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Mountain Drake

We couldn't stop it no matter how hard we tried with weapons only cut through its scales as much as they could all I can remember are the screams as it broke through the way with only a few hits as it began to devour everyone inside. After that everyone just ran for their lives as the fort began to collapse from the beast thrashing inside of it and then burying in a tomb of its own making. - Testament from a Mountain Drake Attack
  There have always been many creatures the live on The Spine that should be feared, but there is one above them all that rules as its king and whenever it is near death always follows in its wake. That beast is the Mountain Drake for very few creatures can rival such a beast for they are hard to kill. Considering they are said to be distant relatives to Dragons. It is no wonder why really as wherever they go they seem to devour whatever looks like a meal to them. It often takes an entire army or highly trained group of hunters to take these beasts down and it is a fight that will be worth remembering as they rarely back down from a fight at all. When they are on the move it's best to steer clear and run as even settlements are not safe from them as entire villages will often be destroyed by the time they are done with their feeding.

Basic Information


Four limbed quadruped with strong muscles and bones.

Biological Traits

Hard Scales : scale are said to be a hard as Dragon and that might be true as it is often difficult to even piece he skin to deal any real damaged to it.   Massive Size: Can grow to that of the size of a small fort making it very difficult for anything to fight it as its size intimidates anything that is near it and can make anything its next meal.   Bursts of Speed: Despite its size, it can store up its energy to strike with great bursts of speed to catch its prey.   Powerful Muscles: Muscles are capable of shattering metal and stone alike without any effort.   Strong Jaws: A bite from jaws can crush anything it can get its mouths around making nothing safe once it is inside of it.   Protective fat: A layer of fat help protect the body from the cold conditions of their environment despite being cold-blooded.

Genetics and Reproduction

Mountain Drakes lay eggs every few decades when they are ready to mate.

Ecology and Habitats

Mountain Drakes are designed to withstand cold environments and their claws make it easy for them to hold onto any surface they can reach. They will often migrate in their territory to search for food where they can and will make a den in a cave to rest.

Dietary Needs and Habits

They are carnivores as they will eat anything that moves without a second thought. Often devouring it whole without a second thought.

Biological Cycle

Scale Shedding: Every once in a while they will shed old scales for new ones that are worn down or damaged.   Hibernation: To preserve energy it will hibernate for several weeks at a time when it stores enough food in itself.

Additional Information

Social Structure

Mountain Drakes live isolated from one another as one need so much territory to feed themselves

Uses, Products & Exploitation

Meat: Due to its size the amount of meat that can be harvested can be used to feed many people for weeks.   Scales: Scales are as tough and strong as any steel so many wish to make it out of armor.   Eggs: Eggs are considered a delicacy that many would like to taste.

Geographic Origin and Distribution

Mountain Drakes make their home on the The Spine.

Average Intelligence

Are capable of stealth by standing perfectly still before attacking.

Perception and Sensory Capabilities

Sight: Can see color to be able to spot prey easier.   Sound: Is able to hear from short distances.   Smell: It is able to smell heat through its nostrils to find prey.
Scientific Name
Class: Monstrous
100 years - 400 years
Conservation Status
Average Height
Male: 8ft - 10ft   Female: 12ft - 14ft
Average Weight
Males: 2 tons - 5 tons   Females: 4 tons - 7 tons
Average Length
Male: 20ft - 23ft   Female: 22ft - 25ft
Body Tint, Colouring and Marking
Grey, brown, white
Geographic Distribution

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