Sophia Kelner

Lady Sophia Kelner (a.k.a. Elahansi, Green Lady)

You know there are more important things to life than just fighting. Remember why you fighting in the first place to know it is all worth it in the end - Sophia Kelner

Mental characteristics

Personal history

Rude Awakening

  Born into House Kelner as a second-born daughter, Sophia was not given much attention in the way of expectations as she was not to inherit any names or properties from her family and would most likely be used for political means once she became of age and married. Despite this, she was still loved by her parents and siblings and was often near them when she was young. Though her father was a different story, Terence Kelner was a stoic figure that did not show much interest in her due to his duties as Banor of Kelith and often paid attention to her older siblings. From here, she would spend more time with her mother than anyone else in her family. She often learned about kindness and compassion from her while she trained to be a lady. That changed when she reached six when her mother became ill and bedridden. She was forced to stay away from here and would spend more time with tutors and her older siblings. Often being around her oldest sister Kima, and began to pick up some of her tomboy behavior from her as they snuck out of the castle and entered Great Forest despite the warnings of their parents. It was here that her love of nature began to grow as she tried to catch small animals and grabbed as many flowers as she could to bring home to show her mother when she could visit her. However, her life would change significantly when her mother died from her sickness a few years later. It devastated Sophia and caused her to vary greatly as she became angry at those around her and hid from everyone as she tried to process the loss of her mother.   Then one day, she ran away into the forest after a harsh argument with her father and hid there with Kima, finding her not soon after. Suddenly a wolf appeared and began attacking her sister as she watched in horror. It was quickly replaced with anger as vines began to ensnare that wolf and reveal that she could use nature magic, to be more precise. But not knowing how to control it correctly, the Price of Magic would burn her, leaving scars for life. It was from here Kima would rush back home from danger and tell her father. From that day, people looked at her differently because of the magic coursing within her. Despite being eight years old, she was considered a danger to everyone around her as she could not control it. Though there was no one to properly train her in the magical arts as the house did not have a court magician in many years to teach her. Prompting her father to send her away for training at another house or at least someone who could despite protests from Sophia's siblings believing she was too young to be sent away. But her father did not want her home as she could harm herself or someone else, and sending her away seemed the best option. But little did they know that Sophia was eavesdropping on their conversation and was saddened by the thought of being sent away from her family. Causing her to run away from home yet again into the forest with whatever she should carry. From here, she was indeed on her own with no one to look after her, and she was frightened alone in such a beautiful yet terrible place. From here, a fox appeared out of nowhere, took a liking to her, and stayed by her side. She did not mind its company as it kept her warm on cold days and looked out for her while she slept. She would later say that the fox was her Familiar, that she had manifested all on her own, which was very rare in her case as she had no training to summon it. But maybe all she wanted was a friend, and that wish was granted as she named the fox Fanneci after the fabled fox her mother read to her during bedtime. It is uncertain how long the two of them were alone together in the woods, and neither probably knew themselves, but it would not be like that for long as she would learn a path that was thought to have been long forgotten except for a select few.  

The Wild Path

  Soon the wolf that attacked her sister stood before her, frightening her, with Fanneci standing in front of her to protect her. But the wolf did not bear its fangs, nor did it seem to wish any harm on them as before. Then right before their eyes, it transformed into a woman, revealing that she was a Druid. She attacked back because Sophia and her sister were getting too close to one of their sacred groves and only wanted to scare them off and did not expect her magic to trap her that easily. It was because of that reason that she revealed herself to her if she ever came back and was puzzled why she was alone with her familiar. So she told her what had transpired before and did not know what to do. It was here that the Druid offered to train her as Sophia's strong connection with nature and believed that she would strengthen it if she knew the old ways rather than that of those who had forsaken it. But she then thought about her family and did not wish to worry them for too long, but the Druid, who was called Rene'nuk that she would make sure that they knew she was okay and would return when her training was complete. From here, his worries began to fade away the longer she stayed with Rene'nuk as she guided her to her grove and saw the wonders that the forest had that she did not know existed. Making her feel safe and comfortable just as she was at home. From there, she decided to stay and train with Druids to learn magic properly.   At first, she didn’t fit in with them as she was brought up differently in her home. It took time for her genuinely understand their way of life, but by living amongst them, she learned what they truly valued in their way of life. It was far from what she was told, showing a misunderstanding between those of the forest and the Kingdom of Ardania. From here, she started to learn as much as possible about them while she trained in the magical arts. Eventually, she discovered that her family did not consider her living with Druids well, as his father had searched the forest for her for almost a year. But they could not find the grove as it was a secret only the Druids knew about, allowing them to be uninterrupted. Despite the dangers that her father could pose to the Druids, she chose to stay as she was already learning so much from them, and deep down, she was still angry at him for how he treated her. From here, her training improved with the ancient knowledge that had been amassed by the Druidic Order in their thousands of years of existence. She also grew close to her teacher, Rene’nuk, as she acted as a mother figure to the one she had lost and developed a strong bond from their time together as if they were indeed mother and daughter. As time passed, she learned much from them and became more open-minded to the world around her, as if she was truly a Druid herself.  

