The Lost

Those without souls never truly die

There are things worst than death, these beings were once mortals but manage to lose their souls in the process leaving them a empty shell from a condone simply know as Soul Deprivation. Though they still remain alive without decaying or aging. But instead their once natural appearance with a more twisted and horrifying form, each is different for each individual. They soon crave the taste of souls to fill their emptiness and the longer a Lost lives, madness eventually overcomes their sanity. Some tend to hunt in packs while others stalk their pray alone. Behavioral patterns seem almost non existent with the species altogether. Most tend to steal the skin of their victims in order blend in with the local population Like many supernatural creatures, information on the Lost is none existent and there are no known weaknesses that have been discovered, except for two, they fear holy relics and and can be killed by holy weapons. Along with any type of magic which seems to cause harm to them.

Basic Information


Varies on each individual, some grow extra limbs while other can grow fang and claws. This makes ever encounter with them unique and disturbing in every way.

Biological Traits

The Lost can come in all shapes and size which can be difficult to face them since there is no basic strategy to fight them.

Genetics and Reproduction

There is no actual information that the Lost can actual reproduce.

Growth Rate & Stages

A Lost looks human for several decades, but as centuries pass, the less human they become until eventually they need to steal skin to blend in with the population.

Ecology and Habitats

Stays in the place were it turns almost indifferently. Prefers cities and town where the populations are large and easy to blend in.

Dietary Needs and Habits

Known to eat meat from anything rotten or otherwise. But tend to eat the soul of its victims. Hunting methods appear to be psychological in nature. Tend to drive people insane and watch the kill others before killing them. Other times they stalk them victims until they are in a isolated area and then make the kill.

Biological Cycle

Do not seem to age and tend to go deeper into madness as time goes on. Different condition happen to different types of Lost. They eventually go into a hibernative state for certain period of time before becoming active again.

Additional Information

Social Structure

The Lost tend to either hunt alone or work in groups to catch their unsuspecting victims. Those who are older tend to be in charge of their group and used violence and fear to keep the other in their place.

Facial characteristics

As time goes by the body becomes deformed and random features are formed over time

Geographic Origin and Distribution

A lost can appear anywhere in the world and not be affected by the elements and environmental around them.

Average Intelligence

Intelligence varies due to the hosts and tends to stay the same. Madness causes the host to struggle with what is real and whats not.

Perception and Sensory Capabilities

All senses are enhanced and along with gaining night vision. Different extrasensory capabilities differ per individual.
Genetic Ancestor(s)
Scientific Name
Supernatural Class
Any race
A Lost life span seem to be almost indefinite due the aging process being halted
Conservation Status
Species population is unknown.
Average Height
Hight varies per host
Average Weight
Varies per host
Average Length
Length changes per host
Average Physique
Varies per host
Body Tint, Colouring and Marking
Color of skin tends to be in shades of grey and white

Cover image: Mutant 4 by Fetsch

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