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52nd Legion, Iron Forged

From this day to my last day I will always remember that when the 52nd is by your side in the heat of battle they lead any army no matter how outnumbered or outclassed victory is assured for they never seem to know when defeat is at hand - Legionary


Formation of the Legion

The legion consists of at least six thousand Legionaries with a hundred and thirty calvary.  

Commanding Ranks

Legatus: The Legatus or general is in charge of the entire legion under his command obeying their orders. They also have political influence as well.   Tribune: The second of the Legtus that carries out orders under them and ensures that reports on all parts of the legion are given to him when they are preoccupied with other duties.   Praefect: The third in command and in charge of maintaining the supplies, equipment, and construction of the legion. They ensure that everything is in order and that the men are disciplined.   Primus Pilus: The veteran centurions of the legion that run the cohorts, each one has decades of experience and is an expert in warfare. They are allowed to act independently in battle when they see a change in a situation and adapt to it.   Centurion: The backbone of imperial officers in the legion, they ensure that their troops stay in line by any means, most of them are respected or feared by their men.   Optio: The second in command of a Centurion that aids them in daily duties and orders. Often take over when they cannot and can read and write messages for them.


Though the trials may be hard and taxing, we shall endure. For our wills are that of iron and our bodies that of steel. No force we face shall break us, for well shall press on. No matter how battered and broken we become, we shall never give in till our final breath. - 52nd Legion Oath

Being a Member

  nothing will be accessible when you join a group of people like these. Being a part of the 52nd is to become something more significant than an average legionary. They have chosen to throw away things such as weakness and discomfort to reforge themselves into something akin to metal. No longer will they be limited by things that would break any man in only a few days, for their greatest weapons is their minds that make them believe that they can achieve anything if they have the will to press on. No matter the threat or the conditions they are put through, they will endure it as long as possible even if it kills them in the end, as to give in is to admit defeat. They embody what it means to carry on in the face of adversity and shrug it off as if it were nothing where so many would have given up. They have genuinely embraced one of their core values as legionnaires by the Codex Legionis, rejecting weakness and embracing discipline, for it will lead them to victory as long as they believe in themselves to hold on. For now, your will is that of iron, something that will not break so easily be broken by the things that must be endured to know victory. Those who have the strength to survive despite their bodies being worn and tired are capable of achieving feats that few men can imagine. Through that willpower, they can gain many victories that would have been apparent defeats if not for them, as they had outlasted their foes as they broke against the iron that broke their wills. This strength will lead them to victory against any enemy, for they are the legion that will outlast all who face them or die trying.  

What People Think of You

  The 52nd is regarded as one of the most splendid legions ever created by the empire due to their achievements on the battlefield history. They are considered to have the most victories in battle than most other legions due to their skill and discipline, and anyone who fights beside the legion knows that success is assured. Becoming a part of the 52nd is considered one of the most significant positions that a legionary can achieve due to that fact. Still, the legion has one of the highest transfer rates in the entire empire. This is because their initiation was known as the "Path of Reforging," which is considered one of the most challenging trails to pass in a legion as it is meant to weed out the weak-willed to ensure that those who are strong-willed can earn their rightful place amongst the legion. While they are held to high requirements, they are not what one might expect when face to face with one, their strict lifestyle has led them to live with little comfort, and unwavering loyalty to their legion makes it questionable how far their faithfulness to the empire go.

Public Agenda

To Serve the Vatian Empire and destroy anyone that stands against it.


Forge Armor: A unique type of armor created by the 52nd legion using its forging techniques. The armor is strong and protective, but a legion member can only use it due to its weight as a test of will to fight for the legion. The armor also makes it difficult for anyone to try and knock them over as the armor weight weighs the wear down and keeps them in place, making it harder for them to move from their position.   Iron Guard: A cohort that has mastered the art of defensive tactics to create a nearly unstoppable defense against all who face them. Anyone who has dared face them will often slowly be chipped away and struck down. They are usually sent to the most desperate and weakest battle positions to strengthen and repel all forces facing them. But often remaining mostly intact at the end with only the remains of their enemies to keep them company.