An Open Mind

  Two years had passed since she began her training, and she had improved dramatically with the aid of her teacher and others around her as she had managed to gain proper control over the Price of Magic and extend her ability to use magic to a great extent. It was allowing her to have more proper control of it without causing harm to those around her. Even Fanneci benefited from the training as his intelligence increased, and he soon gained the ability to talk like an average person and hasn’t stopped since as he has grown fond of it. During this time, she was forbidden from leaving the grove for her safety and that of the Druids, so they would not be discovered. Though some of them did not take a liking to her at first since she was an outsider, that changed the more they spent time with her as she learned more about their ways while training and took some of them to heart. As she believed they were lessons worth remembering if it meant making life better for others. She became compassionate from watching the Druids helping others brought to the grove. She was given more freedom once they knew she was no longer a danger to others and was finally allowed to leave the grove under supervision. It was nice for her to go and explore a little finally, and she enjoyed her nature walks as she studied everything around him with Rene’nuk Beside her. But one of these walks would take a turn for the worst one day.   Sophia was surprised when her father and a few of his men appeared. At first, they did not know it was her as she had grown up and was wearing traditional Druid clothing and thought she was a Druid and threatened her to tell them where she was. But Fenneci and Rene’nuk sprang into action as they caught them off guard and got them away from Sophia. Here, Rene’nuk showed them how a Druid fought as her wolf managed to deal with most of them as she ensured them rather than kill them. Fanneci, on the other hand, went to get help seeing that they were outnumbered. Sophia panicked as she tried to think about what she should do. But when Rene’nuk was injured and about to be killed, she used the making to immobilize her father and most of his men in vines. A few moments later, more Druids arrived looking for a fight, only to find it already over until Lord Terrence stated that he had more men on their way to deal with them. But that quickly changed when a group of Rangers showed up led by Fredrick Lumbren stating that his men were unable to help them at this time. They were there to bring him back to his lands as his actions for the last two years had been steering up trouble in the forest, and hunting for Druids would not have sat well with the Forest Tribes of Ve’tal and it was a direct order from King Peter himself consider the circumstance involved as Sophia went willingly with them rather than being abducted.   But the damage had been done as the Druids seeing one of their own wounded, demanded reprimands in the form of lord Terrence's life, which led to an uneasy standoff that seemed to escalate with each passing moment. It was from here that Sophia took charge of the situation, along with another from a Ranger named Carne, which supposed her a bit considering he was around her age. Both of them managed to keep both sides from killing each other, with Sophia finally getting her father to see reason and that she was training her magic, considering he was trapped in it. While Carne vowed to the Druids that the Banor would never harm them again, he promised to offer up his life if he ever did. Both sides were moved by these two as they acted more like adults than they did. Sophia promised her father that she would return home once her train was finished. Terrence realized that she wasn’t the way she used to be, as she had completely changed the last time he saw her as she was a mature young woman, and he had to trust her for now. It was from here that both sides went their separate ways, but not before Sophia thanked the young Ranger for helping her avoid bloodshed. Then after a small chat, they returned to their groups. Sophia went back to aid in Rene'nuk’s healing, prompting her to learn medicine as she wanted to help save those around her. As she continued her training for many more years.  

