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Mir, my first worldbuilding project and the heart of my soul is being discontinued in its current form. It will not be taken down however, and it is not a dead project by any means! In writing this world I have strayed far from my original intent, and something got... lost along the way. This made it extremely hard to focus or know what to work on next, so to bring my baby back to the light, I have began to redevelop it going back to my original ideas and notes.

Many names and characters will transfer. Places will be the same. The lore will be reworked. The focus will shift to the Nation of Thul and the surrounding region of Acre. The Sevan Republic will also be fleshed out some in new ways, but also remain in the peripheral of the heart of the project, The Nation of Thul and it's Theocracy, Veera's Influence. This will be taking place in a brand new world on World Anvil title Mir II, so if you would like to keep up with my continuing work, that is the place to do so!


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I&#039;m an artist and let&#039;s player.<br> To commission, just message!<br> <em>Sketch: $5<br> Lineart: $8<br> Flat Paint: $10<br> Full Shade: $15<br> Painted scene: $20+ based on complexity<br></em> <br>


I like good beer, good bud, cheap wine and cheap thrills. All preferably outdoors with a good view of the sunset and some decent tunes thrown in for good measure. Bonus points if I&#039;ve got a notebook and someone to bounce ideas off of.


Amatuer world-builder and Dungeon Master


<div class="paragraph-align-center text-center">Hey there i&#039;m <b>Nevermore</b>, co-author of <a href="">The 4th Race</a>. I&#039;m a wannabe graphicdesigner/writer/worldbuilder with a passion for anyth

Wade G

Hello everyone! I am a 19 year old student who, in the last year, started playing D&amp;D. This sparked an interest in creating a world and setting. In the past, I only wrote for school assignments. But now I&#039;ve started to become more interested in w

Patrick Brand

I&#039;m a professional video game developer (specifically, a programmer) who is working on his own tactical RPG in scant spare time. I&#039;d like to spin out a lot of sequels for Vindis Saga Tactics, so I&#039;m therefore investing what I hope is a her


Always open to talking about my own ideas and listening to others


Hero&#039;s users: if I comment on your post as a character and you&#039;d rather keep it in world, let me know and link me to the post, and I&#039;ll delete it right away. <span class="line-spacer d-block">&nbsp;</span> I have a dissociative disorder and


40 year old male living in Southern California. Enjoys making world maps, and DM&#039;ing for Dungeons and Dragons 5e.


An Amateur author, I tend to spend much of my time working my day job working logistics, as well as with animals, and gardening. My spare time I use to improve my passion in the form of writing, building up my world here, and roleplaying with others when

Dimitris Havlidis

Incurable storyteller, builder of worlds, builder of applications for building worlds. Web Developer, Designer, Psychologist. Husband to a glorious wife. Humbled by those who supports his efforts. Oh and I really love chocolate and tangy lemon pies.


Amateur writer and elementary school teacher in training. Worldbuilding for the hell of it, though I&#039;ll probably set a story here eventually. Strongly focused on the anthropology, mythology, and character aspect of worldbuilding. Oh, and making ho

Miss Ann-Marie

Stop misgendering my dog, ass-butt


I spend most of my time at work giving some TLC to our local buses. The tiny bit of free time I have, I enjoy spending on drawing, reading, playing all kinds of games (mostly PC) and watching youtube videos.

Iyo Nishiura

Sociolinguist by day, artist and world building enthusiast by night.

Shadow Malachi

For those of you that read this message. I want to tell you that i may return in a year or so to world anvil. Maybe longer but as of right now just know that I have moved on to focus on my paranormal research and exploration. <span class="line-spacer d-bl

TJ the WorldbuildingWizard

I am a multi-disciplinary artist with a background in graphic design. I aim to use my worldbuilding as a method of learning about our world through creating a fictional one, but mostly just to have fun! <hr> <h5>Role</h5> Design Director for WorldAnvil <b

Axelle Angela Snickerdoodle
A.A. Snickerdoodle

Worldbuilding enthusiast and professional invertebrate fond of Cephalopods of the female variety. Likes using old-timey exclamations, by jingo!

Delmer Putnam

I’m just some kid from Michigan, whose into D&amp;D and fantasy. I discovered this website through How to be a Great GM, and thought I’d join the community and start worldbuilding something I can be wowed by that I made.

Soul Fates0

I&#039;m just your typical nerd. Writing stories and hoping that one day they can be reality. But everyone has a starting point, and this is one of mine. I hope you enjoy what I&#039;ve written. If you have any suggestions, please leave comments.


23 years old with a love for world building, OCs, writing, reading, and video games.

Jenny N.

I&#039;m a laid-back and quiet personality, a bit on the shy side. I&#039;m one of those crazy cat people, only I so far can dream of owning a menagerie of them. For now it&#039;s just me and my lovely, perpetual kitten Polka. :)

Atena Luna

Mexican, speak Spanish, English, learning German and wants to learn Japanese. D&amp;D 5e player and dungeon master. Loves pandas and cats. Also anime trash.

Koray Birenheide

Hello there ^-^ My name is Koray, I&#039;m a long time writer and roleplayer. I use World Anvil to manage the world for my fantasy novel &quot;Aqualon, Rise of the Broken&quot; as well as my largest D&amp;D campaign setting (based on Forgotten Realms and

Lorsynth Es

I like aliens, am pretty chill, love talking about art and world dev and being supportive of great ideas. I&#039;m a chef and co-own a 4.9star restaurant with my partner. I&#039;m a vegetarian, spiritual but not religious, and have many cats.


Beginner of hundreds of worlds, stories and tales and finisher of none, I&#039;m here also to try and create something complete


I am a professional software developer, 2-bit author, and aspiring artist using World Anvil to create a centralized Lore and Mechanics Codex for my ongoing project, a pen-and-paper Grimbright Sci-fantasy RPG set in the distant future. There are over 20 ra