in a few seconds, shocking everyone and leaving a long silence. The idea that he was a prodigy at his age terrified them and started to take him seriously. The marksmen, however, frustrated at being beaten by a child, threw a rotten tomato at him which he kindly returned to him with an arrow above his head and the tomato fell on top of him. It made Galas impressed and accepted this extraordinary boy as a recruit. But he wanted to see his face and Carne quickly refused and a chase ensued with most of the castle failing to catch the boy before disappearing. He ended up hiding in one of the old towers that no one would look for him. Fredrick would find him and manage to get him to explain why he didn't want anyone to see his face. He was able to convince him to show his eyes, but he did not treat him any differently. Making him realize that not all people would treat him like a monster by knowing his secret. They then went to Galas to talk to him privately and promised to let him wear his hood until he was ready to show his face. The training for him was quite easy for him physically, but mentally it took all of his will to control his emotions. He managed to get the hang of it with time. After a few months, he was put on active Ranger duty despite not being of age yet.  

A Ranger and a Soldier

  Being a Ranger helped him be a part of something, it gave him a purpose in his life where he had none before. Though working with others was a little difficult for him, he managed to trust those who served beside him. He was even able to make some friends along the way. As for his service record, he was above average when it came to his duties. His gifts also enabled him to be far better than most Rangers as well making him a force to behold. He would often be gone before anyone could speak to him when he was given an assignment. Despite being told countless times to have someone come with him considering he was still a child. But that didn’t stop him at all and even if someone tried to go after him they often had trouble even tracking him despite their training. He would be assigned all sorts of things while he was on duty from hunting beasts wandering too close to settlements to bandits preying on unsuspecting travelers. However, his interactions with the forest tribes were something completely different than most would expect. The Forest Guard often had an understanding with most of the tribes and peace was kept between them. But there would be flare-ups between both sides from time to time. But treating them with respect and tolerance rather than with suspension and deception. For he followed the old ways rather than the new ones for he found peace and acceptance with them when the other rejected him. The use of the Old Tongue enabled him to ease tensions with them to avoid bloodshed too. It was here that friendlier relationships began to grow between them and the other tribes. Most notably when he helped stop slavers from abducting tribesmen looking for easy money.
Robin Hood - ambush in the woods by Balázs Szakonyi
He always seemed to be putting his life in danger and never anyone else as if he had something to prove. But instead, it was all about protecting his comrades and avoiding bloodshed. When he wasn't on a mission he was training himself and anyone willing to join him to improve their skills. He was a born leader even Galas saw it. He made him a Sergeant of his squad to prove that despite his objections. At first, he did not work well with those under his command, often working alone as he always did and not involving them at all. His team thought he was selfish and arrogant until they saw the length he was willing to go to protect them. Soon enough they managed to work things out and began to work as a team. But he made sure that they were all as good as him if they were going serve under him and hard training began to make them look like a pack of wolves rather than Rangers. It soon gains them an infamous nickname as well, " Grim Hunters" , due to them causing terror against anyone who faced them. With them begin instrumental in ending the Wolver Border Raids and the reign of the Luthor, the Bandit King. He was close to them as well, treating them as his friends rather than subordinates. Among them were Darren Nettle, Loran Lusca, Philip Lumbren, and Arnold Masterson. Life was going well for him as he seemed to have all he ever wanted in life. But the world had other ideas in mind as the drums of war began to beat in the north beyond the forest.   It was like any other routine scouting mission on the border, Carne and a detachment of some of the best Rangers in the Forest Guard were sent to spy on imperial movements that had been more active than usual. When they discovered several Imperial Legions preparing to march along the Narrow Path. After a brief skirmish with some imperial scouts and quick integration, they quickly headed to Fort Hightower to warn it, defenders of the invasion. Only just to arrived as it was besiege, thus beginning the War of the Raptors. During the Siege of Fort Hightower, the Legions of the empire tried to breach the old castle through any means possible. but were repealed by its sturdy walls and defenders on them with day after day of harsh fighting. It was apparent that a quick victory was not possible for them so they began to dig in trying to find ways to breach the walls or force the defenders to surrender. But Carne would let the besiegers rest one moment while they were there as he and his comrades began a series of raids to strike terror into the enemy. Often under the darkness of night, they would steal food, sabotaged their equipment, set fire to tents, and randomly killing anyone they came across. They were not safe at day either as Carne with his longbow would hit many of the besiegers, most of them being officers at great distances forcing them to move their lines back several times to avoid any more casualties. But he managed to keep hitting them anyway and made sure that they knew it was him by using arrows with black fletching on them.   Their actions would halt the enemy's progress and give the kingdom time to gather its armies to prepare for the coming onslaught. But after a month of holding the fort, the imperials were tired of this act of defiance and started to prepare a massive assault to end the siege. Seeing the remaining defenders decided it was time for them to leave as they could not hold out much longer and would destroy the fort so it could not fall into the hands of the empire. As they were fleeing through the ancient passageway underneath the old castle, the assault began and Carne stayed behind to hold the enemy back on his own. Using the ruins of the castle to his advantage and a series of traps, he managed to devastate the enemy and managed to trigger the fort's pillars to collapse. Many of the defenders and his squad thought he was dead, but they were astonished when he emerged from the collapsed passageway. He and the surviving defenders managed to escape as they headed to safety behind friendly lines. He would soon become infamous amongst the legions of the empire with them giving him the name "Windwalker" for supposedly being able to control the wind and even walk on it when it was just simply his skills that aided him.   After his courageous actions at Fort Hightower, Carne would become a part of a series of operations using guerrilla warfare to cause damage behind enemy lines as the empire advanced deeper and deeper into the kingdom. He and the Grim Hunters would target to commit many deeds against the empire and insight fear even the toughest of Legionaries even when they were mentioned. Their infamy would only rise during the Battle of the Long Night as they capture an agent of the Imperious Oculus revealing selective information that would lead to massive defeat to the empire with thousands dead. Causing large amounts of resources that the empire would use to eliminate them, but they always manage to getaway. But they would be on the losing side of the war as the kingdom continued to lose ground. It was then that a secret meeting took place in the village of White Wood that high-ranking officers of the Forest Guard would attend with Carne and his men invited as well. Though the place of his birth brought up bad memories he cared little of it and cared only for the future. But before any plan was meet but they were betrayed by one of there with it being none other than Darren, as he brought imperial legionaries into the village and set it ablaze and Carne watched as many of his comrades died in from the sudden attack along with being the last of Grim Hunters. As for Darren, Carne personally ended him after stabbing him through one of his eyes and tossed him into one of the many burning flames surrounding them as a fitting punishment for his betrayal. He and the remaining survivors manage to flee it into the Great Forest to try and recover from their sudden losses. Only to realize that they were still being pursued by the enemy to try and finish them off. Carne chose to stay behind to hold them off and no one argued with him due to his state of mind as he was out for blood as he almost lost everything because of the empire. What transpired afterward was considered the stuff of nightmares as a lone figure began killing any imperial in his sight with their screams being heard throughout the night for who knows how many hours that it lasted. With it being said that dozens upon dozens of imperials were found dead across the forest border of Whitewood even miles away from it. It is unsure how many were said to be killed during the "Night of Wailing" but they most certainly knew it was Carne as he left one of his arrows with black fletching to let them know that he was still alive. By the time he returned to the survivors he was drench in blood with even the stench of death being smelled from a short distance away. He also had with him a boy by the name of Dylan Tilbrook, though he never spoke of what transpired that night and no one ever wanted no know.  

