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Imperial Crowns

Imperial crowns are found in three different versions made of bronze, silver, and gold each one having its value differences and representation for use in the Vatian Empire.   Bronze crown: smallest of the crowns and often made of bronze, the least valuable metal, often has a consul on one side and the Senate on the other.   Silver crown: The only a few centimeters smaller than the gold crown and is the second most valuable metal, often has a crown heir on it and the other side a picture of the navy on it.   Gold crown: The most valuable coin in the empire, often has the emperor and a legion on the other side.  


  Crowns have had a long history in Vatian culture dating back long before the empire or their kingdom for that matter to when they were just a city-state in a divided and savage version of the Western Lands. Back then the city had no gold or silver to forge currency with as it was often rare back then as they had only a small amount of territory to harvest resources. But they were into things, tin and copper to create bronze which the city was prized for back then. It was here that bronze was the main currency to be used by Vatia being called disks due to the shape they were forged into. Though why they were not just called coins are still up for debate since other nation called them that when they did not. Either way, bronze was used for centuries due to the fact they had so much of it, and when bronze became outdated in the uses of weapons, armor, and tools when iron mining finally began they just made more money off it because they had so much of the stuff. It was no uncommon for people to melt down their bronze valuables to make them into disks either and it was not considered illegal due to its value remaining the same. It was not until the creation of the kingdom of Vatia and House Aurelius that silver and gold would be used in their currency and would be renamed crowns to signify the status of their nation. Though it did decrease the wealth of many greatly as the value of their bronze currency led to mass price inflations, leaving many destitute. Leading to an exodus to the new territories of the kingdom to seek their fortune elsewhere and an increase in military ventures to defend said territories that would lead to Vatian militarism. Slowly turning the small city into the empire that it was destined to become.    

Coin of Progress

  When the empire finally came to power many of the regions that it had conquered had their population introduced to coin currency for the first time. As many of them were not as developed as the empire was and many continued to trade through bartering systems or less developed currencies using metal such as iron or copper. It was through this introduction of their advanced currency that other states would soon follow them due to the success that it had brought to them. Creating a more developed trading system between neighboring nations in the Western lands to gain access to products their neighbors had without the need to invade them. With it making many realize that they need to change or fall victim to the influence of their said neighbors. Though very few would ever be able to rival the design and elegance that it would be known for. Though those who were still considered barbarians would not follow the same path as many others and take the new currency through war and raiding that would eventually be led to their enviable downfall.  

Dominating Influence

  Long before the fall of many countries at the hands of the empire, many of them were already becoming influenced financially by their currency. As Imperial Crowns were slowly but surely become better with time as the empire's mastery of metallurgy and craftsmanship had made them more valued than ever before. You could also easily tell if the coins were fake or not as well due to the well keep the design of it from the minting plates and the fact they look shinier than any other currency and the fact that each coin type comes in certain sizes making it harder to replicate. But people still do it anyway by using lesser metals that give off a similar look to them despite the counterfeiting is highly offensive in the empire and leads to serving punishments if caught doing. It generally resulting having the forger's hands having molten metal poured on them so they can never do it again. It also ensured that other currencies could be out preformed by it with many wanting crowns rather than their currency as it was much more valuable to have. Along with it making it easier for the empire to trade with other regions of the world easily due to this.

Manufacturing process

The coins created with a special clay casting that is only made in the imperial treasury in Vatia and are made with well crafted engravings that take weeks to make. Metals are melted down are refined to the purest form possible and placed in coin slots to harden. Then are pressed on both sides for the best engraving possible.


Imperial Crowns are considered the main currency used in the Western Lands because the empire controls all of it. But by having all peoples of the land use it they are submitting themselves to the power of the empire. That goes to those trading with them as well as they have been proven that their coin is valued even in foreign lands.
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gold, silver, copper
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Symbolism and Design

  Vatians have a tendency to living in the moment rather then recollecting in their past. This can be seen in the coins that they make every few decades. With it often being depicting the current ruling body of the empire. With each one having different images on each side of the coin to ensure their authenticity is real. Along with a few details on them that can be hard to create such as phrases engraved with the images. Along with said image and words extend out of the coin through the casting method done on them. Making it very hard to even copy as they all look alike. The extravagant engravings also help ensure its safety as well. Then there is the idea of changing the size of each coin to better protect it from fraud. Certain weight size measurements to each coin make it even more difficult to create a duplicate. The symbol on the coins has a deeper meaning as well as they are a show of power that the empire holds over all who use it.  

Imperil Images

  Emperor/Empress: The current ruling monarch of the empire always has their image to show who is ruling the empire. Often depicted as a great warrior, statemen, or Scholar to show their service to the empire no matter how vain they are.   Legion: The Imperial Legions of the empire have been greatly valued by it. With one legion being gloried in particular due to their services during this period in time.   Crowned Heir: By placing the heir to the empire on the coin it shows that the future of the empire is in safe hands.   Navy: Though not as honored as the legions of the empire, they still protect the empire's shores and interests overseas. A navy glories through its services to the empire every reign.   Consul: As the head of the Imperial Senate the Consul ensures that law and order prevail in the empire.   Senate: With the Senate, the laws of the empire are created to benefit the people rather than those ruling them.


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