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13th Legion, Death March

There's a saying about the 13th Legion going places you know, "When the 13th marches to war, death is at their beckoned call." - Bartender


Formation of the Legion

The legion consists of at least six thousand Legionaries with a hundred and thirty calvaries.  

Commanding Ranks

Legatus: The Legatus or general is in charge of the entire legion under his command obeying their orders. They also have political influence as well.   Tribune: The second of the Legtus that carries orders under them and ensures that reports on all parts of the legion are given to him when they are preoccupied with other duties.   Praefect: The third in command and in charge of maintaining the legion's supplies, equipment, and construction. They ensure that everything is in order and that the men are disciplined.   Primus Pilus: The veteran centurions of the legion that run the cohorts, each one has decades of experience and is an expert in warfare. They can act independently in battle when they see a change in a situation and adapt to it.   Centurion: The backbone of imperial officers in the legion, they ensure that their troops stay in line by any means, and most of them are respected or feared by their men.   Optio: The second in command of a Centurion that aids them in daily duties and orders. Often take over when they cannot and can read and write messages for them.


What is our purpose? Our purpose is to serve. What Is our duty? Our duty is to kill. What is our reward? Our reward is pain. What is our glory? Our glory is death. - 13th legion pledge

Being a Member

  The 13th Legion is not for the faint of heart when you part of it. There is no place for weakness, for it is the burden of the living and you have chosen to walk among the dead. Whatever you once were will be crushed by pain and suffering as you go through the "initiation" of the legion. If you manage to live after it you will come out lifeless and empty as if you were undead. It's supposed to make you stronger, to endure the pain that you are inflicted by your enemies, to stand your ground despite your body being battered and broken. But is the price too steep for any man to take, to give up one's humanity? You were sent here for a reason, you were different from the rest of your peers. You were sent here because you were cold to others and determined to serve no matter the cost. Now here you stand, you are no longer a man, you are a weapon and without mercy. You do not care what you go through or the things you have done in the name of the empire. All that matters is to kill those who dare face you in battle until you meet your end.  

What People Think of You

  No matter what part of the world you are in the realms of men someone has at least heard of the 13th Legion. Those who have heard often hear the stories and rumors that surround them. Often can scare a man the death just by hearing about them. But for those who have seen them firsthand, the stories seem like something to scare children into behaving. The real thing is much more horrifying than you can imagine. An army clad in black armor and covering their faces with skull-shaped helmets always seems menacing. They got their nickname “Death March” because of it and are feared even by the empire that they serve due to their fanaticism toward death and the way they operate. The 13th is only sent in as a last resort by the empire as when they are sent in a path of destruction follows when they head into battle. For the enemies that face them, know that they should be afraid of them. For they are unrelenting and merciless to their enemies and quick death is a mercy compared to the brutality that will befall the survivor. It’s best to afraid when the skull banners are seen on the horizon for the embodiment of death has arrived to claim its dues.

Public Agenda

The 13th’s duty is to preserve the empire and wipe out any threats to it by any means necessary.


Death’s Armor: The armor used by the 13th is unique to them as it is of a different type compared to standardized armor. It is heavier and tougher to penetrate making it hard to actually get at the user wearing it.   The Reaper’s Rider: Horsemen that will charge at any foe that they face. Even their horses are trained to endure any form of conditions that might end up in.


A Morbid Origin

by midjourney
The 13th’s origins can be found in the legionary known as the Lorodius the Reaper, the founder of the legion. Though not much is known about him, despite the tale told about him. It was said that he was the last survivor of the small garrison on the borders of the empire that was wiped out by barbarians. Rather than being killed, he was tortured instead and it was said to have lasted for weeks of unending pain and suffering. He prayed for this suffering to end to any god who would listen, but instead, death answered his call. Rather than killing him, he offered another proposal, to kill in his name, and in doing so he would make him a mighty warrior that was almost unstoppable. Anger filled his heart for he wanted revenge on those who had wronged him and took the deal. Though his wounds were great he no longer felt them and all who crossed him were slaughtered. Many fled in terror of him as his body reached the extent of almost looking undead as he faced them. After his escape, he created a helmet to cover his disfigured face but kept his armor in disrepair for he did not need it to protect him. Lorodius kept his word to deal and continued to kill in death’s name with the untold numbers at his feet. His deeds soon got him the rank of Legatus and created the 13th Legion in his image. He made it into a force to be feared by all and went on many campaigns until he finally met his end. It was said that he died laughing when welcoming death with open arms. After his death, his men honored him began to follow his example, and became servants of death. Making them a force of terror to all who faced them as they showed no mercy to their enemies.  

Harbingers of Death

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  The legion is known for another reason by side being the embodiment of death, its lack of restraint against its enemies. None should be shown mercy for they have decided to stand against the empire and must be made an example of. The tales that could be told of all the despicable things that the 13th has done could even make the gods look away in disgust. Mountains could be formed from the bodies they left and settlements burned to the ground just to be a warning to others. This is why the 13th is often placed in a garrisoned position unless the need for their services is required. If they had the chance they would most likely burn half the empire down to ensure that no one would ever stand against them again. There is nothing that they are not willing to do to ensure their victory and this lack of empathy is what makes them all the more terrifying.  

Only to Serve

  Despite their obsession with death, their loyalty to the empire is unflinching. Which gives a breath of relief to those who serve them, though it doesn't comfort them at all. But this does not mean they are truly safe, if they were to endanger the empire they would most likely be cut down where they stand at a moment's notice. All they do in the name of the empire for it sends them off to war and gives them glorious death. It does not matter where they are sent to or what task they are given and they will carry it out without question. They are often considered one of the most successful legions in the empire as they seem to complete most of their assignments. But they are often considered one of the largest causality rates as well and they often face a task that seems impossible to achieve yet they triumph anyway.

Memento Mori (Remember you must die)

Founding Date
631 BCA
Military, Army
Alternative Names
Death March
Formation Type
Training Level
Veterancy Level
Parent Organization
Related Species
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Dark Rumors

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I'm saying that they can't be Human at all, I saw one of them take a spear to the stomach, only to get right up as if nothing had happened - Legionary of the 5th.
  What is more horrifying about the legion are the rumors that are told about them. Such as the use of necromancy to resurrect their fallen to fight one more as it is said that it is often difficult to just kill one of them. Another one involves them worshipping the old Vatian god, Varates, the god of death to earn his favor by sending their enemies to them to ensure victory. Whatever the case may be no one wants to find out about it as the truth can be horrifying to those who know it.  

No Pain, No Glory

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Our vessels may be of flesh and bone, but it will not keep us from our duties - legionary of the 13th
  The will is willing, but the flesh is weak, that is not the case with the 13th. They go beyond the natural limits that their bodies allow them to through their own special training. It allows them to continue to fight on through pain and injury no matter what kind of condition they are in. But in doing so it leaves them emotionless and disconnected from those around them. The concern for their own safety is no longer a matter to them.  

Embracing Death

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Flesh to Bone, Blood to Ash, Warmth to Cold, To Death Embrace We Are Foretold - Chant of Death
  A legionary of the 13th is an individual that does not fear death and in doing so they will fight any opponent even if it kills them. This lack of self-preservation is what makes the 13th different from the other legions of the empire. Life seems to matter little to them as killing is their specialty. Though that does not mean they will not retreat when they need to, the survival of the legion is all that they care about. If they are all killed then their traditions would be forgotten and they would never be the same again.

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