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Vatian Empire

There is no place in the world were the word Vatian is not spoke without fear and awe. - Veronius III, eighty-fifth emperor of the empire


Emperor/Empress: Since the founding of the empire the emperors and empress of House Aurelius has brought prosperity and ruin to the empire for thousands of year and are a pivotal part of governing it.   Imperial Senate : A major power in the governing of the empire and are only rivaled second only to the emperor himself in mater of politics. But with so many members has lead to factionalism and corruption inside of it.   Imperial Houses : Many noble houses exist across the empire, both great and small, that have the power to control resources and political influence to have some say in the empire and what happens inside it.   Imperial Administratum: A crucial part in the control and regulations of the empire's territories through governors, representatives, and local leaders to ensure that resources and prosperity could be achieved.   Imperial Legions: The might of the empire legions have always been a part of how it has maintained its power for so long as they are the ones that enforce the peace and strike down it enemies.


Being a Member

  It seems that you have found yourself in one of the greatest power that the world has ever seen. It is here in the empire where true power and wealth reside in the entirety of the Western Lands. Of course, how you want to live entirely depends on entirely you are born and to who. As Vatian, you have access to many things such and knowledge and resources to aid you in everyday life. Even those of the lower classes can have a decent living from the services the empire has given them better opportunities to live. It has become a symbol of order and progress at a scale not seen in many other parts of the world. Along with great cities made of stone and marble to dealing with its ever-growing population, vast libraries of knowledge to improve their way of life faster than ever before, and industry that can produce the resources to sustain themselves in large quantities.   Of course, those who are not are often treated like lesser people that are given less than those who think they are better than them. They are often either slaves or second citizens that will often expect to obey the whims of their master or suffer from the consequences of their master. Though it is not easy being an Vatian either as politics in the higher orders of the empire of its governing branches tend to have people lose their heads as they often fear the power they might hold over them as much as the corruption that chocks the life out of those they take advantage of. Causing the balance of power in the empire to tilt out of their favor. Leading to a state in its death throws as it destroys itself from within and slowly be surround by its enemies from all sides to see it burn to ash.  

What People Think of You

  The Vatian Empire is considered something to fear by those who are ruled under them and those who often have to deal with them. With its vast amounts of resources and its military might, it has been a great power for thousands of years. Its ability to survive this long when many other states have fallen oft baffles some people as were as it has faced countless wars both internal and external and has survived thus far and remained mostly intact. Though it has made many enemies all around them over the years due to its policies and harsh rule over those who are not Vatian and considered them inferior to them. Often taking advantage of them as well which have created many forces that wish to destroy the empire that has walked over them for so long. But people are starting to notice that the empire is becoming weak and corruption is spreading across many parts of it. It is only a matter of time before it dies and the scavengers and feast upon its carcass.

Public Agenda

The Empire believes it is destined to reunite humanity under one banner, just like its predecessors, the The First Kingdom of Men, which collapsed thousands of years before the empire was formed. In doing so, they must eradicate all traces of a culture considered inferior to their own. As well as make their citizens prosper and keep those they considered inferior under their feet until they are worthy to stand by their side.


The empire has enough resources in its provinces that are either gained by proper means or by force. They can equip their armies and pay for troops across the territories, along with massive infrastructure to its cities, castles, and settlements that have been perfected over the century through sweat and blood. Their armies are trained and disciplined to form a good oil fighting that few can match in battle. Slaves tend to need what they believe they are not fit to do themselves. However, the wealth they had attained has since demurred little by little from the corruption of within. Stone roads also make transportation easier by reaching a location faster than usual. Communication is quite well developed with messages delivered by horse or bird.


Rise to Greatness Through Ruination

  An empire built on the fears and tragedies of others the Vatian Empire made itself one of the greatest nations that Humanity has created on the face of Terus. But before there was ever an empire, the Kingdom of Vatia had existed for centuries as it grew in power for its engineering and scientific advancements to gain the territory it needs to survive its surroundings. It would soon grow in power as its military would be seen as more capable than many of the barbarians and city-states that surrounded it. It was through them that they would be able to properly expand and defend their lands for their people to properly sustain themselves. Though they would only take what they needed to not gain the ire of their neighbors and to properly defend their borders from all threats. For a time the kingdom prospered as they knew peace and comfort as they began to build and improve their ways of life to become more advanced than ever before. But from this comfort, it would blind them from dangers beyond the borders of their domain.   Despite offering peace and trade with their neighbors they had other plans as barbarians and rival nations would continually raid their lands. Despite the best efforts of the kingdom's legions holding back many of these threats, they were outnumbered and gaps were soon exploited as their lands were sacked for anything of value. But the greatest tragedy for them was that their capital and their peoples birthplace, Vatia was eventual sack. The city itself was mostly in ruins with very few places being unscathed by the brutality it suffered. It would later be known as the "Raping of Vatia" instead of sacking it had violated the Vatian's very being and such an act could never be forgiven no matter how much time had passed nor offerings were given to them. It was from here that an entire people would rise in anger to seek vengeance against those who had wronged them. It was from here that mercy was no longer given and rise something greater would come into the world through blood and fire.  

