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Forgotten Forest

The Great Forest holds many things that the world will never know, there is one such place that their is no knowledge or understanding to it. The Forgotten Forest is such a place, for none dare go near it or into it for they may never be seen again. It is said to be the home of the Fae how have lived there since the arrival of the Beastmen and no has seen them ever since. No has ever been able to successfully go into it as it is believed that magic has power in this place making it come alive and denying anyone entry to it. Those are foolish enough to do so are often never seen again with no traces of them, not even a body or remains. Making it a place that one dares try to claim it for themselves.


Not much about this place has even been explored by anyone since the Fae fled into it to escape the Beastmen. Those who tried to go in there since have never been heard from again and those who are fortunate to do so are not so fortunate as they often are driven mad or has lost their memory of what ever they saw in that place. With some them even being in there decades without even aging at all! It also easy to tell where the this place start as their is always a cloud of mist and sun seems to disappear from the sky. No one knows how to get through such a place since there are no maps to guide them through, so many just walk through it and try to map it. Like everyone else before them, no one has managed to publish such maps or be heard from again.

Fauna & Flora

Only rumors are known about what dwells inside such a place with many believing that the Fae still live in there. Along with demons, monsters, and ghost. That even the plants themselves are alive and will try to swallow you whole as their next meal.

Natural Resources

Rumors told by the commoners have spot about great treasures that exist in the forest, some such things are diamonds and palaces of gold that the Fae horde to themselves. Along with gold hidden deep within its soil.
Alternative Name(s)
Lost Wood
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