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Describe a myth/legend that plays a role in the conflict and explain how they're related. (optional)
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The Ethyr Slay The Wild Gods

Catharxis, the End of the World

The Era of Myths

The Chief's Mad Son

The Judgment of the Vrok’sha

The Myth of the Devilsnakes

How the world was frozen

First Contact.

Creation Legend

The Guardians of the Myst

Blessing of the Storm

The Flood Compendium (Extra Submission Article #1)

Dragon's Tear

The Religion's of Magalia

Morrigan's Eyes

The Land Protector Myth

The Ora, Our Guardians

The Tree Goddess of Life

The Sentient system

The Myth of the Old Gods

Of Soul and Mind and their Unification

Shadow Dogs

The Calamity

The rule of Shah-a-Deev

The World's Breach

Sumomo, The Saint Slayer

Zhao Lore #1: The Great Modification

Legend of the Queen of the Damned

Myth of the Great Balance of the Courts

Hjall and the Well of Youth


Banishment of Udar

The Daschee's Theft

Prophecy of Extinction

Fur-Wachts Verhängniss

The Legend of The Slivers

o renascimento de uma mãe

The vanishing of Ki'Ra Bus'Dar Gren'Diros and Blan'Stera

The Allfather's Children

The Fairy Folk of Hafr

Song of the Shaded Queen

Ae CaBaeZo La LaFvSo Vol Ae FaNaCo SaPa ZaTol

The Six Suns of the Living Cosmos [Arkatos]

The Beast of Old

Island Arrival

Vu ́lag, the planeswalker

The Traveler of the Depths of Paranis, V1, P8 : Into Sancta's known Legends