Behold the wings of death beating near with fangs like swords and claws that cut through stone. For when it arrives it reigns death from the sky through fire that engulfs all. - Heldon, son of Demor
  Dragons were feared throughout the world as beasts the could destroy cities in a day and bring entire armies to heel. These once many, they all but gone now as they were hunted down one by one throughout the world. It was believed that Dageth was the original homeland of the dragons in ancient times. A time when the Dwarves were the sole rulers of the continent long before the arrival of the Elves. The dragons during that time would begin a massive conflict with them as their riches attracted their attention and began attacking their holds for them. Leading to the Dragon Wars that would last for centuries. Though the Dwarves were lead to the brink of extinction by these massive beasts, they quick gain the advantage as black powder was discovered and weapons used to break through their hides. Ultimately wiping all of them out in time. But dragons were not all gone some were still found across the world and would become infamous as they reigned carnage through the centuries. But they would all succumb to death in the end. Dragons are considered extinct now as not a single one has been seen in a millennia and a half now.

Basic Information


Large for legged quadrupeds with a pair of wings on their back, with muscular limbs and a dense bone structure.

Biological Traits

Dragons are known for their ability to breath fire, graceful flying and their immensive strength.

Genetics and Reproduction

They lay several eggs which take three months to hatch. Often under a fire to incubate them. They would not be harmed as their shells have a protective shell that is strong like iron.

Growth Rate & Stages

Dragons take years to be fully grown with it taking at least a hundred years to reach their adult stage. But some have been known to grow even bigger in some case after reaching adulthood.

Ecology and Habitats

Dragon can be found anywhere their is land from mountains to forests they can be found taking large patches of land as their hunting grounds and taking shiny objects for their nests to attract mates.

Dietary Needs and Habits

Dragon are consider the most dangerous carnivorous hunters that ever walked the earth. Often burn their prey alive before eating it.

Biological Cycle

The older a dragon becomes the more dangerous it gets as their years of hunting and fighting make them stronger. They also hibernate for long periods of time in order to restore energy and allow them stay awake for weeks at a time.

Additional Information

Social Structure

Dragons often stayed from one another as far as they can as they require large areas of land for hunting and building nests. Fighting is know to happen between them for land as well since sharing it will only drain resources. Making them their own separate nations in a way. They only come close to each other when it is mating season.

Uses, Products & Exploitation

Dragon’s corpse can make a man rich if they know how to use it. Their scales and bones can make strong armor, teeth and claws weapons, meat for food, and the rest here and there.

Geographic Origin and Distribution

Dragons are consider to a elusive species since they have been sighting of them all across the world. How this is possible is clearly unknown.

Average Intelligence

It is unsure is dragons are sentient or not but some people believe they were and had their own language. But besides that they were notorious hunters that knew when to be quite and when to make noise.

Perception and Sensory Capabilities

Their eyes are that of a hawk begin able to see from great distances and see certain things others can, along with reasonably hearing.
Scientific Name
Class: Monsterous
800 - 1000 years
Average Height
18 ft - 20 ft
Average Weight
1 ton - 3 tons
Average Length
20 ft - 50 ft
Average Physique
Dragons are as strong as elephants and their hides are known to deflect many forms of attacks.
Body Tint, Colouring and Marking
Brown, black, red, grey.

Cover image: dragon by GBrush


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