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Describe the predominant species of the location.

Scrim was settled in the early pioneer days, and the population is still mostly of Dutch and Welsh descent. Many of the Old Ways came with the old folk, and those with the Sight knew to hang seven pointed stars over their doors, knew to whisper the old names, knew to sing the old songs. People knew the protocol to keep out the Fae, even if they didn't always know why.   Poverty is ubiquitous, such that the young can't see it, this being their frame of reference. Drugs were always a problem, but it used to just be moonshine and the pot. Cocaine barely had an impact (you had to be able to afford it), and heroin had its day, but it was painkillers that really took hold, really sank in their teeth and dragged the common man down into the numb and senseless gray. Hardworking blue-collar folk were easy to sell pain medication to; something was always hurting. Something is always hurting.   A drunkard sobers up at times, a pothead evens out and gets on with their day. These people still raise their children, still tell them the Old Stories, still tell them to speak the Old Words. An opioid addict spends their time sober still a little dazed, still lacking initiative. An opioid addict will forget to speak the Words, and can't follow the Stories enough to tell them.   In the haze, the new children never know what to protect themselves from. The children move away, as one does when jobs are needed and jobs are scarce. The people of Scrim are prized by the Gentry, for whom it is their nature to want what they could not have. So in time, Scrim became the focus of many strange legends. It seems everyone who comes from the mountain town is followed by strange events.

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