Spirit Crossings

There are places in the world where the lands between life and death are thin and the spirits are allowed to cross into the land of the living. These places can are often used by Spirits to go into the afterlife and leave it to live in the world of the living. Many different spirits, some good and some bad, some old and some naïve. All must follow the laws of after to use these places though. For to break the Laws of the Afterlife is to mean great suffering for them and a fate worse than death.


These crossings are unable to be seen by living by creatures that are close to death or connected to it can see them. But the living who are often near these places of feeling the air cold that seems to never leave no matter how much heat is made to keep warm. Along with no animals to be seen either as they are no better than stay near places such as these. Those who do see it, find themselves seeing a giant vortex where with thousands upon thousands of spirits leaving and entering the living world.


The crossings are often places that have spiritual significance or where death has taken a hold of a place. Allowing spirits to come and go from the afterlife and back to the living as they please. These places are spread far and wide across the entire world.

Metaphysical, Supernatural

How are They Made?

  How such a phenomena are made is hard to explain as the living have no real understanding of what happens after we die. But there are some theories that try to explain it. Tribal societies claim that they have always been their as how else are the dead suppose to cross over if they have no path to guide them their. While some believe that caused by great amounts of bloodshed cause the land of dead to open up to claim those who have passed. But no one really knows how they are really made and will never find out.


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