Glory and Terror

No one knows how long it lasted or how many perished from the devastation that the Vatians inflicted on everyone who had ever wronged them, but one thing was certain it was something no one would ever forget as it would be etched into the minds of many and the stories and songs would forever be told as these horrors would be told as a glorious triumph. Entire cities were burned to the ground and enslaved, armies would be crushed with those who survived put to the sword. Food and resources plundered where ever they could be taken. All those who would dare defy the might of Vatia would be destroyed before they were even given a chance. No one was spared by the atrocities that were committed across the land. The conflicts would forever be known as the Scorched Earth Campaigns for that was what they truly were as nothing but ash and ruin would remain where ever the legions went. It was here when all was said and done the empire would be born from its want and destruction.   The territory that it had gained from its conquest would give it so much that it could not ever possibly imagine. It was from here there people would rebuild their new lands, but those who would truly do this would be the countless thousands they had enslaved to be worked to death for their gains. With it being said that their bodies would be used to make the land's soil fertile once more until none remained. Though they were not satisfied by all that they had gained from their spoils of war and sought to achieve greater glory than ever before, to control all of the Western Lands that lied before them as they believed they were destined to do so. Many more wars would be started to achieve this dream of theirs as century after century went by as the might of the empire became something to be feared and admired by many around them. It had brought forth progress and order to a land teeming with conflict and held many dark things that existed from ages past. Many different people soon being forced under their rule as they were conquered by them and forced to obey them and their laws.   Though they would not be treated as citizens as that was only given to those who were Vatian only truly earned that title. No, they were treated to be beneath them as they were stripped of their heritage and their ways of life for that of the empires. Those who summited to this were allowed to live and serve the empire, while those who rebelled did not live for long with many of them facing a fate worse than death. Though it's Imperial Legions the empire would have a tight grip on the lands that they had conquered and always remind those that live in them that the empire was always there for it ruled over them. There would be more future conquests to come, but most of the work was done for them as the rest of the nations across the land would be torn apart by one power over another. Of course, even the empire would suffer from time to time as well as civil wars would tear the empire from within would often alter the empire forever. They would never truly learn from those mistakes and continue on their chosen path no matter the choices they had to make and were willing to make.  

A Gilded Cage

  So much power would be given to the empire as much more time went time. Even as they faced some of the greatest threats to the west from many dark and foreign forces that would almost lead them to ruin. Events such as the Night War, Aztar War, Barbarian Wars, Warlock Wars, and the Great Raid to name a few and they would endure them like they had done countless times before. It did not matter what they faced and how many there was the empire endured because it knows pain and suffering and learns from these events for what doesn't kill you makes you stronger and they have taken that to heart for a very long time. It is from this they have learned to improve and rebuild greater than ever before as their civilization has grown into a marvel and the envy of the world. Its recent rise in industrialization has proved that as well as they are now capable of reproducing more resources than ever before and lead the world into a new age. That, of course, is far from it if one looks hard enough at the many cracks that have finally begun to show and people are starting to notice it as well.   Despite their culture is one of the most dominant in the world amongst the other Human nations and their language of Vasili being used by almost everyone in the Western Lands its begun to show weakness within its own society, most notably in its own government. As corruption has taken its toll as its leaders and representatives have begun to only think of themselves and what will benefit them or not. Even the Imperial Senate once a bastion of reason and cooperation has now become a den of snakes and vipers that only want to appease their desires and turn their back on the people they swore to add. Causing turmoil between them as groups have begun to see reform in the empire or leave it entirely if they do not get what they want. What's more, those that they have forced under their rule have begun to notice this as well and have begun to their plots to break free from the chains of their oppressors once and for all. But it is that greed that has placed the empire even in a far more vulnerable state than ever before.     The invasion of Ardania which was declared by the Imperial Senate as the final step in reuniting the Western Lands of the Continent of Kinath under one banner as it once did thousands of years ago under the The First Kingdom of Men. Doing so would be a momentous triumph and would be perceived as a prelude to greater expansion outside of the west and into another part of the world than ever before. When in fact it was nothing more than a scheme to enrich the senators and the wealth as they divided up the lands of Ardania amongst themselves and profited from the spoils of war. It was originally believed that the Kingdom of Ardania would fall in a matter of weeks under the might of the empire only of it to turn into years as the War of the Raptors raged on and claiming tens of thousands its Legionaries. By the time it was over and they had won the region was torn apart and their military was weakened greatly leaving gaps in their forces to protect their territories. Leaving them more vulnerable to rebellion and attack from foreign forces. Their new province has also become a problem for them as well as rebel groups have caused them to keep send forces to put them down and pacify them. Causing even more trouble for the empire and leading it into a crisis not seen in centuries. It is only a matter of time before the empire finally digs itself into its own grave and finally brings an end to its power.

