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Member Since: 5 May, 2018

Hey there i'm Nevermore, co-author of The 4th Race. I'm a wannabe graphicdesigner/writer/worldbuilder with a passion for anything D&d.

I've had an idea to build this world of mine for a long time but never the means nor drive to actually explore it and create the universe i've always dreamed of. That WAS until I met the fantastic artist Caeora! Through a bit of shear luck we discovered the similarities in our ideas and since then have been working togeather to structure our worlds in one multiverse, with all the lore to accomadate such a deep setting. This creation of ours is super ambitious but thanks to the wonderful tools provided we've already laid the groundwork and are taking the first steps into creating this beautiful setting for everyone to enjoy.


So what do you get when you cross a wannabe designer with a talented artist and add just a dash of half decent writing?



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20 May, 2018 14:27

Thank you so very much for the follows my good sir *tips hat*

23 May, 2018 07:22

No worries ^^

23 May, 2018 07:39

Thank you for following! I've added you to my subscriber list that allows unfettered access to my articles. Feel free to explore!

23 May, 2018 08:00

Cheers ! I'll definitely check it out ^-^

31 May, 2018 14:58

Thank you for the follow, and sorry for the late response!

31 May, 2018 20:24

No worries ! You're doing great stuff ^-^

11 Jun, 2018 04:31

Hey, thanks for the follow!

11 Jun, 2018 06:54

You're doing great work ! :D

11 Jun, 2018 14:33

Wanna be a subscriber? I don't have much but maybe I'll add some secrets or something.

11 Jun, 2018 15:27

Sure ^^ can't promise i'll read everything but I try !

11 Jun, 2018 18:06

Did you leave a comment on my profile? I got a notification but I can't find anything...

12 Jun, 2018 04:23

Nah I didn't, just here. Might be a bug ?

12 Jun, 2018 04:40

Yeah maybe, or I misinterpreted the notification.

12 Jun, 2018 12:31

Thank you for the follow! :)

14 Jun, 2018 17:07

No worries, you do wonderful work !

14 Jun, 2018 13:53

You followed all 3/4 of major worlds! Thank you so much! Remember, tell your friends and bribe your loved ones.

14 Jun, 2018 17:08

Heh, I think I can do that ^^

21 Nov, 2018 11:36

Thanks for the follows :)

22 Nov, 2018 11:44

No worries! :D

10 Dec, 2018 17:17

Thx for the follow!

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