The Daschee are a race shrouded in mystery. It is said they have been around even before the gods arrived in the Ethorial Lands with the mortal races. Only a few myths are still around about the time, the Daschee interacted with the gods themselves.
Millennia ago, the whole race disappeared, save for a few lonely Daschee, appearing throughout history to some people. Most encounters happened in the arid lands of today's Thiem. Stories about these encounters tell of a magically powerful, wise and somewhat mischievous people. They see the mortal races as inferior and not without reason, for their magical ability and culture rivals those of the gods and the legendary dragons. On the other hand, they have proven to find the mortals amusing and welcome entertainment during their presumably infinite lifespan.
Part of their legacy left in the world are hundreds of artifacts, containing everlasting sources of magic. The people of Thiem rever and use these artifacts in their everyday life but it is unknown why the Daschee left these artifacts behind or where they have even gone. The few remaining Daschee roaming the desert refuse to answer these questions - but they sometimes intervene when mortals try to somewhat abuse they artifacts.
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The Daschee, tired of their infinite lifespan regularly go into deep slumber for several millenia, waiting for the end of periods where the deserts are too unwelcoming to live and thrive in. They are not gone - they are the core of the magical artifacts. They radiate magical energy even in their deep sleep, such enormous is their power.

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Due to their highly magical nature, few Daschee have a very distinct and definite form. Most of them shroud themselves in an element they feel an affinity towards, often sand, earth or fire. Due to the influence with mortal races they seem to tend towards more anthropomorphic forms- they form a distinct upper body and head, often covered in fine linen. For some reason, they seem to avoid forming arms and instead project floating hands around them. Their lower body often melts into the ground or dissipates into the air, giving the impression of floating.
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