Great Change

  Three more years would pass until Sophia’s training was finally completed. Allowing her to return home to her family eventually caused her to worry because she left them and did not know how they would react when she came home. But she knew this day would come and would have to face the consequences of her actions. She said farewell to her mentor and the other Druids for helping her learn all she could and headed off to return home. The way back was mostly uneventful, except for a few detours here and there, such as gathering herbs for medicine or keeping Fanneci out of trouble. But the most eventful event was that of a lumberjack who injured himself while cutting down a tree. Sophia quickly helps the man by giving him some medicine she made and helping him return to his village before setting back home. By the time she reached Green Keep, the sun was setting as she reached the gates and waited until her identity was verified due to her absence for the last five years. A few moments later, her sister was rushing toward them, and after a few moments of seeing, she hugged her as she knew she was her sister and was let in. Soon enough, her brother Gordon and her father arrived, and she received a warm welcome from her brother, but there was tension between her and Lord Terrance as they did not leave on the best of terms. But she apologized to him as she was the one who caused so much trouble for him, and what she did was selfish. Rather than be scalded as she deserved, she was greeted with a hug from him as he apologized, as well as he was at fault as much as she was, and was just glad that she was back with them.   But it took time to adjust to her surroundings as her years with the Druids had made her forget how to act as a noblewoman as she lost much of her independence returning home. But her father was more considerate of her options, and her use and knowledge of magic aided her house when needed. She was allowed to leave home and return to the forest despite her father not being too fond of the idea, but he knew she would be safe. However, she would not be ideal in her studies in nobility and continue to learn more about medicine, which became of great help when someone was injured on the castle grounds or Mindenburg when a sickness broke out. During these events, she would be known as the Green Lady, which referred to a mythical being known for her art of healing. It was something that Sophia enjoyed caring for others as she helped them recover with her skills, even teaching others her medical knowledge so they could help others just as she did. She would even save her father's life when he became ill and went on a quest to gather the proper ingredients to cure his illness. It sent her on the long journey across the Great Forest, where she faced many dangers and had help from tribesmen and Carne once more to get what she needed. It was from this journey that she no longer wanted to live the life of a noblewoman and wanted to help others where she could by furthering her studies in medicine. She didn’t even get an argument from her father and gave him her blessing as she set off to Stonehaven to study medicine. But this venture would only last for a short time as conflict erupted across the land.  

