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Forest Guard

Out of all the Border Guard Forces in the kingdom, the Forest Guard has to deal with things in the Great Forest that would make normal men flee in terror. - Banor Pescon


The Forest Guard is divided into three groups, the Banors, Brush Watchers and the Ardanian Rangers. The Banors that live along the Great Forest ensure that the any threat try to get farther inland are stopped. While the Brush Watchers are an irregular force composed of volunteers composed of average citizens that live near the forest and act as a militia to be used as a reactionary force when danger is near. The Rangers however are sent into the forest to ensure these threats are neutralized before they get out of hand.


We are the ones that guard the lands that border untamed wilds. We are the ones that ensure no danger comes near. Our courage is steadfast against the mightiest of foes that dare face. Our will is that of oak that will never stray from our path. All who dare to bring harm shall face our might no matter how great they may be. For we defend this kingdom against all things that are unknown to it so that it may never. Never shall our watch falter for our gaze is everlasting. As we forever watch the forest so that no one else has to with fear. - Forest Guard Oath
  The Forest Guard was created for one purpose, to protect the Kingdom of Ardania from the threat dwell in the Great Forest. This can often range from wild animals to more dangerous and older things that dwell within it. Of course, the main concern is keeping the peace and are willing to compromise with those who live in it to ensure it.      

Being a Member

  Well, looks like you have chosen to live your life on the wild side of things. By being a part of the guard you are defending the kingdom as it borders on the oldest and most dangerous regions in the Western Lands. Meaning that where you are going there is no sign of civilization in sight. Most people who join the guard are often people who have lived near the wilds all their lives or are just outcasts of society. Though some volunteered to become militiamen to defend their homes from danger, even though they are not as well trained their determination is something to admire. The rest are often a part of the Banors rule the lands and ensure peace and security in the region so some ever come to pass. They are highly trained in warfare and can hold their own when the going gets tough.   But one thing is for certain is that no one is ever the same when they go into the forest as there are things in there that most people thought were stories to scare children into behaving. Your duty is to keep it that way when so no one has to deal with and remain ignorant while the real dangers are out there lurking in who knows what forgotten place. As time goes on though you will know that you are not alone to face them, for those within the guard are your family now and the bonds that you make with them will help you keep from feeling isolated from the world. Making yourself feel more at home while facing whatever might come your way. These bonds are what keep the Guard together in the darkest of times and with them, they chase back whatever they face back to the darkness where it came and restore peace to both worlds.  

What People Think of You

  Most people consider the Forest Guard nothing more than a group of outcasts and wild men living in the wilderness. This mostly goes with the militias and Rangers that make up the guard as they have isolated themselves from normal life. Creating rumors to spread about them such as magic and had been causing trouble for them in the long run. Most people have forgotten about the things that live in the Great Forest and shrugged them off as nothing but stories. Often being idiots when real danger is around just to prove some point about there being no danger around. The Banors are the only ones that have kept the people in line to ensure that the duties of the guard are not hindered by any means. But this opinion amongst those across the kingdom is quite large as people tend to forget very easily about the services that they have given to the people in dark times.

Public Agenda

To ensure that the safety of the borders of the kingdom along the Great Forest from all threats from within it.


The Forest Guard has five castles and several outposts near the border in and out of the Great Forest. The castles are known as Fort High Tower, Greenwatch Keep, Greyhold, Helmen Castle, and Oaken Tower. They are highly equipped in weapons and armor and funded regularly due to their importance.


Reorganization of the Old Guard

  Though the Forest Guard was the first of the Border Guard forces to be created by the Kingdom of Ardania, it was not the original one to be created it as the first one was created by the many kingdoms of Ardania when the land was divided known as the Forest Wardens. But once the land was unified they were reformed into the Forest Guard and reformed to suit the need of current times. This would be the first of the border guards as they became a more sophisticated force to deal with the threats they lay in the forest. Allowing them to properly be brought into the kingdom's fold and maintain its position in a more important role more than ever before as the land was no longer divided. Allowing for more resources to be given to them and better training for its forces to deal with threats in the region.  

