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43rd Legion, Blood of the Exiled

While most legions seek glory, the 43rd legion only wishes to make amends for their crimes and those of their ancestors. - Laius Aggrio, Tribune of the 12th Legion


Formation of the Legion

The legion consists of at least six thousand Legionaries with a hundred and thirty calvaries.  

Commanding Ranks

Legatus: The Legatus or general is in charge of the entire legion under his command obeying their orders. They also have political influence as well.   Tribune: The second of the Legtus that carries out orders under them and ensures that reports on all parts of the legion are given to him when they are preoccupied with other duties.   Praefect: The third in command and in charge of maintaining the supplies, equipment, and construction of the legion. They ensure that everything is in order and that the men are disciplined.   Primus Pilus: The veteran centurions of the legion that run the cohorts, each one has decades of experience and is an expert in warfare. They are allowed to act independently in battle when they see a change in a situation and adapt to it.   Centurion: The backbone of imperial officers in the legion, they ensure that their troops stay in line by any means, and most of them are respected or feared by their men.   Optio: The second in command of a Centurion that aids them in daily duties and orders. Often take over when they cannot and can read and write messages for them.


Our lines are tainted by the crimes of our ancestors. We are nothing, for we have sinned. Only through blood and suffering shall we find redemption. - 43rd Legion Pledge

Being a Member

  Welcome to the legion of redemption where you may be redeemed through service. Though your blood is Vatian, you and your kin are considered filth due to the crimes of one of your ancestors that were considered so terrible you are forbidden to set foot in your homeland ever again under the penalty of death. You are one of many who seek to restore your family’s honor and status through years of service and sacrifice to do so. It will not be easy as people consider you filth and expendable. Meaning that you and your comrades will be sent off to places where most legions don’t go to protect the empire's assets at home and abroad. At least you will be able to see the world unlike most others, you just have to deal with the conditions you are put through. This means you have to adapt quickly and use whatever you get your hands on to survive from weapons to equipment since you have to acquire your funds to keep the legion moving. At least you have your comrades by your side as they want the same thing all exiles want, to be able to return home and if you survive you and your kin will be free to return home has Vatians once more. You just have to show everyone that you are willing to do what is required of you to earn the right to walk upon the land of your people once more.  

What People think of You

  The 43rd Legion is considered a stain upon everything Vatian and what the Vatian Empire stands for. The only reason the legion exists is that the empire needed someone to do the things that no one else would do and that's just that. What better way than to use Corrupitque who deserved to be punished for the crimes of their bloodline that committed acts that brought dishonor to their family and their people

Public Agenda

To serve the empire in the hope of receive redemption for the crimes of their ancestors.


Exotic Equipment: Weapons and armor from different parts of the world are used by the legion to suit their needs. Allowing more flexibility when fighting against different types of foes.   Survival Equipment: The legion has to bring special equipment with them to properly use resources in different environments to their full extent. Their equipment ranges from water siphoning to protective gear from the elements.   Telian's Raiders: A special cohort of troops trained in the area of guerrilla warfare and lightning tactics. They are used to cause chaos behind enemy lines through raids and ambushes, often stealing enemy supplies to feed the legion.


From Greatness to Dishonor

  The 43rd was not always considered filth, in its better days, it was considered a great legion as their skill and the honors that they received in their military service was something of a great deal as they fought against many foes and managed to win at the end of it all. Their service to the empire had granted them a place amongst their finest warriors and they held their heads up high with the honor they received. But the legion's name would forever be stained when they committed one of the greatest sins imaginable for a legion, committing treason against the empire and not just a few dozen men amongst the officer ranks, the whole legion participated in the event. This was after the Second Vatian Civil War that tore the empire asunder and almost led to its collapse. The 43rd Legion was in the thick of the fighting during the conflict fought for the winner of the conflict, Emperor Titus Aurelius, also known as Titus the Lesser due to his weak rulership as the empire had begun to lose its strength. Seeing that they were responsible for causing the current state of the empire and placing a weak ruler on the throne, they wished to save the empire and rebelled against it in an event known as the Damien's Revolt, named after Damian Lerosian, the Legatus of the legion. The legion was able to gain a hold of a few settlements in the west near the The Spine and many citizens who shared their sentiments joined them in the revolt, but no other legion turned against the empire. Making them the only legion in the history of the empire to rebel against it. Despite this thousands flocked to the revolt and wanted Titus removed from the throne. Most believed that the revolt would have been put down in only a few weeks since they outnumbered them and were well-equipped. But the 43rd were a resilient and crafty force to face. They used guerrilla warfare and trained militia groups teaching them the art of warfare. What was thought to be a few weeks ended up being five years of fighting with the revolt ending up becoming strong with every imperial force defeated. The revolt began to unravel after Damian was found dead in his tent, which many believed was poisoned. Without him, the revolt was soon crushed and those that survived were either executed, crucified, or sent into exile. The legion itself would have all of its achievements removed and would be nothing more remnant of what it used to be with very few people ever joining it because of its history. It would take a century before it was reformed to become what it is today.  
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Crafty Soldiers

