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The Spine


The mountains divide the continent of from west to east, causing the region to be divided and almost impossible to travel through without dying in the process. But the mountains themselves are not what they seem if one does manage to survive the journey.  



Inner Mountains

Ice Ridge: An strange anomaly that transpires here, the area is covered in tall ice pillars that reach up to the sky. Some say that the ice is alive as it sings the most beautiful of sounds and will cry out in pain when Broken. The dangerous Ice Stalkers often live here and will make a meal of those who get to close to their dens.   Eternal Bridge: High up in the very top of the mountains lies this ridge, but instead of rock creating a platform, it is entirely made of ice that has pile up over time creating a path way that leads to places in the mountains that impossible to reach by normal means. It is considered dangerous still as the ice tends to break off at any point when to much weight is applied. The White Caps: The tallest mountains in range, it said that the mountains can touch the very stars itself and those who climb up it will receive their power. But only death awaits them as the cold will claim the bravest of hearts if they remain for too long here. As they very air they breath will turn their lungs to ice. It also said that a mighty beast live here and will devour all trespassers that come near is home. Frozen Reach: A region in the lower parts of the mountains that is cover is ice and snow, though the land is flat and can help you shorten your journey. It is considered a death sentence as the cold and snow will slow you down until you free yourself to death. It is said that it is covered in the bodies of those who have tried crossing it with their last moments frozen in time for all those to bear witness. Frostmore Caverns: A vast series of natural tunnels that exist in the mountains, through they may lead you to certain areas of the mountains for better travel it is not a good idea. As the tunnels are not fully explored and traveling through dark and uncharted caves it never a good idea. Also many creatures have been known to make their homes here. Making it dangerous to travel through without encountering some. Hollow Chasm: This place is a massive crack that is at the bottom of the mountains. Though it is not harmful to the mountain rage around the chasm it said to go deep into the earth with some believing that it could ever reach to Hell if someone were to fall in. But people still try to explore it to search of riches that might be found down there. Savage Cliffs: The reason that they get such a name is because barbarian tribes that live on them and is the most populated areas that harbor them. These large cliffs are able to harbor hundreds in a tribe and the area is rich in game allowing them to grow and survive. These tribes are often hostile to outsiders and will often throw them from the cliffs.  

Outer Mountains

Jagged Cliffs: These cliffs are the entrances to the inner mountains from the west, but it is a difficult to maneuver through as the cliffs are treacherous for even the most experienced of travelers. The sharp rock below them don't help either as a falling from the cliffs will result in being skewered by more then a dozen sharp rocks. Border Ridges: All across the west side of the mountains there lies a series of ridges that cover the area that borders the Western Lands. This area been known for its mineral deposits and many mines have been built along it. It also has a series of fortress and stronghold that are controlled by both military and religious groups making them hard not to run into them from enter or leaving the mountains.. Black Rise: On the east side of the mountains lies a mountain side of black rock that covers it. This rock is in fact obsidian that is abundant in the entire area. Often used in making tools by the nomads in the area for tools and hunting. It can be also dangerous to climb as the obsidian will tear you to shreds if you fall the wrong way. Ruins of an ancient civilization can be found here as well that are often occupied by nomads who are resting. Sandstone Pass: The safest entrance to the mountains in the Eastern Lands. Here those traveling east can reach the mountains by accessing a long pass that can reach the inner mountains in only a few days. It also used in pilgrimages to the temple of the Wind Caller. They just have to be careful of the sandstorms and the Crowned Serpents that enjoy living here.


The Wall That Divides

As long as anyone could remember the mountains have existed to divide the continent from west to east. Here only those who are willing to harden themselves against the unrelenting cold. With very few people every try to do, unless they are desperate or stupid. Which is why most people stick to outer mountains in that border it. Causing the east and west to develop differently from one another and kept environmental changes from altering either side. It has also caused isolation from one another as the people from both sides did not know one another existence until their seamanship had improved more. Conflicts have rarely happened between the east and west as well as sending armies across the mountains is considered suicidal and naval invasions to costly. Allowing both sides to stick to trading over warfare for the longest time. Trying to occupy the mountains is also foolhardy as the resources need to hold them would be impossible, which is why it is considered neutral territory.  

Land of Barbarians

As the barbarian of the Western Lands were chased out of it, those who wished to remain free traveled to the mountains. Here made their life on the harsh terrain as they lived in the places that were safe for them to build their settlements and living off the land where they could. There old ways vanished and new ones came into being, causing their traditions and culture to change drastically to the environment. It also changed them physically as they became larger and stronger as they were pushed to their limits to do what they had to do to survive. Now the cold air that they breath is considered natural to them and the strong winds hardly freeze their skin. While some have lived a life of survival of the fittest, others have become more savage to the point that they have come to the point of being animals. Warfare and hunting became an necessity to better ensure the future of their tribe as resource often were scare during some part of the year. But when they were not fighting each other they would come down from the mountains and raid the lands that border their homes and take what they want. While other goes farther from their home in the attempt to bring more home to their tribe. Causing chaos and destruction were ever they go. After they are done their raids they often return home to their tribes with their loot and use it to feed them.  

The Brave and Foolish That Cross

  While many people often use a boat to travel east west and vice versa, their are some who consider crossing the mountains. These are often people who are either desperate or rather what to travel in secret, along with the occasional treasure hunter. Most of which come from the Eastern Lands as the idea of living in the Western Lands is a paradise to them rather then living in a barren desert. Most of them don't make it as they are not equipped properly to travel through the mountains. But there are also some from the Western Lands who wish to travel to the Eastern Lands, but why someone would want to travel for thousands of miles across the Jantani Desert is a idiotic idea. But there have case of large groups that have managed to cross the mountains. Such as the Beastmen invasion and the Aztar Invasion that manages to survive in large numbers, though they lost many people along the way. It does show that it is possible for large groups are even armies are able to cross the mountains, just not in one piece. Which is why that travel in small groups are a safer way to travel and less costly when it comes to supplies. Though, not everyone wants to cross the mountains rather than explore them. The mountains are considered a treasure trove to anyone who wants to explore them in search of riches. These people are often called Frostspectors due to them often search the mountains of weeks to months at a time in search of riches. Most consider them mad and suicidal, as most of them often die sooner of later on the mountains. But they are often the one who know the mountains like the back of their hand and mostly likely ones to survive the journey. Which is why they often make some of the best guides, other then a mountain barbarians to cross the mountains safely.
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Life of a Barbarian

”Guer’gh mariuk taluk!” Give me your food or you will become it - Hungry Barbarian!
  Barbarians that live in the mountains have one thought in mind, to survive. This has caused some ethical problems that would be seen as barbaric by others. Though they have not advanced technology due to their lack of resources, they have developed sophisticated cultures and customs that even rival advanced civilizations. They also still considered to be feared as well as their warriors can even match trained soldiers in battle through savagery and brutality. They also know the mountains very well, so traveling across them and knowing where to look for food is quite handy.  

Perspective of an Outsider

Though people consider these mountains to be a death trap, I making my living of the riches that it holds, just the other day I food some silver that feed me for weeks. - Happy Frostspector
  The mountains are considered a place that no one who try to go near as death often comes no matter you travel on it. Most people stay away from them, unless they are miners, soldiers or a Frostspector. Making it less likely for people to travel to them or near them as they rather live then fall from a cliff or be each by a mountain lion.  

Hidden Secerts

  The mountains are full of this that most people could ever imagine. Beasts that no one could ever imagine and riches hidden under icy snow. Here those choose to venture out here will either come back wealthy or dead. They may even find things that not have been discovered and long forgotten by the world.


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