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Jenawa, City of the Damned

Anyone who knows of the stories that involve that city should know better than to enter it for their are things in their that should never be disturbed no matter how much treasure might be in there. Ranger


City of Wonders & Isolation

  In ancient times when the Elves still lived in the Western Lands Jenawa was considered one of their greatest cities that were ever built by them. A marvel of marble and stone filled with beauty as gardens and Towers built into great trees around the city. But the city was known for another achievement that made many from across the old empire, its silversmiths. The city's smiths were famous for finding a way that kept silver from losing its luster and allowing it to shine for centuries. It brought great wealth to the city and its inhabitants and allowed them to prosper. With this wealth, the city would grow and expand into other crafts to attain more influence over the region. So enough, the city would hold great luxuries and celebrations to show their success, and soon silver would be placed into their building to allow it to shine whenever the light touched. It became one of the most desired cities, with thousands wanting to visit it and its wonders. However, as did its inhabitants, the city would change, as it seemed something changed within with all of the acquired wealth.   The city became more closed off from the rest of the empire and shut its gates to all but a few that they deemed worthy of entering its wonders. No one knows why this all started, but no one tried to change it because of its power and influence. Though many who whispered through closed say that the inhabitants were consumed by its wonders, they never wanted it to change. That the city was enteral just as the Elves that lived in it and that it was their allow. They had made the city with their own hands, and it should not be shared with anyone, only those who would appreciate it the most. From then on, the city would become a place locked away from the rest of the world and wary of outsiders as they believed they would try and steal it from them.  

Eve of Destruction

  Even during the empire's last days, the city remained closed off from the rest of it and went about its days. No one would be able to warn them of the Beastmen invasion as they were not allowed to enter the city. Even when the Beastmen finally arrived, they refused to leave, believing their walls would protect them from these filthy beasts. Then the fires came as they set the forests around them alight, yet the people refused to leave as they could no part from their city of wonders. It is said that no one left the city even when fire consumed it and its walls crumbled would willingly jump into the flames. In doing so, they would stay with it forever, even in death, for it was there's, and their alone with no one to say otherwise. Becoming a part of the ruins of their city from now on and always, but not even in death were they able to leave it. Even as time went by, as the land healed and nature began to cover the ruins of the once great city, it remained intact primarily after all of its splendor faded around it. Its people never left. Their Spirits began to wonder and haunt the crumbling store around them.    

City of the Lost and Tormented

  What was once a city beyond anyone's imagination was now an empty place and hollow. An empty shell of what was, and many would try to exploit these ruins in search of treasure and knowledge that may be hidden within it. However, the Spirits that lived here did not take to kindly to these intruders entering their home, and many were never seen again. Those that did come back were never the same, as if they experienced something so horrifying that they dared not speak of it, with some eventually going made because of it. Many refused to go near it, and no animals would go near it either, as it would become a place for the dead to rule over and no one else's. Creating a dark influence over it that attracted other Dark Spirits to make their home in such a place. But out of all of them, Wraiths have made this place their home and wonder the ruins in search of anyone foolish enough to enter. Making it indeed cursed, and only those foolish enough to enter it will do so and often meet a fate worse than death.

4058 BCA

Alternative Name(s)
City of Flowers, The Silver City
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City of Horrors

  Many people have managed to return from this place have said that by the day the ruins of the city are quite and empty. Though in the places where shadows lie something more sinister lays in wait. But when night finally falls a dark presences comes over it and the Spirits of theses that reside within the city come out as if they were going about an average day. When they see outsiders through they can be violent and try to harm them physically and mental when they can. Causing most to perish before their see the sun rise again, those who manage to survive will be haunted by the things they see for the rest of their lives.  

Hidden Riches

  While most people know better than to enter the city, there are some who are either bold or stupid enough to go into it. Why you may wonder, it because the stories about treasure being found their are true to a certain degree. Thousands of years may have passed destroying much of the valuables that were once found here, but it doesn’t mean that their isn’t any. Considered that Elvish artifacts are hard to come by makes any find priceless to anyone who are interested in them. They just be quick to find it and leave before they end up staying in the city permanently.

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