A Determined Rebel

  After Whitewood, no one knew what to do as they were cut off from any information or way to contact anyone from the kingdom or the Guard for that matter. Many were wounded and had to be taken care of so they have a chance to survive. As Carne and those still able to move they would often come and go to patrol the area to ensure that they were safe, but they would often return to the smoldering ruins that were once Whitewood when it was safe to bury their dead. Only to be horrified to find that most of the bodies were either crucified or mutilated and left to rot. Carne would bury all of his squad members by himself and stayed away from the others as he mourned for his loss and failure for not seeing Darren's betrayal. Often blaming himself for all the deaths caused by it. They would often find others during their patrols in the forest some of them peasants fleeing their destroyed homes, others being soldiers from losing battles all of them heading to the forest as the empire made it advance deeper into the kingdom. Then one day the news that they dread finally came, the war was over and the empire had one. The capital of Asran was in flames and the Royal family of House Kasval killed.   What's worse was that the Forest Guard was all but destroyed their castles destroyed or under imperial control. Many of its members were feared dead at this point. No one knew what to do as they were leaderless as Galos died in Carne's arms and most of the captains that were present were killed. Except for Fredrick but was worse for wear as he had become partially blinded from burning debris that severally burned him and had yet to recover. But in all of this time of struggle and suffering Carne who felt like no longer living heard a voice slowly reach him. But did not know where it came from whether it came from deep within him or even a spirit it only said two words repeatedly, "Save them." It was these words that made him realize that he had to keep on fighting for those who were still alive and knew what had to be done. When he finally returned to the group they ceased arguing with one another as an arrow was shot near their feet to gain their attention to Carne. It was that he spoke a place that was hidden where they would be safe and no one could find them that only a few trusted Rangers ever knew about, the ruins of the ancient elven fortress known as Del Toren. It was with this they would travel deeper into the forest face many dangers and picking up other kingdom stragglers that they came across along the way.   When they finally arrived they were glad to be safe from danger despite the ruins being a total mess, but at least they had supplies hidden away inside of it to rebuild it as best they could. In the coming weeks, as they rebuilt their new haven and began scouring the forest for news and resources more and more people began to join them as they fled the tyranny of the empire. Causing quite the stir as people from all over began fighting over just about everything. Carne and a few others kept the peace for some time but eventually, it was all falling apart. It was with that he began forming a council to lead the fledgling settlement to help share the burden of leadership. It was here that the Circle was formed with Cassius Flint, Jacob Morris, Sophia Kelner, Sir Dayne of Wayne, Fredrick Lumbren, and himself were chosen by their groups to led them. Though he believed he was not the right man for the job due to his failures despite the support he had. This union would also lay the foundations of the resistance against the empire known as the Brotherhood of the Wood. With him forming his branch of the brotherhood known as the Silent Stalkers to wage a guerrilla war against the empire.   It was from here that Carne, more notably the stalkers would be some of the most wanted individuals in the empire as their effect on the occupation forces of the empire were starting to cause problems for them. As their ability to attack without warning at a moment's notice and leave without a trace tends to put even an experienced soldier on edge. That and all the things they tend to liberate from them that ranger from weapons to food to continue their war. Many of their acts of defiance also causing many to rally under the brotherhood to aid in the liberation of Ardania. It also caused their bounties to rise with Carne's being the largest, making him a prime target for any Bounty Hunter feeling lucky to have a go at him. Along with many imperials assigned to kill him seeking a promotion, with many of them covering the forest floor when they finally found him. This has only strengthened the legend that has revolved around him making him more like a ghost rather than a man, but he cares little for such trivial things as all he wants to do is keep his people alive as long as possible in these dark times where very few people can be trusted. Even slowly revealing his secret to only those few who can be most of them among the circle. For he knows that they are all in this together and it must be kept that way to ensure that they have a future that is worth fighting for.


