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Crowned Serpent

Basic Information


Though limbless, its body is highly muscular and has a flexable skeleton, making able to move around quickly and attacking. Like of species of snake they have a series of scales around the body, while the underbelly helps it climb most know surfaces.

Biological Traits

Males are smaller than the females and male have fin like fan on the back of their head.

Genetics and Reproduction

The serpents lay eggs in a short period of time heterosexually. With the female staying with it clutch of egg for four to five weeks until they hatch,

Growth Rate & Stages

They grow about twelve to eighteen inches a year. As they grow they shed thier skin in order to have healthy skin as they grow.

Ecology and Habitats

Original the Crowned Serpent lived in lust forested land in the Jantani before it was turned into desert. But they are still thriving even in their desert environment. They often make make their home in large rock formations and under the ground.

Dietary Needs and Habits

The Crowned Sperent’s diet is primarily meat. They often find a sutible location where food is plentiful and wait for it to come to it. After it see it prey it uses its teet to grab on and then begin to constrict it until it’s dead. Other times it will just bite its prey to death. They do not have to go eating for months on end without eating.

Biological Cycle

Over time as the snake ages it will continue to grow until death and will shed its skin as time goes on. But it will hibernate is temperatures are cold enough.

Additional Information

Social Structure

Crowned Serpents tend to live alone and only mate when need to.

Uses, Products & Exploitation

The Crown Serpent is considered as delicacy in the the City states with many wanting to eat its meat and eggs.

Facial characteristics

Male Serpents have fin like fan on back of its head while female have small ridges on their back.

Geographic Origin and Distribution

This species flourishes In the Jantani Desert where it take advantage of its harsh environment.

Average Intelligence

Crown serpents are ambush predators, using stealth and their surroundings to their advantage.

Perception and Sensory Capabilities

The serpent uses its tongue to see body heat on any near by animals in the area as well as vibrations it the ground to locate pray.
Scientific Name
Class: Monsterous
80 - 100 years
Conservation Status
Crown serpents tend to travel alone and only mate when nessacery, though their population is in great numbers.
Average Height
8ft when body raised
Average Weight
Females 700 - 800 pounds Males 500 - 700 pounds
Average Length
Females 60 ft Males 50ft
Average Physique
Highly muscular with a flexible bone structure making able to climb many surfaces.
Body Tint, Colouring and Marking
Originally green it’s scales turned brown to abapt to the desert.


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