Compassion in War

  It had only been a year since she arrived in Stonehaven to practice medicine under a Alchemist named Galen when the War of the Raptors broke out. But rather than return home, Sophia stayed in the city when the wounded started to be sent brought to the city from the ongoing conflict in the coming weeks. It was not until news of the escalation of the conflict that she decided to leave to help the soldiers on the frontlines. From this point, she tended to wounded soldiers on the frontline who would meet her father and brother as they mustered their forces from their Banordom to defend the kingdom. It was for a few years that she would travel around with the royal army and see them both perish from the conflict as the kingdom began losing the war. She would do some fighting as she defended their camp as best as she could from imperial forces that attacked. But eventually, she could only take so much of it and knew the war was over for them. She finally left the royal army when its leaders abandoned the wounded because they slowed them down and had limited supplies. Causing Sophia to take as many with her back home to find safety and shelter. She stole a few wagons with the help of what remained of her father’s men for the journey and made her way home to Green Keep.   Despite not all of the wounded surviving the journey, they were far behind the front lines to avoid imperial forces. Allowing them to reach the castle in a short amount of time. It was here she would reunite with Kema and embrace one another for the longest time, as they were the only family they had left. Green Keep had been untouched since the war began, and it would be here that she and the wounded could finally rest. However, some problems were already there before they arrived. Few defenders were left since almost all of them left to fight, and refugees had made their way there in search of safety. Leaving it open to attack when the empire arrived. But for now, she did what she could to care for the people in her home, all the while figuring out where to go knowing that it would be safe at the castle for a long. It wasn’t until a few days later a Druid arrived to greet Sophia as she had sent Fanneci to ask for safe passage into the Great Forest for everyone in the keep. The Druids had agreed to her request as long they stayed clear of the groves, they would be fine, and those with her would be brought to safety. It was here that plans were made to abandon the keep, with everyone fleeing to the forest to safety. However, before everyone managed to leave, an imperial force made it to the keep but failed to notice what was happening. All they needed to do was distract them for long enough until everyone managed to escape. Kima and a few guards decided to keep them busy while everyone fled, but Sophia refused to leave them behind. But without Sophia, the group's safety would be jeopardized, and with one last goodbye from her sister, she was knocked unconscious and carried away with the group. When she woke up, all she saw was the sight of smoke from where her home was, and her sister was nowhere to be seen. Her entire family was gone now, with only Fanneci beside her and the survivors she needed to look after.   For many weeks, they stayed in the forest alone as they tried to survive in the harsh wilderness. They got help from the Druids once in a while in the form of food and shelter when they could. But eventually, things were becoming desperate for them to the point that Sophia had secretly been going to nearby villages in search of food. After one of these visits, she learned that the war was finally over. From that moment, she didn’t know what to do as there was no place for her and her group to go, and no one in the tribes or the order would take them in. But that thought was short-lived when confronted by some Legionnaries about where she came from as one of them saw her exiting the forest. She fled as fast as possible while being pursued by them and unable to get rid of them, resulting in her using magic to get rid of them. This made things worse by revealing herself as a mage and being more determined to capture her. Not even Fanneci could keep them off her as he tried to distract them. Eventually, she was cornered and only wanted to incapacitate rather than kill them, as she tried to save lives and not take them. She held them off as long as she could with her magic, but Arcane Depletion had finally begun to take effect on her making it difficult to keep her assailants at bay. But before they could capture her, she would be saved again by Rangers led by Landon Lumbren, the brother of Fredrick Lumbren, that managed to keep the peace of the kingdom and forest all those years ago.   After the legionnaires were dealt with, she was interrogated by Landen and told who she was. She was then led to Del Toren, where she and her group would find safety with others hiding from the empire. Despite her suspicions, she trusted them and soon led her people to it. She would meet Carne and Fredrick there, both of whom were not in the best state as Carne was mentally traumatized from losing his squad, Grim Hunters among many others at the Betrayal of White Wood and Fredrick, still suffering from severe burns and partial blindness from the ambush. When she finished getting her people settled in, she went to repay the debt to the two Rangers for helping her so long ago. Fredrick was easier to deal with as her skill in medicine, with the help of a little magic, allowed him to heal properly, but there was little she could do to restore his sight and the limp he had. As for Carne, it took some time for him to open up, despite acting like he was fine when he was not working all day to keep Del Toren safe. But eventually, after many conversations and subtle interactions, he let her in, knowing that she was a friend to him, and started trusting her more with some of his secrets. But soon enough, others would join their group, such as Sir Dayne of Wayne, Cassius Flint and Jacob Morris forming the foundations of the Brotherhood of the Wood with each one becoming a leader of the leading council known as the Circle. From here, she would do everything she could to begin the liberation of Ardanaia, but not from the frontline.  

