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Wild Call

I keep telling you those wolves are closer then you think, we should get out of before they rush us when our guard is down. - bandit unknowingly being boxed in
  Wild Call is a complex form of communication used in conversations at far distances that sound like natural sounds in nature to the untrained ear. But in fact there are several variations of the code that can be used in different situations to gain a better outcome. This is often used a military code that was created by the Rangers of the Forest Guard to remain hidden and not have their cover blown by the enemy forces. Originally used for just communication methods, it was later developed for psychological warfare to the reactions that it had on people hearing when listening to certain animals.   These would then be used to cause the target to change the way it acting to the benefit of the one speaking. Allowing a tactical advantage when dealing with certain targets and situations that required them. This of course take a lot of training to master as the use of the users vocal cords must reach the right sound for it to be authentic. This type of code is only meant to deal with small groups as larger ones are as easily manipulated when they have numbers on their side. But can be still be used for standard communication when the need arises as the wilderness is not a safe place to be in the dangers are real in it.  

The Languages of the Wild

  There are several types of calls that were created based on the animal that are native to the Great Forest. Each are used for certain situations that require sounds that will so unnoticed by others they do not know the call.   Wolf Call: The Wolf Call is used in corraling targets into heading in a certain direction. The same with packs of wolves that surround prey when hunting.   Bird Call: The bird call is often used in coordination when following targets. Since hearing birds is natural no one really knows better then to think something is off.   Squirrel Call:The Squirrel call is used decreasing the suspension that is made by the user. This is due to squirrels being skittish animals that make lots of noise when in danger.   Boar Call: The Boar call is meant to lure targets into traps. With boars being a hearty meal to eat, it makes anyone hungry enough to try and catch it.   Bear Call: The bear call is used to cause targets to panic or retreat a if a bear is just around the corner. As even an armed target would even try to face off with a animal that can slice you to ribbons.   Fox Call: The Fox call is used to distract a target when the need arrives. Since the sound of a fox is quite loud anyone would easily be caught of guard when they heard it.

Common Signals

  Happy Bird - The coast is clear.   Anxious Wolf - there heading you're way   Angry Bear - Get them away from here   Sly Fox - Come and chase me   Calm Boar - Come closer   Jittery Squirrel - Don't mind me
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The wardens of the Great Forest and elite soldiers of the Forest Guard


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