  Rather than disband the legion, the leaders of the empire decided to exploit manpower from Corrupitque who existed all across the empire, and to grant their bloodlines redemption and citizenship once more was something that they wouldn't refuse. Considering the 43rd was already dishonored it was the best place to put them all. Of course, the idea of how to use them was something up for debate as their special circumstances meant that they couldn't act as a normal military force like most other legions. At first, they were sent to the frontiers of the Ascar Plains back when it was lawless and the empire had little to no power in the region due to its military forces were needed elsewhere. Leaving the 43rd out on their own as there were very few legions in the area at the time and they had to cover a lot of ground. They were also underequipped for the job as well and no one wanted to properly equip them, making them more than just Auxiliaries. But to everyone's surprise, they managed to keep control of the plains and expand their empire's influence in the region by creating a series of fortified outposts and signal systems to keep control of the region controlled by the empire. They also began to supply themselves by living off the land and using weapons and armor that the natives would use, even some of their tactics to fight them with great effect. It was mostly believed the soldiers who made up the legion coming from so many parts of the empire provinces were combining their knowledge and experiences to enable themselves to survive in their environment. Their determination to redeem their family names made them even more determined to see their duties done. Gave the higher-ups the idea of the military to use the legion outside of Continent of Kinath to deal with the territory that they controlled in other parts of the world. It was then that the legion was sent to the most remote corners of the world to protect the empire's interests.  

A Legion Abroad

  One of the few reasons the empire hasn't greatly expanded outside of the Western Lands is mostly due to its inability to maintain proper supply lines to keep its forces supplied, despite its logistical skills being some of the best in the world. But due to either the distance or the environment, the empire has difficulty maintaining them leading to only small territories in other parts of the world. It now just uses these outside territories as trade posts and to gather exotic resources. But these territories are often under threat by the native populations and sending legions needed at home is often troublesome. That’s why the 43rd is sent abroad as they cost little to transport equipment-wise and they are expendable if they were to be wiped out. But their ability to adapt to the harsh environments that they are sent into counteracts the negative aspects given to them. Unlike most legions, it has enabled them to succeed where others have failed as they live off the land and use everything at their disposal to win. Resorting to fight dirty isn't beneath them either due to their situation. Even at times working alongside locals to aid them in their fight if they are needed. The legion itself abroad for years and without reinforcements to aid them due to the distance between them. But their resilience seems to get them through whenever they need it the most. Only when their job is done can they return home to fill their ranks with recruits and prepare for their next assignment? But they will only be found in the outer lining provinces as they are not allowed to go into the heart of the empire due to their status.

Redemptionis per retributionem (Redemption Through Retribution)

Founding Date
298 CA
Military, Army
Alternative Names
Tainted Legion, Legion of Outcasts
Formation Type
Training Level
Veterancy Level
Ruling Organization
Leader Title
Parent Organization
Related Species
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Unorthodox Tactics

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We know that we are never going to have an advantage against our enemies unless we fight just like them by any means to achieve victory - Legatus Thrace
  The 43rd rarely followed the standard tactics and style that most other legions go by across the empire. They will often use the tactics of the enemies that they have fought to suit their needs. This has allowed the legion to fight against enemies better as they are not as affected by the enemy exploiting standard legionary tactics quite as easily. Their form of fighting has allowed them to become more lethal when dealing with them as well. They even at times seek aid from local populations that have grudges with the enemy they are fighting or seek payment to fight with them. What better way to truly understand the environment than by having the natives show you around? They are often given a position as Auxiliaries if they wish to continue fighting for them.  


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We are sent to the far-flung corners of the empire, places where few men ever go, so we must be prepared to brave the elements and dangers that shall await us there. - Grizzled Legionary
  The 43rd’s unique circumstances have allowed the legion to work well in a foreign environment, unlike other legions. They work more effectively in just about any region in the world if they are told to go. Since they are often under-equipped they have to be a resource as well, depending more on hunting and foraging rather than being supplied with rations. Their ability to find food in the most unlikely of places is quite fascinating as well. They seem to know where there is a game and what plants are edible without getting killed while doing it. Their clothing and armor often change with the weather and circumstances they are in as well as allowing them to mobilize faster and suffer less from fatigue. Their apothecaries are skilled in fighting diseases that are not common in their part of the world too, allowing their soldiers to remain healthy and in proper fighting condition.  

Redeeming Themselves

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For all of my life, I was told that I was nothing but a stain upon my people along with the rest of my kin, but I will ensure that our name shall be redeemed so that one day we shall see the walls of Vatia once more. - Optimistic Recruit
  Almost all of the Legionaries in the 43rd are Corrupitque with only a few of the officers that they take orders from. They are often assigned to the legion because they screwed up in some way, but most wish they were killed and then take command of those who are considered animals in their eyes. Life as a Corrupitque is worse than being a second citizen, despite being Vatian they are shunned and rejected by their people for the crimes of people who were long dead before they were even born. But to serve in the legion means a second chance at a new life and as a fully-fledged citizen of the empire. Along with their family's name cleared so all can live better lives. They are willing to go through hell to be considered worthy of being a Vatian once more and determination can get you far if you have nothing to lose but your life. Making them strong-willed when it comes to fighting for the empire as they wish to be redeemed for all to see.

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