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The Enemy

Basic Information


The enemy has no discernible physical form. Maybe it exists in the minds of its pawns, or maybe it resides in some other plane of existance.   The pawns have an unknown organ implanted in the brain, to handle communication with the Enemy. They also have slightly altered digestive organs, among other things, capable of extracting lead from food.

Genetics and Reproduction

If a pawn gets too far beyond its collective, it might become the progenitor of a new Enemy. Or it might wither and die.   The pawns in this case are human beings. They all have two additional chromosomes. This is a dominant trait that spreads to all children.

Growth Rate & Stages

It took decades for the Enemy to understand what it was and the limits of its power. It doesn't know if this is typical or not.   Pawns are influenced through faint emotional queues from before birth. Eventually, as the link to the Enemy becomes stronger, control becomes strong enough to implant complex desires into the pawn. Pawns do not know that they are different. They do not feel any special kinship with other pawns, unless the Enemy implants that specific feeling.

Ecology and Habitats

It lives as an additional layer of motivation in its pawns. Which might be members of basically any other species.

Dietary Needs and Habits

Pawns have slightly higher needs of protein and sugar. They also need more lithium and lead.   The enemy has difficulties relating to physical work, instead encouraging its pawns to more cerebral activities. It is aware though that the host of its predecessors seemed quite harmless and weakened, maybe because they were lacking in physical abilities. It tries to counter this by giving some of its pawns an almost prepper-like outlook. Some break under this stress and suffer from schitzofrenia or ocd.

Biological Cycle

The Enemy assumes that it would live forever, though it fears what would happen if it was found out. It understands that its predecessor was destroyed along with its pawns.

Additional Information

Perception and Sensory Capabilities

The enemy percieves what its pawns perceive. Maybe it could percieve another member of its species. It does not know, and while it is not in complete control of its habitat, it will not conduct experiments with this.
Scientific Name
Multi-host supraintelligence

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