Unyielding Will

The founding of the legion started with a desperate defense of the City of Eteranos, a little city near The Spine and bordered the Great Valley. The city was not as wealthy or populated as most cities in the region, but its lifeblood was the mines created around it in its hilly region. With many of the raw ore being transported by riverboat, and straight to Vatia itself. It was relatively peaceful though it had crossed paths with the Mountain Kin native to the region countless times. They were often raiding parties and easily pushed back. However, that would change drastically with the beginning of the Gennok War, a conflict involving a barbarian horde united under the Gennok tribe and raiding the land to conquer it for themselves. Theranos was its first target as the might of much of the horde came down upon the city with its defender caught totally by surprise. But before the city was surrounded, a single rider managed to escape to warn the empire of the threat, and their only hope was for reinforcements to relieve them. They believed they could hold until then despite their garrison only numbering as least two thousand and their ancient walls. However, the barbarians were much more capable than they realized and managed to use siege equipment they had stolen against the defenders.   The fighting would be brutal as the defenders tried their best to hold back the horde every day, leading to fierce battle both days and not as the defenders fought on no matter how much the odds were against them. They held the enemy at bay for two weeks, making them pay for every inch they took from them. It was said that for every defender killed, several dozen barbarians were killed along with them. By the time a force finally arrived to repel the barbarians, over half of their army was gone and would be easily routed, liberating the city. Out of the two thousand that defended it, less than a hundred reminded were from these survivors, namely one man by the name of Quintus Osperus would form the 52nd legion. Those who remained were hailed as heroes and went off into battle to fight the barbarians and eventually defeat them and create the foundation's legion with their determination and resolve to build blocks of it. Along with Osperus made his guiding principles of the legion known as the Strengths of the Will, a document designed to help others achieve even more tremendous willpower that the legion would significantly use.  

Mind Over Matter

  The legion has embodied the idea that those with the will can achieve anything they want. Allowing them to reach never before seen feats by any other legion or army. All of this centers around the strength of one's will to do anything one sets their mind to. Creating one of the most disciplined legions ever to be produced in the empire, each one being on a different level than the average legionary. They are far more capable of surviving harsh conditions and maintaining themselves in battle, never letting panic lead to disorganization. Their tactics of turning a solid defense into a deadly offense make them all the more skilled. Rather than taking the fight to the enemy, they let the enemy come to them. By doing so, they can pick where they want to fight and create a solid defense against them. Rather than being conquerers, they are defenders, for better words, as they can hold their own against forces more significant than their size and come out victorious. They are put through many hardships to be able to join the ranks of the legion, making them more resilient than ever before. It had been recorded that the legion can fight for long extended periods without resting and remain fighting if they have to prove what they are capable of. Making them highly dependable in a fight and can travel faster than most other legions, for they will travel all day without resting once.  

Against the Odds

  If there is one thing the 52nd know for is that they don't know the meaning of giving up even when they were vastly outnumbered. While serving the empire, the legion has been a part of some of the bloodiest battles in history and managed to survive them more or less intact. Many were imperial victories solely because of their efforts to change the tide of battle, as their skill and determination allowed them to succeed. They have been sent across the four corners of the empire and have managed to adapt to their surroundings to carry out a strong defense that destroys everything that clashes with it. They are an excellent stone facing the relentless tide, but the stone remains no matter how hard the waves crash. Gaining great praise for their services and are considered the shield of the empire, and are often sent in situations where their expertise is needed the most. Rarely are they given a position that puts them on the offensive, with them often being on standby to create a quick defense of an exposed flank or as a relief force to besieged settlements or outnumbered armies in need of aid.

Voluntas Ironia (Will of Iron)

Founding Date
390 CA
Military, Army
Alternative Names
Iron Legion, Unyielding Wall
Formation Type
Training Level
Veterancy Level
Parent Organization
Related Species
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It doesn't matter how much your bones ache or the hunger in your gut. You can achieve anything if you are willing to focus on the trials ahead. - Centurion
The 52nd is infamous for their ability never to give up no matter how much the odds are stacked against them. This is due to their training when they enter the legion that focuses on their willpower under stressful conditions. They are often put through great extremes, from fasting to endure starvation to training for hours to overcome exhaustion. This has allowed the 52nd to be one of the empire's most disciplined and strict legions. It does not matter what they will go through during their campaigns. They will endure it all, ensuring that they know only victory, and should they die, ensuring that they keep fighting to their last breath no matter their condition. They are the very definition of indomitable in the face of all foes. Either that or they are just too stubborn to know when to quiet.  

Battlefield Defenders

Here is where we will hold our ground and ensure that when the enemy comes, they will shatter from the might of our resolve. - Quintus Osperus
Due to the conditions that they can put themselves through, the legion has been known for its ability to be in perfect condition in any environment and weather imaginable. Allowing them to be able to work and march no matter how harsh the situations they are in. Along with being able to fight no matter what battlefield has been chosen to fight on. Considering the enemy knows the terrain better than themselves, they do the next best thing to turn the tables on them by using the terrain they fight on to strengthen their defense and crippling whatever advantages the enemy might have against them. But their greatest strength lies in siege warfare as they can repel any force from a fortification they are defending and will often last longer if it stays for an extended period.  

Those Who Endure

Though I may not be a man by birth, I am considered on by those who call me their comrade, and they will continue to call me one as long as they prove that I can endure all that's thrown at me. - Female Legionary
It is not easy to join the legion as they only accept those who pass their training to fully enter it, meaning that dropouts are often high as those who cannot take the abuse either give up or die trying to. But those who do are strong will and are accepted by the legion, for it does not matter who you are as they who have the will can achieve anything. It is also the same reason they are one of the few legions that allow women to join their ranks, for they are not sexist if a woman knows how to take a beating and get up as a man would. For it is an individual's character that they truly value in the end and how far they are willing to go to achieve their goals.

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