Elusive Fighters

  Unlike most fighting forces in the kingdom, the Forest Guard prefers to use guerrilla tactics rather than all-out confrontation. This is mainly due to the dense forest terrain and the fact that some groups and creatures live in the Great Forest knowing the terrain better than they do. The Rangers that are in their ranks are considered the best of these at this form of tactics. They are often the only ones that ever go deep into the forest so they know where to pick their battles. Often with great success to an extent that seems unnatural to some spreading rumors of magic and unholy forces that give them such skill. While the troops of the Banors of the region are also trained in these tactics as well, but remain more of a traditional fighting force that dealt in open confrontation. Making them more of a force to deal with larger threats to go into open battle with rather than just harassing them and using skirmishing tactics to deal with them. But use some of these tactics more aggressively and lethally to overwhelm the enemy before they could even react to what was happening.  

Keepers of the Wild

  While most of the kingdom considered the Great Forest as a place that is wild and holds many dangers, the Forest Guard does not see it that way. Though the forest may seem to be dangerous and inhospitable, it leads to a completely different world that very few can see. Here people like the Druids and the Forest Tribes of Ve’tal can be found that they work with to maintain the peace. Knowledge can be shared and wisdom can be given amongst one another for a better understanding of one another. It also allows creating a balance between the kingdom and the forest rather than just siding with the kingdom. As the forest will never be truly tamed and its many secrets will never truly be revealed. It is always better to make friends rather than enemies when there are very few of them that can be found in these lands.  

Explorers of the Unknown

  The Forest Guard is considered one of the only groups in the Western Lands that goes into the Great Forest regularly. With their Rangers being the ones venturing into it to explore the places that few dare travel to. In doing so they know more than most about what lies in the forest more than anyone else. From ruins dating back to the Elven Empire to the ancient shrines of old gods, these places are all known to them and keep it to themselves as some would try to take advantage of these findings for their own personal gain. But this does not mean they do not explore these places themselves and better understand how the old world really was like so they can preserve it without so nothing would be forgotten.


The Forest Guard was wiped out after the War of the Raptors by the Vatian Empire as they were seen a serious threat as they dealt serious damage to the Imperial Legions during the war.

Forever Watching the Unknown

831 BCA - 1528CA

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The Brave and the Crafty

Nothing appears as it seems when it comes to the Forest Guard as they have to use what they have when they have it. As resources can often be scarce when they are in the forest with danger all around. This is why they have smart about how they are going to survive in such as dangerous place. This is why they build traps and supply caches to be used on a later date to better their chances of survival out in the wilderness. Of course, there are some other ways they have able to build outposts within the forests as well without anyone ever noticing them. Such and building them in trees or ruins that no one ever goes to better observe a situation. Even a language was developed by them known as Wild Call for communication without being discovered.  

Against the Hordes

  Many things live in the Great Forest that they have to face alone as no help will arrive on time in a crisis. Though their numbers are few, they persist in fighting them off and many times are successfully done so, but at a high price often involved. This has given them great renown for their service to the kingdom many times and allows them to receive better funding for future endeavors. This has allowed the creation of a defensive network known as Emerald Line, which is a series of defensive position that allows them to be flexible and adaptable to a situation without being overwhelmed by a larger force. This has allowed the Forest Guard to halt the advance of many threats many times without truly giving up any ground at all.  

An Open Hand

  Rather than making enemies with everyone in the forest, the Forest Guard has created diplomatic channels between them and different groups within it. This has allowed them to create trade and peace between both groups and has been their policy for centuries. Though after a while these agreements fall apart over time and have to be reinstated to return to the fold. This has been used with almost all groups in the forest, except for the Beastmen as they wish for no communication with them at all and have been met with hostilities.

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