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Shaman's Yugui

Though the Kelu'jur believe they have mastered the art of medicine to aid with physical ailments, they have forgotten that one's spirit needs healing from time to time to ensure one remains whole - Ve'tal Shaman
  Shamans have always been the spiritual guides of the Forest Tribes of Ve’tal, but they have also been the healers of their people as well and a shaman’s yugui is where it often takes place as yugui means place of healing.

Purpose / Function

Residence, Guidance and Healing

  The Yugui is a place of many things but mostly it is often where the shaman lives. Of course, it is also where they keep their ingredients and rituals. Here anyone of the tribe can come and ask for help in certain matters. Most come to ask for guidance on certain things that transpire in their life. As the shaman aids help them mentally to ensure they can share their burdens of hardship and not fall into despair. Then there are the times when healing is needed both spiritual and physical. A shaman must be skilled in medicine and know the ways of Spirit Channeling to help their patients as much as possible. The Yugui is the proper place to conduct the healing as it contains all that the shaman needs to conduct their practice. Along with it has been said that to be bound with old magic to aid in the healing process through magic glyphs that are placed around it. Making them safe havens from Dark Spirits as they are unable to pass these wards.


A Yugui comes in different shapes and sizes depending on the tribe and location of the shaman's residence. Often ranging from dirt to stone to suit the needs of their environment.   Swamp: Mostly made of are made of wood and straw as they are easily reachable. Logs are often submerged into the ground with the building raised high up to avoid flooding.   Forest: Dirt, animals skins and wood are used to make them. They are the most common type that can be found in the Great Forest.   Cliff: Rather than build on the cliff it is instead built into it for better protection against the elements. Making easy to defend and maintain due to it being mostly rock.   Mound: Stones are used to their abundance in the region. Structures such as these can be designed to the liking of the shaman and can be expanded upon to add more space if needed.  


  Animal Bones: A shaman always uses every part of a plant and animal to ensure they are given proper use. Animal bones are often used as parts of the yugui. Even with them being used as tools to aid in their practice as to truly honor their deaths nothing must go to waste to ensure they aid the living.   Herbs Herbs from plants will often be found all over the inside of the hut for proper medical use. In doing this it will make it easier to find them when needed. Though it is best not to touch them as anyone unfamiliar with them can mistake a healing herb with a hallucinogenic herb which can lead to a bit of an experience once they are finally out of it.   Glyphs: Ancient symbols of the old magic that are used to protect the Yugui from dark creatures. Very few people know the true origins of these symbols as they have been forgotten by time with only shamans knowing how to properly make them. With it being said that the spirits that the shamans commune with blessed them with them to use to serve and protect others in need.   Fire Pit : Every Yugui has a fire pit to be used as a means of earth and to perform rituals with for fire and sale can reveal things that most others cannot see. Revealing messages and visions that spirits may deliver to those around them as the shaman communicates with them. Sometimes it will reveal memories of the past and other times visions of the future, even the very nature of an individual. Whatever they might be they should never be taken lightly as things such as these are revealed for a reason.


Healing of the Old Ways

  Yuguis can be dated back to ancient times when shamans were one of the few individuals that properly practice the healing art as they knew the ways of the land. These huts were the center of knowledge of the ways the shamans used to help all those who need it. But medicine was not the only way to heal someone to the shamans for the spirit of the individual needs to be attended to from time to time as it made up their very being and if it suffered so would the individual. So in these huts, they would use their knowledge to properly heal their patients from their ailments so they may return to their life better than before.  

Protect from the Darkness

  These huts were also a place of protection as well as they were blessed with the magic that could ward off any evil that might enter it. For they are unable to pass the glyphs that imbued into the hut. As they are blessed with purity and light that shall keep anything dark and corrupted away. Allowing for those being tormented by such evils to have a chance of being free of them while remaining in it until a way is found to get rid of it. It also aided in the ridding of the procession and granting a blessing on an individual to better face the challenge that lied before them. It will often be used as a sanctuary as well to protect the village that it is Incase such an evil attacks it if its defenses fail.  

Wisdom of an Ancient Age

  All Yuguis have a shaman in them and in have them comes wisdom passed down to them from generation to generation. In doing so comes enlightenment that all may share to properly live their lives to the fullest. Those who remain in ignorance will forever be lost in darkness as they will be blinded by it. Harming themselves, theses around them, and the land itself. Even the Yugui can pass on wisdom unto those near it as spirits of old will sometimes linger for a time and try to speak to those around them and though they are unable to see them they may unknowingly sense them and their wisdom will be passed unto them through their spirit for further use. Often doing it when they sleep where the veil of life and death are thinner and the mind is more open to them.
Alternative Names
Healing Hut
Parent Location

Arts of Healing

  The arts of healing are the natural and physical forms of aiding those afflicted by the medicines and plants that have been gifted to them by the land. With the shaman being properly trained to use them.   Wounds: Many herbs that can be found around the forest can be used to heal an injury. From small cuts to gaping wounds the shaman's ability to heal allows him to save many who enter the Yugui.   Sickness: Many sicknesses can plague the forest. Though the plants and parts of animals these diseases can easily be cured to ensure that they do not last long enough to harm the host.  

Arts of the Spirit

  Not all wounds of physical as the person's spirit or soul need attending from time to time for if the spirit suffers so does the body that it resides in. Fo the shaman is the only one who can do this and the yugui was specifically created to ensure that this task is successful. Often with the afflicted being unconscious so that they can complete their task.   Spirit Cleansing: At times the spirit suffers from things far beyond the realms of medicine to help it. As the spirit is in some way corrupted by something foreign of being magic or a dark spirit that is trying to corrupt the spirit itself. Leaving to a battle of will between the shaman the spirit itself as it with the glyphs of the yugui aid it the task and healing the spirit.   Spirit Walking: A shaman will directly go into a person by leaving their body and allowing their spirit to travel to the spirit of another on a subconscious level. Often revealing to them what troubles it and telling their physical host what ails them.   Spirit Communion: A practice where the conscious and subconscious can interact with one another  

Arts of Guidance

  Sometimes those who suffer are conflicted within their minds as they have trouble with life at times. This is why they need proper guidance to lead them on to a proper path and not go down a darker one.   Spirit Journey : A trial to aid someone in finding out who they are through a ritual that brings them into their mind by seeing what their spirit looks like. It is often done as a right of adulthood for the children of the tribe and allows them to reach their potential. This is often done through drugs and a type of hypnosis through chanting and religious customs.   Wisdom Advice: Wisdom is something all should have for it can bring forth the enlightenment that all need in some part of their life. A shaman holds much knowledge from ages past to guide all to seek it.   Seeing Fire: Through the fire, many will see things that they do or do not wish to see for it is power beyond mortals. For it is the power to see beyond the that of normal things and see visions that may reveal things that may change their lives forever. Often such things are done in times of great trouble and misfortune comes to someone or multiple people.

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