Demography and Population

The exact populations of the whole empire are difficult to assess due to the large amounts of the territory it holds but most imperial records believe that there are at least fifty million people in their total population.


The empire itself has recently gained control of all of the Western Lands of the Continent of Kinath. but is still dealing with chaos in the new acquired lands of Ardania. The land itself has only been conquered for only a few years and the empire is trying to assimilate the population as soon as possible.


The empire military is divided up into two groups, the Imperial Legions and the Imperial Navy the ensure that its territories and assets are kept under control.   Imperial Legions: Considered some of the greatest fighting forces the world has ever seen as their logistics and and tactics are second to none in the world.   Imperial Navy: A force that deals with all threats on the waters and coasts of the empire and beyond. Their ships are as feared as much as the discipline of those who man them.

Technological Level

The empire has over the centuries driven itself to improve itself and the lives of its citizens. Stone roads make travel faster, windmill to mill grain and pump water. Along with sewers, medicine, forges, and much more.


The main religion of the empire is the Church of the Exalted that dominates almost all of the western lands of the continent. Which has made them very fanatical when it comes to faith and looks down on other religions. Making those who follow their god either covert or be eliminated.

Foreign Relations

The empire tends to be hostile or passive to different nations and groups. When they want something they take it by force and when they can't they trade and negotiate with them instead. But the empire is not as greedy as you might think and stop at a certain point when they feel appeased.

Agriculture & Industry

The empire itself is mostly known for its wide range of farmland that feeds the masses. With much of the Empire’s farming industry making up twenty-five percent of the population. Making it highly necessary to have farmers farm the fields. The rest industry involves quarries, forges, pottery, mining, and construction. All of which goes to its great factories that have only been in existence for a few centuries now that mass-produced more products than ever before seen in its history.

Trade & Transport

All trade is done by the Merchant Guilds across the continent by merchant ships to trade in the Jatani City-States where exotic goods and important resources and across the great stone roads of the imperial highways. Most products that come across these highways are ore and grains that are transported into the cities and overseas.


Education is only to those who can afford it, those born into farmers, miners, and metal workers are considered not required for education due to their vital roles in the empire. Along with the very few of the poor being able to afford to send them to school. Much of the middle class send their children to learn what is needed to learn to follow their duties when they reach adulthood. At the age of six, children a first sent to public school to learn about the history of the empire and indoctrinated to alienate all other societies believing them inferior. Along with noncitizens in the process. At ten years old, they are educated in the teachings of the Flame and Spirits, along with any other religious texts. This is to make their faith unshakable and fully committed to their one and only savior. At twelve years boys and girls are separated to follow their duties to society. Boys are sent to different schools to learn the skills that are required for the job that they have chosen for adulthood. Most of these schools allow competition between students for them to reach their full potential. Those who wanted to enter military service had to wait for several more to enter the military exam. It is quite common for men to train for years to prepare themselves for the big day. Girls were taught to be good housewives and raise children among other skills necessary for a good wife. By the time they reached the age of sixteen, they would graduate and become adults ready to contribute to society. As for nobles, they are often privately taught by tutors or close advisors to the same family. They would teach the same way as children in public schools, but when they reached twelve they would be taught in the ways of politics and subterfuge to advance their standing in society. They also have to learn horseback riding as well as be a part of a noble society.


For centuries the empire has built and improved its infrastructure to improve daily life. Road networks of the imperial highway make travel much faster than any dirt road with bridges to cross impassable rivers. Sewer and aqueducts in every city for sanitation. Along with walls and defense structures. Public buildings such as bathhouses, libraries, courts, and schools can be found in every single settlement. Defenses are not a problem either heavily fortified across the provinces, with a series of forts and fortresses across the empire. Along with garrisons and checkpoints in every province.

