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Basic Information


Short and stock humanoids with excessive amounts of hair

Biological Traits

All Look the same with their beards and short stature. It doesn't even matter if they are male or female either since they seem to reach the same age as all other dwarves. The only significant difference the can be seen is with Hill Dwarves how have shorts hair than their mountain cousins. They have also been know to be able with stand certain amounts of heat without suffering any side effects and able withstand places that have little air to breath. Dwarves are the only race that ode not seem to able to use magic, even after the Awakening took place, they where the only ones unaffected by it. Female Dwarves cannot grow beards but that does not men they don't act like male Dwarves.

Genetics and Reproduction

Heterosexually and pregnancy can last fourteen months.

Growth Rate & Stages

They grow a little faster than humans would and they get hairier as they get older.

Ecology and Habitats

Dwarves prefer hills and mountains as their homes. But they often live underground in these places.

Dietary Needs and Habits

A dwarf primarily eats meat and often gets it from hunting and livestock. They are omnivores, but their is rarely any vegetation that grows on the mountains. The only plant life they sim to find is mushrooms of all things.

Biological Cycle

Once a dwarf reaches the age of sixteen, they are As centuries go by a dwarf's hair grows longer and it color fades. They even look like men after a century or two. They also become stronger with their muscles becoming stronger from hard work.

Additional Information

Social Structure

Dwarves live in hierarchies and caste systems, This has gone on for quite a long time and they are to stubborn to change anything about it. It is rare for a Dwarf to even change their station in life and are left their along with their descendants.

Facial characteristics

Bulbous facial features and lots of hair

Geographic Origin and Distribution

The can only be found on the continent of Dageth often in the Earth Forge Mountains and below them in the Frost Cap Hills.

Average Intelligence

Dwarves have always been known for their craftsmanship and their ingenuity making by far one the smartest races around, yet they often don't listen to common sense. A Dwarf's stubbornness is quite legendary, they cannot seem to have there minds changed, they rather bang their head on a wall instead. But the are crafty enough to find ways to use magic even though their runes and machines to make their lives more productive.

Perception and Sensory Capabilities

human hearing and sight, but are able see better in the dark do o living in dark spaces. Their sense of smell is human average as well.

Civilization and Culture

Naming Traditions

  • Male names: Magnus, Deron, Kenil, Gordi, Shamous
  • Female names: Shino, Judi, Malgrid, Hinde, Erin
  • Family names: Goldmane, Copper, Ironaxe, Bronze

Major Organizations

Dwarven Kingdoms

Beauty Ideals

Dwarves believe in one thing only, nice well groomed hair. Men trim and groom their hair and beards regularly, while women ten to just braid their hai into fine braids. Wearing presious metals such as silver and gold are also a way to gain attention.

Gender Ideals

In Dwarven society men do all the manual labor that is need of their society, while women take lighter jobs as cleaners, waitresses, librarians and other jobs. But some women are allowed to take the jobs of men under certain circumstances.

Courtship Ideals

Dwarves have always been known to be direct when it come to finding a matter, most of them often given the a diamond to the girl of their interest to show that they are interested. This shows that they can support a family. Those who don't have diamonds often get them drunk and take them to the nearest temple and have them say their vows. The most direct way is to just to smack the women reared to show that you are interest in her. This can result in as smack to the face or a frying pan to the head. But if they are interested. They often just wink back at you.

Relationship Ideals

A Dwarf couple to outsiders seems to look like an accident waiting to happen. With them often yelling at one another and threatening to throw their spouse into a hole. But that actually means that relationship is actually working, since Dwarves work all day they often have stressful lives as well and yelling at one another can help relieve stress. When they are not yelling they are sharing each others company and are busy in the bedroom when ever they can. The man often works all day and the women stays at home to care for the family.

Average Technological Level

Dwarves have been considered one of the most advanced races in the world and have been improving their live with rune forging, electricity, alchemy and black powder. They have acheived succesful cart traveling systems and communications lines to better achieve productivity,

Major Language Groups and Dialects


Common Etiquette Rules

Dwarves always great one another by grasping one another hands and pulling into one another. Women often prefer to hug one another with patting on the back. When eating Dwarves often tuck their beard under the table and but a beard cloth to ensure that the beard does not become messy. To have a beard on the table with food is often disrespectful. When entering a build a Dwarf must bang on it very loudly since the door is locked. It is also often very loud in all builds due Dwarves stomping around or something else Dwarf related and loud knocking let them know that someone is outside. The reason why the door is lock is to ensure that nothing is stolen or someone walks out without paying since Dwarves are very greedy when it come to giving up gold.

