Primal Instinct

To go against one's nature is like fighting oneself, in the end, you will remain defeated no matter how hard you try to go against it. - Ve'tal Proverb


Primal Instinct is a state in which an individual can gain access to senses that have become inaccessible to most races as they have lost them long ago when they had become civilized and become more reliant on technology. It often takes certain forms of training to achieve this state or an increasingly stressful event that causes the individual's subconscious to awaken to better their chances are survival.


Heightened Senses: The senses of sight, smell and hearing are capable of achieving a higher perception rate for their surroundings.   Danger Sense: A feeling that of a looming threat that may come near them is common for many animals and is used to prepare for the danger to come by knowing where it is coming from and reacting before it arrives.   Quick Reaction Time: Reflexes are faster and more precise when dealing with danger by through various forms of movement to ensure the best chances of survival.   Sensitivity: senses become more sensitive to certain smells and sounds that can't cause pain or disorient the host.


Feral Urges: A rare case where individuals begin to lose their control over their instincts and begin to succumb to them causing them to act like animals live by their instincts and live by them. Causing them to be highly aggressive and giving in to their desires.

Affected Groups

Humans : Only very few of them are able to achieve this state due to their breakaway for the wilderness. Those who live in the wilderness or tribal societies are able to achieve this state for survival may depend on it.   Elves : Elves are one of the few civilized races that have more individuals with this ability due to their already heightened senses and their understanding of the natural world around them. But Wild Elves are the most common users of this ability due to their primitive lifestyle.   Dwarves : Dwarves have long since lost their connection to the wilds since they have made their homes in the mountains and the hills making it very rare for one of them to achieve this mental state as they have solely have become dependent of technology. But in it is not impossible to achieve as Hill Dwarves have become more accustomed to venturing out to the surfaces and face the dangers of the wilderness.   Black Bloods: Orcs, Trolls, Ogres, and Goblins due to their way of life are capable unlocking this ability and mastering through sheer willpower.   Beastmen: Due to their animalistic nature, Beastmen have a higher rate of gaining this ability, but are more likely to succumb to Feral Urges because of it.


Hidden Power Within

  Like all living things in this world, they are driven by their instincts to survive. While most animals have it those who have achieved the state of sentience have given up this natural state of mind to achieve advancement in creating civilization. But deep down these abilities remain dormant and locked away with them never realizing that they have them in the first place and going about their lives. But if certain conditions are met then these instincts can be unlocked quite easily for certain individuals to use at will. Making them far more capable and skilled to survive in the world around them. These individuals often referred to as the Primal are capable of feats that many would consider impossible by normal means, but are still achieved either way. Though cases of these individuals have become rarer and rarer as time has passed and civilization has progressed to a certain state where these instincts are not needed as much as they use to. But cases are still seen in places where danger is a common occurrence for them to manifest. Along with certain groups who know how to trigger this power to activate it inside individuals at will. Allowing them to fully use it once it has been properly manifested inside of them. Though by achieving this form of mental state can cause them to act differently amongst others and may act based on their instincts alone causing them to be ostracized by society. Meaning they have to control their actions with others to avoid any situations that might cause them to be ridiculed. This is why most people with it are often best with living near the wilderness where they can use their senses more freely and feel more comfortable.

Cultural Reception

Civilized: In most civilized societies those who have achieved this power are often considered unnatural as most individuals cannot do the things they do. This is why most of them thrive in the outermost fringes of society often as soldiers, hunters, and trackers as smaller settlements tolerate them for their skills.   Tribal: Tribal societies are more open to it due to their close beliefs in the natural world and consider these individuals blessed by the gods as skilled fighters and hunters and revered because of it.
Chronic, Acquired
Affected Species

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