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Imperial Senate

I shall have order in these sacred chambers, this a place of law and order, not for the petty squabbles of old women! - Consul Hadrian Marcanus


The Imperial Senate is made up of six hundred members the govern over the empire. They are in charge of creating laws and maintaining them. They also have control over military matters and other matters of state. The Consul is the head of the senate that has power over certain aspects of the senate. They can veto laws and can transfer power to certain individuals in times of crisis. All senators and the consul are elected into office assign that the people of the empire favor them. The term for a senator lasts up to ten years before reelection.


Being a Member

  Well, now it seems you have ended up being a member of one of the most powerful government bodies in the world. To be here means that you know your way around the political circles of the empire to get you this far, not to mention you're not afraid to get your hands dirty when you want something. The Senate may seem like a place of unity and political stability, but that is far from it as those ideals have been dead for some time now with only a few believing in them. The rest of the members of the Senate are just in it for themselves trying to gain as much power for themselves or their faction. You heard me right, the Senate is divided into different factions trying to get something out of the political process to benefit their idea on what the empire should be. All the while the people you stand against are trying to bury and your career, if you get in their way as backroom deals, blackmail, and bribery, are quite common these days. The few good apples that exist are few as it seems trying to better the empire is now considered a selfish goal to everyone else as they hold the power of the masses and very few things change the empire at all. It would be best if you just keep your head down until your term is up as Senators who stand out amongst the flock tend to go missing sooner or later.  

What People Think of You

  To every Vatian in the Vatian Empire the senate is what keep order in the empire besides the Emperor of course. Though those who know the truth are not fond of a corrupt seat of government filled with the corrupted and the opportunists. Whatever the senate believed they traded it for luxury and status as its members have become wealthy than most other nobles in the empire. All the while the nation suffers from its lack to improve an empire that has yet to change with the times and has slowly become stagnant in an ever-changing world. Sure there are still some good politicians like Hadrian Marcanus, but their are few in number these days. But the cracks are finally starting to show the true colors of the senate and it will only be a matter of time before people decide to go and lynch everyone on the senate floor for their crimes against the empire.

Public Agenda

To preserve the empire, along with keeping the people happy in the process.


The senate has control over all aspects of the empire. They are able to give power to individuals in emergency and order legions to take action. What's more is that they are responsible of making the laws of the empire and govern over the people.


Power to the People

It was through the Citizen’s Alliance that brought the end of the tyrant emperor Alexios Septimius Aurelius the Imperial Senate was formed from ruins of the empire after the First Vatian Civil War. The early days of the senate had their ups and down as very few people elected officials in the empire or showed democratic value at all. Leaving a bit of conflict in the empire with radical elements trying to rid of it before it caught on. But in the end, the people accepted it rather than living under the sole rule of a tyrant. Leading to much change within the empire as it brought new laws that protected the people's rights and put restrictions on what nobles can and cannot do. It was a time of understanding and doing the right thing for the empire rather than being only thinking for oneself. Bring the empire into a more stable period as reforms and laws to better conditions in it allowed decades of peace and cultural development. Back then people could even go into the senate to plead their cases in what the empire needs to be approved and helped quite a great deal at the time but as decades passed, politics became the sole concern of senators of new members who began forming their political process.  

Political Maneuvering

  Politics in the Senate are something of a complex matter, especially with so many members representing the territories of the empire. Meaning that there are going to be so many people who will get what they want in the end. So instead alliances and agreements were created to ensure that laws could be passed with little opposition. This does not as it has created a division in the senate through factions and standing in society, there is plenty of that already, and the only reason they don't tear each other apart is their loyalty to the empire as they are all Vatian through and through. But it doesn’t mean they can’t screw each over out of spite, a career can be ruined in just one term if a Senator does not watch their step. Spying on political rivals is common just to see what they are really up to during their time outside of the Senate Chamber as you can never be too sure if you are on their list next. Secret meetings after the assembly hour are something of a normal thing to deal with as well to see what the next plan of action is to take place. This is not a place for the faint of heart as it can be a warzone when it needs to be, but instead, their weapons are their words and their armor is their will to achieve their goals.  

Overbearing Authority

The Imperial Senate has been considered one of the most powerful branches that rule over the empire as they have a say in pretty much everything from military matters to diplomacy with other nations. With some believing that they have about just as much power as the Emperor himself! Which might be true as House Aurelius is a shadow of what it use to be. Leading to the Senate to make much decision depending on the situation that the empire that might be in. But that has been a problem in some cases bureaucracy can lead to more trouble than good, the best examples of this would be the 2nd Vatian Civil War and Ferosia campaign with lead to disaster for the empire. Though certain fail-safes have been created to avoid such an event again it does not mean it will not happen again. It also does help that Senate likes to be controlling to get results done.  

Rotten to the Core

    With the stagnation of the empire came corruption as many of its members started to exploit its position in government as many saw opportunities that could lead to a life of luxury. Leading to many senators to begin to use their influence to gain power and favors amongst certain people in the empire. Creating many powerful and corrupt figures that could be bought and do things that would be frowned upon if they were known. This has caused the nation and its people to suffer the longer it lasts. With only a few people standing against this it seems that the Senate is far from redeeming itself. What's worse is that conflict throughout the empire has been popping up because of outdated laws and mandates that are no longer necessary in today's society. Causing all citizens and secondary citizens to rebel and protest for reforms and change across the empire. Though it is not likely to happen as all of their complaints are being heard on deaf ears in the Senate. The War of the Raptors is just one of the many plots for Senators to gain more land and power and the newly conquered lands of Ardania are being slowly gain bought out by them. The war of course has taken a heavy toll on the imperial treasury as well as it reaches bankruptcy. All along with the casualties of the brave soldiers of the Imperial Legions that have bled in died because of men who wanted more than what they already have. Weakening the empire even more as its much-needed soldiers are stretched think amongst its territories. Leaving it vulnerable to rebellion and dissidence.  

