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Abari Hills

There is nothing right with that fog that surrounds those hills I tell you, especially when it comes to those savages that live in them either. - Disturbed Hunter


The region itself is nothing special as it is just a series of hills that surround that area. With only a few areas that are rocky here and there. Only a few plants seem to grow here despite the lack of sunlight from the fog in the area. The most successful being grass that covers the large fields and never seems to wither and die.


Nothing seems to live here as the animals have learned to stay clear of the area at all times leaving it to only a few plants that have managed to grow in the foggy area that lacks sunlight. With a few trees that have managed to grow in their moist environment.

Localized Phenomena

Mysterious Fog

  It is called the Hidden Hills due to a fog that always seems to linger around them all year round that covers them in a thick layer of fog. Nothing seems to make a noise when it is around not even from a bird giving it another name as well, the " Hills of Silence" with only a few people ever daring to venture here because of it.


Strange Country

  The Abari Hills is one of the few places that reside in the Great Forest that people try to stay clear of due to the mystery that surrounds it. Even the name Abari is somewhat chilling as it ere as nothing seems to happen here at all as if is forever lost to time. The utter silence seems to be the most unsettling thing that surrounds the place most as most would expect to hear their footsteps. But nothing can be heard except your voice perhaps but even that does not seem to be that loud either while hearing for even an echo cannot be made by it. Some people say that those who enter it are never seen again as the fog takes them, while another claim they go mad as the silence is too much to bear with. But it does eventually go away from time to time to reveal everything that the hills have to offer but there is nothing else that seems to stand out say a few settlements that are controlled by the local tribe of the region, the Verux and they are a bit of a mystery as well.  

Elusive Natives

  The Verux are something of a mystery to outsiders, even to the other Forest Tribes of Ve’tal as they tend to isolate themes from everyone. So not much is known about them besides them living in the fog and seem to vanish with it whenever it leaves. It's rare for even one of them to leave the hills at all and have become the most isolated tribe in the forest and have made little to no contact with anyone. They ignore outsiders who end up in the hills as long as they are not a threat. But those who do are often never seen again with not even their bodies being found. But they do allow outsiders into their tribe from time to time and have children with them though it is looked down upon by the other tribes as the Recaro or "Half Breeds" that are tainted with the blood of those who have forsaken the old ways. Though they tend to not bother with them as they dare not go into the hills themselves and leaving them be. Though when they do come out it is with reason and they should not be taken lightly as their warriors are said to be deadly as it is said that they can move like the wind and vanish without a trace. It is just best to leave them be for they just want to be left alone it would seem.
Alternative Name(s)
Hills of Silence, Misty Hills, Hidden Hills
Rolling Hills
Location under
Owning Organization

Local Superstition


Land of the Damned

  According to the local villages that are near the hills. it is believed that the place is cursed that no living creature dares enter the hill. The curse in question is said to be that the Spirits of the dead wander inside the fog unable to find their way out of it. Making them essentially trapped forever never to find peace and will torment anything living that they come across for they have gone made. Though some believe that this is true as they believe that the hills are at the heart of a Spirit Crossing where the Spirits come and go as they please with many of them making the hills their home and do not wish to be disturbed.  

Cursed Inhabitants

  Many have claimed that the Verux have been cursed for them to act the way they do. Believing that they are unable to die and isolating themselves to avoids attention from others out of fear. While others claim they are already dead and unable to cross into the afterlife and are bound to the fog that surrounds their home as a punishment for some slight that they had committed long ago. Though those who do leave that the hills are proven to be alive and can die so it nothing a myth told to scare people. Though their odd behavior still doesn't help them feel at ease with others around them and are not the best people to have a conversation with s they often remain in silence for most of the time.

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