Social Aptitude

He often isolates himself from others but will talk to them when he needs to. He is more comfortable with people he has known for years rather than new people.


He speaks plainly and calmly never revealing emotion and will only yell when he needs to.
Current Location
Honorary & Occupational Titles
Year of Birth
1508 CA 24 Years old
Circumstances of Birth
Bastard of a noble
Current Residence
Short black hair
Skin Tone/Pigmentation
Pale white
Quotes & Catchphrases
It's not that you're not good at this, just need to practice.
The problem with people is once they are told something they consider it the only truth rather than find answers themselves.
We are born to suffer, for that is what life is.
Aligned Organization
Other Affiliations
Known Languages
Speaks the Old Tongue, Vasili and Ardanese


  • Learning how to survive
  • Becoming a Ranger
  • Slaying the Wolver Pack-Chief Rackvarg
  • Creating friendly cooperation with the forest tribes
  • Heroic Defense of Fort Hightower
  • Forming the Silent Stalkers


  • The Betrayal at Whitewood
  • Letting Luthor Edilburg the Bandit King Escape
  • Death of the all the Grim Hunters
  • The injuries of Fredrick Lambren
  • Death of Galas Curts

Morality & Philosophy

  He follows the old ways of the forest where only those with strength and the will to forge their path and not let fate decide for them. He despises those who pick on the weak and different and will stand to defend them and that all are equal in his eye no matter how different they may be. Along with Believing those born with power must prove themselves worthy to wield it and that they must earn respect and not given to him.  

Religious Views

  He follows the ways of the Forest Tribes of Ve’tal that respect the land and the Spirits among them. He often tries to tolerate religions, will take action if he sees that they are committing atrocities or taking their faith a little too far.  


  Carne was trained at an early age to hunt and forage to survive in the wild, learning to master archery along the way. He also learned the old ways of the land from the shaman that he spent several years with. After joining the Forest Guard as a Ranger he was train in the art of guerrilla warfare, close combat, and stealth. He also knows astrology and the behaviors of other groups living in the wild. When he joined the rangers he was able to improve them. He even learned how to read and write while he was training.  


  He wishes to protect the brotherhood and all under its protection from the empire. Along with the eventual liberation of his homeland. But what he wants is to find peace for himself from all the years of bloodshed.  


  Carne is still haunted by things he had to do in the war and blames himself for what happened at Whitewood. In the process, he tries to take all the burdens that are thrown at him and do it alone. He often hides his true emotion from anyone around him and believes that he doesn't deserve to be happy. He often keeps his distance from people in order not to grow too attached to them.  




  • Dylan Tilbrook - pupil
  • Landen Lumbren - Friend
  • Sophia Kelner - Friend
  • Jacob Morris - Friend


  • Ambidextrous
  • Patient
  • Quick Thinker
  • Determined
  • Willful
  • Smart
  • Fast reaction time
  • Cunning

Intellectual Characteristics

  • Fair-minded
  • Courageous
  • Humble
  • Charismatic
  • Determined
  • Keen


  • Never leaving a man behind
  • Never becoming emotional
  • Not letting his emotions get the best of him


  • Isolates Himself
  • Tries to be emotionless
  • Holds grudges
  • Guilty complex
  • Honest


  • Checks things twice
  • Night Owl
  • Can't take a joke
  • Taps fingers when waiting
  • Light sleeper


  • wood carving
  • Training
  • Reading

Apeareal and Acessories

  • Necklace with ring around his neck

Special Equipment

  • Carries a long bow he crafted himself and a quiver on his waist
  • Belt contains a Falchion, throwing ax, knife, and herb pouch
  • Keeps a small knife hidden in his leather boots
  • Fire starter

Cover image: Male Archer by Donglu Yu


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