State of Crisis

    Since the war ended the senate has been in a state of chaos as several of its highly influential members have been arrested for their corruption and war profiteering. Causing a crackdown on corruption across the Senate Chambers that has created power vacuums amongst the parties that make up the senate. Leading to vast amounts senators fighting one another for leadership over their parties. Leading to assassination attempts both successful and not amongst them leading to high tensions amongst each other. Leading to assassination attempts both successful and not amongst them leading to high tensions amongst each other. What's worse is that the Consul, Hadrian Marcanus has recently suffered from another heart attack leading him to be bedridden until further notice making the senate virtually leaderless. But under this time of crisis, Emperor Cassius Aurelius has returned to politics to take control of the Senate seeing the state of the empire since his absence. Along with emergency powers under him granted by Consul Marcanus to finally put the Senate in its place once and for all. With him decreeing that senatorial elections will be suspended until the crisis is averted, leading the remaining senators to cry out in outrage over it as once their terms are over they will be unable to be reelected into office. Leaving many of them to be jobless and powerless when their terms are over. But it only a matter of time before someone does something drastic to end it all.

Electiones multorum arbitrio paucorum inclinandum ( The choices of the many, outweigh the choices of the few)

Founding Date
Government, Leadership
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The Senate
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Politics at its Fiercesest

With over six hundred senators, this can be a little dicey in a single room and this takes time as factions are often formed by senators to pass and revoke laws when need. To go through such a hurtle as the senate one must be highly skilled to be able to brace against the wave or be crushed by them entirely.  

Dagger Hidden Behind Smilie

It is not uncommon to find out a senator is removed from office after a scandal or is killed in an accident. But that is often the business that is conducted in the senate. Everyone is their own goals and will take anyone down to get what they want. You're in a room full of wolves, all of which want to tear your throat out to gain more of the spoils of their achievements.  

Political Factions



They are all about maintaining imperial influence in the empire, enforcing power in its provinces, keeping Vatians in government and civil offices, suppressing those who stand against the government, ensuring that their influence is maintained across the territories and trading partners. They are xenophobic and manipulative as they do what they need to get what they want in the end. Making them hostile to different cultures and are slippery as eels to boot. Several different factions have risen inside of it that seek their agenda as well making it a battleground.    


Those who wish to bring change to the empire to bring greater stability and prosperity. Outdated laws still in use as the empire changes only create problems that bring harm to its people. They often believe that without reform the empire would fall to corruption and turmoil over time. They often wish to remove obsolete laws, root out corruption, create balanced laws that favor all groups, stand against laws favoring certain groups, and ensuring that social and political change is seen throughout the empire.  


The emperors of the empire and the empire are the only ones they follow. Loyalists only wish the emperor to have more control over the government rather than by multiple groups and being lead by the true leader of the empire. Making them hard to budge in certain matters of state if it causes trouble for the emperor or the empire. They often believe that the unity of the state is most important, creating propaganda to create nationalist views, laws that favor the empire, against dealing with foreign powers and influence that they have, and division that threatens the empire.  


Military power is the key to success in the empire. Many militarists are former members of the empire's military that faced dangers and threats that could endanger it. They are often blunt and straightforward in dealing with them believing that actions must be taken to ensure success rather than honeyed words and promises. They believe that the empire should be a more militaristic state to ensure safety and security. They will often try to create a stronger professional military, eliminating threats to the state through force, subterfuge to eliminate potential threats, more restrictive laws to ensure security, and more say in the government.  


They are the people of the empire. Plebeians wish for the laws to benefit the lower and middle class many of them are risen from the ranks and worked hard to receive their position. Many wish to allow the people to have more freedom and benefits the only the nobility have. They are often cautious when dealing with politics as many of them are often targeted due to their origins. The ideals that they set for themselves are to ensure that more jobs, better pay, civil rights, improved infrastructure, and more elections by the people are seen throughout the empire.  


The nobility and the privilege make up these groups. Power should be distributed throughout the empire to several high-ranking members of the government rather than just the emperor and senate. This to ensure that all-powerful have more control in politics. Many of these members are often hated due to their narcissistic nature and the power they have outside of the senate. By doing this they believe the educated and the rich can do more for the empire. They are often seen trying to create trade, empowering the upper class, oppressing the masses, and opposing democratic laws.  


Religion is the game with this group. Most of them are fanatics and devoted worshippers of the Exalted. Often wishing to create a more theocratic empire built on faith and devotion. This can make them very dangerous to deal with due to their nature as they become hostile to laws that affect the Church of the Exalted. Through their faith, they try to empower the church, create religious laws, removing heresy and debauchery, and spreading the influence of the faith.  


Those who believe that the empire should have a democratic form of government one way or another. By doing this the empire can keep more groups from seizing too much power through laws and elections. Many of its members believe that the people should have more say in the government to figure out the real problems and solve them. Many of them are lawyers and philosophers, allowing them to flourish in the senate with ease. They often wish to have elections for offices, local assemblies to power, laws to maintain a balance between powers in government, and more freedom for the people.


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