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Bounty Hunter

When you don't know what to with your life you will just take any job you can get, even if its hazardous to your life. The Bounty Hunter is one such profession.



most have some experience with weapons and licensed by government

Payment & Reimbursement

They are payed the amount of the bounty is rewarded.

Other Benefits

No one messes with a bounty hunter



To catch criminals that the government has no time to catch.

Social Status

Bounty hunters are considered a lowly profession for people who can't hold a job and want to get paid fast.


Bounty Hunter make up to one point five percent of the population of Kinith which adds up to ten thousand men and women looking to get paid for bringing in someones head.


Bounty hunter have been around for thousands of years and it doesn't look like they are going anywhere any time soon. Back in the day there were not that many regulations or laws stopping anyone from being a bounty hunter. Of course the world was a hell of mess anyway and bounty hunters flourished along with it. Criminals came in the the hundreds and coin purses were filled with enough coin they would be set for life. But as governments gained more power and control of their lands they made laws to keep bounty hunters in line. Licenses and permits were need to be a bounty hunter and to carry certain weapons on them. Laws were also made for them to be able to their jobs and not be harassed by officials or locals. The bounty hunters numbers have also diminished since then with guards increasing in cities and sheriffs and bailiffs being given to rural areas. What ever the case is at least the governments are using scum to catch scum then waste their time with them.



iron shackles to bring in criminals, lock picks, club, knives, rope.


weapons such as swords and crossbows among other things

Provided Services

They are given information on a target whereabouts and a poster of what they look like.

Dangers & Hazards

You could end up dead.
Alternative Names
Hired thugs
Bounty hunters are not the best occupation and is not that sought after.
Bounty hunters are common in Kineth and must have a permit to go after criminals.
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