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Somewhere in your setting, describe
Describe the creature(s) who are hiding amongst the inhabitants.
A total of 196 entries

Shadows of The Cavern

Q'Dari of Chigon IV

Homo Angelus Trinitatis

The wonders in the cold

Red Eyed Rabbits

Stella Flos Cibum

Touched, Mutants, Blessed, Hucksters, Warlocks, ect.

Hounds of the Order of the Cold Sun

Describe the predominant species of the location.

A Corruption of the Mind

The Ghosts of Chamber

Biroche: the False Earthstalkers

The Pale Ones / Humanity (Submission Article #4)

Hidden relics of the past

Anões das montanhas do norte

The Shadow Dreamers

Gods and Monsters

The Glows and the Flash

The Sparraghai - The Hunters

Chirping Children

Yaerwhyl, The Candles of Euliess

The Razor Poppies

The Ghosts below the Sea

Children of the Elements

Sexually Reproduced Proioxis

When Shape Shifters Switch Hues