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Zhao Lore #1: The Great Modification

The Great Modification is a poem of epic prose and potential prophecy that centers around a group of misguided explorer activating the Signalum in found beneath the burial chambers for their towns dead. Originating in the Zhao Khanate, it is heavily told as a religious tale to grasp children's attention and teach them to stay away from the many dangerous ruins and site found around across the land.


The myth tells the story of a group of three young teenaged explorers searching through a set of old ruins near to their home that is surrounded by tales of hauntings and paranormal activity. The group usually sets off on their adventure to the ancient sight in order to either raise their standing on the social ladder or earn great riches from the treasure they think is hidden inside, depending on which version you are reading. Upon entering the site and coming to 3 way split in the path, the group is forced to separate when the pathway they came in due to a curiously timed cave in.

Each character goes through a distinct personal challenge alone while in the hallways, and all eventually come to the conclusion of the true nature of the location, driven forth by power from an unknown source. As each begins to attempt to activate the ancient mechanics hidden within the walls, they descend further into madness, eventually regrouping only to no longer recognize each other. As they succumb to their madness, they descend upon one another, and in the scrabble the knock over a lever located in the room, activating the Signalum. As they tear each other to pieces, the Signalum begins to sound a great, demonic vibrating pulse of a sound that shakes the old bricks of the wall, shaking loose mortar.

The story returns to the town in its end, showing that the sound of the Signalum has been heard now by the locals of the three main characters hometown, and soon descends into madness themselves as the village comes to a blaze and the people begin to tear each other apart.

Historical Basis

While the Signalum are a real and documented ancient form of technology seemingly left behind by a greater entity, it is unknown to the Human species what their true purpose is and the poem is largely conjecture and assumption. It's themes and focuses on surrounding the use of sound as a means to communicate with the divine is heavily influenced by Zhao culture more than it is a result of any truth observed about the world. This allows the myth to better fall in line with their creation story, which depicts Mir having been sung into existence by a great white light and/or goddess depending on which transcript your reading.

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