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The wonders in the cold

"I played with the pixies. My children did and so did their children. There was not a single hand in the whole village, that has not touched them. They meant so much to me, when I was young and seeing children play with them warmed my heart. I knew them my whole life.
But when they suddenly started to wake up, I was like frozen. I was motionless when they started dancing and I could only stare when they flew out into the night."
-Tales from the village elder Rashk

Basic Information


Before they woke up, all the pixies were thought to be lifeless. Toys that the ancestors made. While they slept, they seemed solid, but very lightweight and it was never clear what their original colors were, as they passed through so many generations of children hands that no color remained. They were often repainted. Some more colorful than others, some white as the snow.
In their sleeping state, they seemed quite human like, but with goat legs. Some also had horns and grim facial expressions. Others were without horns, but had long, sharp ears and a smile to their face. Maybe those are gender differences, though it is not quite clear, since all the pixies looked very slender and had no primary or secondary sexual characteristics.
They ranged from 10 cm to 17 cm and had wings with a maximal wingspan of 20 cm and a minimum of 15 cm. Many wings were broken off during the time the slept, only confirming the idea that they were just toys, as there was no blood. When a wing is broken off, a black, charcoal like material is revealed in contrast to the wooden and polished feel the pixies had without injury.
When they woke up, they revealed a latex like skin that reflects light in every color, making it very hard to see more details. The wings look like those of a butterfly, with widely varying patterns. Even though the wings seem quite fragile, they are very hard and almost seem to weight more than the body of a typical pixie. It is unclear how they are able to achieve flight with wings like that. Maybe they are some sort of external organ. This theory seems to be validated by how the pixies behave during flight, as they only lazily flap their wings so often. This makes them seem to float, rather than flying.
Their voices are high pitched. It is unclear if they communicate only through noises, since there is no recognizable pattern, though maybe they communicate with sound too high to be heard by a human ear.
It is also unclear how intelligent they are.

Ecology and Habitats

The natives always envisioned pixies living in eternal flower fields, but since such a thing doesn't exist, their true habitat is unknown. One elder has said however, that it could be possible they create their own environment through magic. This hasn't been confirmed.

Biological Cycle

Before they woke up, they seemed like lifeless puppets. Is this a natural cycle for the pixies? Or were they sealed away?

Additional Information

Perception and Sensory Capabilities

Since pixies are very similar to humans in appearance, they use the same sensory organs. Nobody really knows however, if any of their senses work better than there human counter parts. In old stories it is said that they can see and feel magic, but those might just be that- stories.

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