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Del Toren

There are very few places left that tell of the Elves that once ruled these lands as all of their achievements have been destroyed through war, stripped of anything of value, or land that has swallowed it whole. Still, the forest has spared Del Toren from that fate, and it remains only to those who know where to look at it glory or what remains of it to remind us that we were not always in power. - Carne

Purpose / Function

Time of Elves

During the time of the Elven Empire, it was a mighty fortress to ensure that peace could be maintained in the south of the Western Lands of the Continent of Kinath. It was meant to keep an eye on the Human tribes that resided there as they are warlike and constantly cause trouble.  


  What has been abandoned for thousands of years has now been brought back to life as the fortress has become a refuge to the Brotherhood of the Wood and the refugees of that the harbor to hide away from the Vatian Empire that hunts them every day.


Imperial Age

The wall of the fortress was expanded over time as the number of troops increased in the south. Several watchtowers, grainy, several barracks, and siege equipment all ensured that the fortress could withstand a siege, along with dining halls and cellars for more exquisite food.  


  Wooden walls and foliage have been used to repair and cover the bare stone wall surrounding it. Many of the rooms have been made it things that a required to survive, from kitchens to infirmaries. A garden to grow food has been made in the courtyard where cobblestone once was replaced with rich soil. Lookout points have been made inside and outside of it to ensure that no one can get the drop on the occupants as well.


The design is entirely based on Elven architecture with shining walls that glow when light blends in with the color of the environment when it touches it and statues and carvings depicting animals and the old gods of the Elves. Each stone was crafted to perfection as if it were a piece of art even though they have slowly been rotting away with time.


Sturdy Walls Despite the walls being thousands of years old and in disrepair, they are still defendable, and with repairs and camouflage added to them, allow the defenders to repeal attacks.   Traps: Traps can be found around the surrounding area near the ruins to catch game and intruders, with some being lethal and none lethal, with only the defenders knowing where to walk to avoid them.   Lookout Points Lookouts are often out all day to avoid surprise attacks and warn of the appending attack. The lookout points are scattered in key areas to avoid anyone to get though without detection and are hidden in places that are difficult find to ensure the occupants are not taken by surprise


A Fortress of Illusion

Del Toren was considered one of the greatest fortresses in the Elven Empire. Its mere sight could dissuade even the most fierce foes from attacking it. Along with very few who did such a thing. As only a few races had siege equipment to breach its walls. The fortress was more a sign of intimidation by the Elves to enforce peace in the region. With only a few attacks ever being committed against it. For most stationed there, it was more of a vacation as nothing needed to be done, and no threats needed to stop. The troops often defended their laziness and lost their trained discipline as they enjoyed luxury and splendor. That was until the Beastmen came and  


As the Beastmen decimated the empire, Dra Toren was being fortified as the lazy defenders, so they pulled themselves together to prepare for the fight of their lives. Though the fortress was considered the mightiest in the Elven Empire, it had gone into disarray. The defenses were in disrepair, and its weapons were outdated. But rather than the Beastmen committing assaults to take the fortress, they decided to burn the forest around it, and defenders tried to flee the flames around them. They were quickly overwhelmed, and none were spared from the slaughter. It was left in ruins as much of it was demolished by the Beastmen, for they had no use for such a thing.  

Ruins of Forgotten Glory

  Several millennia had passed as the fortress was slowly enveloped by trees and fauna that regrew as the Great Forest expanded and its scars healed. Even though it is considered ruins, they are some of the most intact ruins of the Elven Empire. But very few go to it due to how deep it is in the Great Forest, leaving it for wilderness to keep it. Along with stories of the Spirits of the defender still trying to find their way out keep anyone from venturing there. Making it a place that has been almost wholly forgotten time with only a few people knowing its actual location.  

Hidden Sanctuary

  For a few centuries now, the Forest Guard was some of the few people who accidentally came across it and kept it themselves. At least the high-ranking officers and those they can trust, that is. The original plan was to create an outpost to watch the Great Forest's inhabitants without disturbing them. Though those plans were scrapped due to the manpower and resources needed to sustain it due to the sheer size of it, they could not afford to give up. This is why a second idea came to fruition, it would be used as a safehold in dark times when even the guard and the Kingdom of Ardania would be failed to stop it. So they just left the building materials and an assortment of other things and hid them inside the fortress to remain undisturbed by the elements and the wildlife and left it alone with no one believing the day would ever come.   That was until the War of the Raptors had concluded with the fall of the kingdom and the Forest Guard scattered and disoriented after the betrayal at Whitewood. It was only then that the fortress would be sought after by those who have survived. A large group of survivors, from peasants to soldiers, would come to the place led by the ranger Carne, who was one of the few people who was able to lead them to such a place. From there, they would rebuild the fortress with what was left by those before them to create a nice spacious place to keep many people away from prying eyes and easy to defend. Here, the Brotherhood of the Wood would be formed and make the old ruins their base of operations in a land where everyone was almost trying to kill them now. Life has not been that easy in these last few years for its new occupants, but it is better than being defenseless in the wilderness, fearing for what might come from every tree or bush. But it seems that the fortress has regained its purpose once more and again has come to life, defending its occupants from all harm, and this time, it will not easily be defeated like all those years before.
5,000 years ago
Founding Date
7,000 years ago
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Echo of a Lost Age

The ruins hold many wonders that have been lost to time, for it would rival the Vatian Empire in wonder and splendor no matter how old and degraded it is. For within it are items made by the Elves thems, something that most people never get to see in their day and age. From sculpture that would put the finest Human sculptors to shame to swords that have not rusted with time. It was an age far beyond the imagination of anything they could imagine. But there is also something haunting about this place as well. With the many of the rooms that are still intact, some things can be horrifying as well. The scorch marks of fires remained when the beastmen burned it to the ground with the charred remains for Elves scattered about the rooms as they tried to escape but were consumed by flames. The stories are true of their ghosts still wandering the halls underneath the fortress and trying to find a way out. Their horrid screams can be heard by those who can, especially when they see fire. A painful reminder of their demise thousands of years later.    

Under New Management

Acaratus - Refugee Camp Backdrop by Klaus Pillon
What once was an empty and forgotten place has now become a settlement filled with those who have lost everything to the invasion of the Vatian Empire with the brotherhood in charge of it all. Though life has not been fair to anyone who has made their home here, it is better than nothing, and very few ever complain about it. But the problem is once you make your home here, you can never leave as loose lips tend to get people killed, especially when you a rebel. Those who have tried to leave are often brought back and punished to a certain degree, from beatings to fewer rations to keep everyone else in these troubled times. But if they see any sign of betrayal, well, let's say people tend to vanish real quick without anyone realizing it. Everyone also has to work considering their situation, which is fair as they can't have any dead weight around to eat what food they have left. The ruins have been more than hospitable as well as a pretty large number of people have managed to find their way here since it was resettled a few years back with its size alone harboring at least a few thousand people, to everyone's surprise, the fortress turned out to be much more profound than most people ever thought as it was meant to hold quite a lot of soldiers in those days. All they have to do now is ensure they have enough food to feed themselves here and there. But most of the lost souls that find their way here tend to join the brotherhood and head out to fight the good fight, meaning an endless supply of recruits is not hard to find here. Making it a place where any rebellion can flourish all year round when they are not starving, that is.


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