The Daschee's Theft

Not only are the Daschee a mythical ancient race surrounded by mysteries, they have been depicted both as benevolent protectors and malicious tricksters. This story tells the tale of the time when the mortal races first came to Skeigham - a world full of magic and wonder at that time.


When the mortal races first arrived in the world, lead by the six persons later to be gods, there already were ancient races in the world. One of them were the Daschee, creatures of earth and fire, living in the arid regions of Thiem.
The Daschee welcomed the new arrivals at first, taught them the ways of the magic of this world and found the deities to be able and eager students. However there was one faction, led by Zecod himself, that showed not only talent but a disregard for balance and preservation.
After a few decades, the Daschee's fear of Zecod grew and they saw the potential damage they would do with the magic in the world. They concluded the mortal races were not mature enough to handle the magic this world could give them. Even though the Daschee turned to the other ancient races, they found agreement but no willingness to help.
So it came to be that the Daschee sacrificed themselves to take in as much magic as they could, stealing the wonders of the world, storing it in themselves and to fall into a slumber of several millennia. The magic of the world was thoroughly diminished and only a few roaming Daschee remained, to watch over their brethren in slumber.
One day, as these lone Dashee would tell, their people will return when the mortal races are grown enough to handle the vast amounts of magic and to live in prosperity together with the Daschee.

Historical Basis

This tale is mostly told by the people of Thiem in an area where most artifacts of the ancient race of the Daschee can be found. Many depictions of old ruins of the Daschee show indeed sessions of teaching magic to the mortals as well as a perceived thread through the rogue god Zecod.
After their disappearance, the Daschee left behind a massive amount of ever-magial artifacts, jewels with some beneficial effect whose magic never cease to be. Old legends of Thea-Sanna claim this to be the slumbering Daschee, who are storing the stolen magic of the world in these jewels.
It is to be noted that the few remaining Daschee display a very protective stance towards these artifacts. While usually mostly peaceful, if someone tried to misuse, destroy or take away one of the artifacts, the Daschee would intervene.
  Recent findings about the Artifacts
These rumors are in fact true, as recent experiments by the Scavati Cobalt Enterprises have shown, where they used these artifacts to power their Magokinetic Miningdrill. These experiment resulted both in an epxlosive release of vast amounts of energy and the reemergenceof several Daschee, trying to stop the unintended release of magical power

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Date of Setting
circa 6000 BR
Related Ethnicities
Related Species

  • At least 6000 years before the Ruling of Coexistence

    Colonizing of the World of Skeigham
    Era beginning/end

    The first people appear in the world

    Additional timelines
  • Circa 6000 BR

    The Dashee teach magic to the mortals
    Diplomatic action

    Welcoming the new arrivals in the world, the Daschee decide to share their understanding of the vast magic of this world with the followers of the Six.

    Additional timelines
  • Circa 6000 BR

    Zecod becomes Student of the Daschee
    Diplomatic action

    Eager to learn, the still mortal Zecod goes to study with the Daschee, together with his loyal group of followers.

  • Circa 5500 BR

    Dashee's Warning
    Political event

    The Daschee warn the other ancient races of the danger the mortal's reckless use of magic could pose. They get no support for any radical actions, however.

  • Circa 5500 BR

    The Theft of Magic
    Metaphysical / Paranormal event

    Most of the Dashee disappear from the world, taking with them large amounts of magic from the areas where the mortals live.

    Additional timelines
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  • In the centuries after the theft of magic

    New generations change
    Cultural event

    The mortal races witness their offsprings changing, adapting to the new, magically poor lands. They have less longevity and their features change. They would develop into very different species, formed through nature and after the image of the six.

    Additional timelines


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26 Aug, 2018 10:11

I like the main beats of the story as an explanation of magic fading from the world or being different from an earlier age!   Here's some minor notes: "One day, they would tell, the Daschee would return when the mortal races are" - "they would tell" reads a bit weird. Who tells that? I'd go with something like "the legends go" or something.   " Daschee display a very protective stance towards these artifacts." - Stance reads as a strange word to use here. I understand the intent behind it, but the sentence looks a bit odd to me. "are protective" or something like that might read a bit smoother?   What happened to the other ancient races when the Daschee absorbed all the magic in the world?

26 Aug, 2018 13:24

Qurilion has already pointed out where certain parts might read a bit smoother. The music added onto the article adds a nice tone, it feels very appropriate.

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Thank you for the feedback! I will look for ways to make it flow better - I am glad you appreciate the choice of music here. Any tips on what is missing for you to make it an article worthy of a like?

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When you say the Daschee stole the wonders of the world do you mean physical wonders of the world like the Hanging Gardens? Or did you mean to say they stole the wonder of magic from the world?

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Uhm, no, the magic itself. Do you have an idea how to make it clearer? I would hear your hints on improving this, any reason why you did not think this article would have deserved a like :)

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Maybe something like this: "So it came to be that the Daschee sacrificed themselves to take in as much magic as they could, taking the magical wonder of the world with them as they fell into a slumber lasting several millennia." might make it clearer but maybe you could think of a better way to write it.