Common Dress Code

Dwarves only wear the clothing the come with their job, if they are a guard, they wear armor, if they are a miner, they wear mining gear. These are the only clothing clothing that they often wear since they never take off from work and when they don't work they wear it on breaks and sometimes sleeping, They often keep extra pair incase they are worn out or damage. They due have casual wear, but that is only used on special occasions such as parties.

Culture and Cultural Heritage

Dwarven culture is often based around their mountain homes since they are considered the closest thing to gods the have.

Common Customs, Traditions and Rituals

  • Fight pit
  • Cart racing
  • building contest
  • Exploration

Common Taboos

  • A bad Beard
  • Kinslaying
  • touching another beard
  • cowardice
  • breaking deals
  • bad craftmanship
  • Leaving the mountains and hills


Humble Origins

Dwarves have always been curious bunch to most other races of the world. They always isolate themselves in their mountains and hills without any contact with other races and they are a bit xenophobic about it to for some reason too. But they do let outsider into their holds, they are seen as the most advanced race in the world with their machines and technology that has advanced them at an alarming rate. But the Dwarves where not like this always. Before they even came to their mountain homes they lived on the plains and valleys of Dageth. Back then they where considered to be at the bottom of the food chain in those days do too their size and their lack of speed, making themselves easy targets. It was not until they found ways up to the mountains that they finally began to prosper. But they where not alone as they thought they where, for the Trolls where the rulers of the mountains and they did not want to share with the Dwarves. The Troll Wars were fierce and long, but Trolls were defeated. Those that remind would leave their mountain homes and live in the forest and valleys as the Dwarves did. As time went by they where able to forge and build what they needed to survive and prosper. They began to worship the mountains well, for they had bestowed upon them the wealth and prosperity that they desired. But greed soon consumed them as well as they began to amass large amounts of wealth to themselves. This would bring dragons to their hold to try and claim their wealth. The Dragon Wars where long and brutal with neither side will to given in. Soon enough the Dwarves were on the verge of extinction until the accidental discovery of black powder would soon turn the tide in their favor. They made cannons and rifles that could take down the mightiest dragons with ease. Victory was achieved with this gift from the mountains making them more grateful to their home. The Dwarves then hunted the last of dragons to extinction and used their bones as a reminder that they were not unbeatable. They soon rebuilt their shattered land, but some of their greatest achievements would lost in the deepest depths of the mountains. They would soon enough create the Dwarven Kingdoms and be the sole power to rule over the continent.  

A Brave New World

Then the Elves came from the sea to find a new home for themselves of the continent. The Dwarves cared little for them and allowed them to take the forests and plains as their own. Even after the Awakening they did not mind them as the magic unleashed did not affect them and cared little of the war they waged against one another. There would be peace for a time with both sides staying out of one another business and trade would soon be achieved over time. But when they discovered that mineral where found near the Elvish borders they quickly went to claim it for their own. These soon cause the War of Wood and Stone and would last for centuries. Due to their long life spans neither side realize how long it had actually been when the war started. One day the Orcs came from the seas and allied themselves with the Troll and created the Ogres forming the first Black Blood Horde. They would rampaging across the land killing Elves and Dwarves alike. The Dwarves soon but aside their differences with the Elves and fought along side with one another in the First Horde War which lasted for many more year. They were soon enough driven back to the Black Plains and a fragile peace was made. The Dwarves vowed never to claim land near the Elves again and they kept it to this day. Since then the Dwarves have be building fortifications to defend their holds from Black Blood attack that would continue for centuries. Some would be great victories and others would be devastating defeats. But still their stubbornness keeps them from losing hope under these circumstances. After all they are Dwarves after all and its an occupational hazard when a fight is around the corner waiting to meet them

Interspecies Relations and Assumptions

Dwarves consider all other races their enemies since they believe that they are plaining to destroy them and take what is rightfully theirs. Outsiders are only permitted when they allowed. Only a few have ever been considered friends to the Dwarves.
Genetic Descendants
Scientific Name
Class: Sentient
400 - 600 years
Conservation Status
Dwarves have always been sturdy and resourceful creatures and their numbers are at an antiquate size.
Average Height
Male: 4'6" to 4'10" Female: 4'2" to 4'6"
Average Weight
Male: 140lbs to 160lbs Females: 120lbs to 140lbs
Average Physique
Due to their short stature, Dwarves have a larger amount of muscle mass than most other races and through this they are much stronger then they appear. It is said that they can lift up a large boulder with ease and bend iron with their bare hands. But they are not known to be the greatest of runner due to their size and weight.
Body Tint, Colouring and Marking
Often pale in places without hair due to living in the dark.
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