Viribus et unitas sustinemus (Through Strength and Unity May We Endure)

Founding Date
Geopolitical, Empire
Alternative Names
The Empire
Leader Title
Government System
Monarchy, Constitutional
Power Structure
Unitary state
Economic System
Mixed economy
Imperial Crowns : The main currency of the empire and by far one of the most influential currencies in the world for its beauty and craftsmanship.
Major Exports
Grain is considered a necessary resource in the city-states due to the lack of food. Grain comes in great quantities and is easily produced. Iron is also highly valued with few places able to mine the ore to make weapons and tools.
Major Imports
The Empire usually just trades with the city-states for luxuries that they are unable to retrieve themselves. Exotic animals are used as pets and the arena for entertainment while the rest are considered a delicacy. Spices make the most exquisite of dishes to feast upon. Silk clothing to live the high life and be the envy of others. Tin, marble, and cotton are considered highly important resources in the empire, with only a few places that can produce so much.
Legislative Body
Imperial Senate, the main body of imperial politics and contain some of the most powers men in the empire
Judicial Body
The Imperial Court is made up of the most loyal of men that are incorruptible to the vices and sins that go on in the empire.
Official State Religion
Official Languages
Related Traditions
Related Ranks & Titles
Related Professions
Neighboring Nations
Related Ethnicities

An Empire of Chains

by Angus McBride
  Since the founding of the empire, slavery has been a significant part of the empire's way of life to serve their needs. May it be as ordinary house servants or cheap labor, they can be found in different shapes and forms in all corners of its territories. It is not uncommon for even a small household to hold a slave or town to help them around while a quarry can hold thousands of them to work. In having slaves, they can do as they please without having any problems with them as they are considered property till the day they die or they manage to gain freedom. They have an endless supply of them do as they can buy them from slavers from foreign lands or just enslave those who dared defy them to make an example of them to warn others of defiance. It's nothing personal it is all in the name of productivity really to ensure that their production is met no matter how many bodies need to stack on top of one another to reach it.  

Miltary Might

  Nothing is more feared than the imperial might of the legions of the empire who have trained themselves to be the masters of war, perfecting every way to become the perfect fighting machine imaginable. Their discipline is second to none, and their variety of skills makes them more than just fighters but builders, engineers, and workers more capable than any ordinary soldiers that can be ever produced. It is through this that the legions of the empire have conquered many through their tactics and genius on the battlefield despite the odds set against them. All who dare to face them will either submit to the empire's power or fall by their blades against them. It is the same that goes for the seas as well as the imperial navy has commanded the water that surrounds the empire and beyond for centuries that have given them power over the seas themselves, with very few of them that can challenge them.  

Troubling Affairs

  Though the empire has found a way to properly maintain itself in the modern age, it has faced difficulties that have caused them to have setbacks. This is primarily due to old and outdated laws that have no use in the empire anymore, but bureaucracy has often gone in the way of removing these laws, along with new problems often showing up needing to be solved and the old laws remaining active until someone finds it and tries to have it revoked. Only to have someone to argue about it, things just seem to get nowhere with no common ground to be met. Until someone decides to bribe someone or blackmail them to get things through for once finally. There is, of course, the occasional assassination, if nothing else can be used.  

Termoil From Within

The people of the empire have prospered under it for the longest time as it has grown in strength and power throughout its existence. The same cannot be said for those that the empire has conquered and placed under their rule. Often being fired to live in lower standards and deal with more problems, such as hunger and lower pay. Only those who are born Vatian seemed to be able to live the life they want while only others must bear the pain of not being them. This is while rebels and dissidents can be found in many places across the empire trying to regain their independence or change its laws to treat them more fairly. Though most are often met with the sword or club in many cases to put them back in line and silence them, for this is their life, and nothing should change it.  

Enemies All Around

    The empire's history is one of bloodshed and destruction to get it where it is now. It is no wonder it has very few people calling them their friends. As many people would like to see, the empire finally fell into ruin to rid itself of the danger it opposed. But very few can hope to match them in their economic and military might, having their chances be very slim of succeeding. But what has not stopped them from trying for those who manage to defeat them means that only one thing, that they are vulnerable and others will soon join them the ensure the empire's downfall it as hand. But they will only strike when the time is right as they plot and wait from the shadows to ensure their victory becomes an actual success.

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