Supporting From Afar

  Sophia would form the Supporting Branch, the logistical division of the brotherhood. She knew that she was not a fighter, nor did she want to be one, for that matter. But she also knew many in the brotherhood were not cut out for that either, namely the refugees and those disabled. But she found ways for them to all help out one way or another as they had everyday skills that would be beneficial along with those crippled to find jobs that could do to the best of their abilities. Her kindness and compassion truly kept everyone going in the Supporting Branch, and it was quite contagious as it spread throughout the brotherhood. She had become a light to them as she did what she could to make everyone comfortable and get what they needed. Despite all the hard work she has to put in, she doesn’t mind it knowing that she is making a difference for everyone in the brotherhood. She is quite popular with the Circle members and is often seen as the voice of reason for all its members. But deep down, she is often the one who needs a shoulder to lean on from the loss of her family, and Carne is often the one to return the favor for what she did for him. All of her hard work has paid off as well as the brotherhood has been getting everything they need to maintain itself, from food to weapons, along with good relations with the Druidic Order that help the brotherhood when they can get in any way, with the possibility of an alliance in the future. Despite all that has happened to her, she still finds hope in the darkest of times, and one day it will arrive as it has to be true. It is all they have now, and they can often do miraculous things. All it takes is someone to believe in it; anything is possible.
Current Status
Aiding Refugees
Current Location
Other Ethnicities/Cultures
Year of Birth
1508 CA 24 Years old
Green Keep
Current Residence
Del Toren
Skin Tone/Pigmentation
157 lbs
Quotes & Catchphrases
Not every war is won with soldiers alone, even smiths and farmers have their part to play to ensure that can keep on fighting.
Sometimes I wish I was a flower they have nothing to worry about and all they have to do is look pretty while the world moves on, but the problem is that they can't do anything.
Every life is worth saving no matter what and if there's a chance to save another I'm going to take it.
Old Faith
Aligned Organization
Other Affiliations


  • Joining the Druidic Order
  • Learning to control her magic
  • Becoming a Healer
  • Saving her father from sickness
  • Keeping the peace between the kingdoms and Druids
  • Saving many lives through healing
  • Saving the lives of wounded soldiers
  • Leading refugees to safety
  • Founding the Supporting Branch


  • Losing her mother
  • Running away from home
  • Unable to protect her entire family
  • Almost getting captured

Morality & Philosophy

  Sophia believes in kindness and helping anyone in need, no matter who they are. This stems mainly from her mother's teachings, and she stood by them all her life. From these ideas, she decided to become a healer and help save lives wherever possible, believing that anyone deserves help no matter who they are or where they come from. This has also brought about great compassion and empathy for those around her as she does what she can to help them as much as she can. She has a strong belief in not taking the life of another unless necessary, as all life is sacred and should not be taken without reason. Though she strongly believes in not taking the life of another Human being and will do whatever she can to avoid it.  

Religious Views

  Despite being raised with the teachings of the Exalted, her time with the Druids has made her follow the teachings of the old faith due to the fanaticism and intolerance that comes with following the Exalted. But through the old faith, she has found wisdom and guidance to create her bath without imposing it on others.  


  • Druid Apprentice
  • Healer's Apprentice
  • Healer

Mental Trauma

  The loss of her family and the lives she has failed to save left her alone and isolated with very few people she is willing to let in. The horrors of war have also plagued her for years as she had witnessed the deaths of countless people and the pain they went through as she had healed soldiers and civilians from the destruction the empire had committed. She would begin wearing face paint traditional to the Druids in rituals of mourning, with it looking like never-ending tears coming from her face. She did this after losing her family and the many others killed in the war. Swearing that the paint would be worn until the empire was driven out of Ardania, the dead would finally be at peace, and the suffering would end.  


  She wishes to protect the people of the brotherhood and as many lives as possible. Even those outside of it who she can that are experiencing the brutality of the empire. Waiting for the day, hoping Ardania will be accessible once more when the empire is driven out. Once that is over, she wishes to rebuild the country by helping anyone that needs it one person at a time.  


  • Kind
  • Compassionate
  • Empathetic
  • Determined

Special Equipment

  • Medical Equipment
  • Oak Staff
  • Herbal Pouch

Apeareal and Acessories

  • Green Travel Clothing


  • Reading
  • Writing
  • Magic
  • Medicine




  • Fennici - Family
  • Rene'nok - Mentor
  • Carne - Friend
  • Fredrick - Friend


  • Never turning her back on someone in need
  • Not healing someone wounded or ill
  • Taking the life of another person


  Fanneci: Sophia's Familiar in the form of a fox. He is very loyal and caring towards Sophia as well as she is to him. But he can be, at times, a hand full, especially when he finally begins to speak.  

Special Abilities

  Nature Magic : Was born with nature magic allowing her to control nature around her and cast spells related to it.   Magic Presence: Due to being born with magic, anything that is magical by nature can be detected from both living things and inanimate objects.   Magic Concealment : To hide the presence of magic from others, a mage can hide their magic through focus and spreading their Source Arcana.


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