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Mir, my first worldbuilding project and the heart of my soul is being discontinued in its current form. It will not be taken down however, and it is not a dead project by any means! In writing this world I have strayed far from my original intent, and something got... lost along the way. This made it extremely hard to focus or know what to work on next, so to bring my baby back to the light, I have began to redevelop it going back to my original ideas and notes.

Many names and characters will transfer. Places will be the same. The lore will be reworked. The focus will shift to the Nation of Thul and the surrounding region of Acre. The Sevan Republic will also be fleshed out some in new ways, but also remain in the peripheral of the heart of the project, The Nation of Thul and it's Theocracy, Veera's Influence. This will be taking place in a brand new world on World Anvil title Mir II, so if you would like to keep up with my continuing work, that is the place to do so!