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24 Mar, 2018 15:25

Thanks for following!

24 Mar, 2018 15:32

Thanks for following back! :)

24 Mar, 2018 16:05

I added your name to the subscriber group that has access to all the private material, so you should be able to go through and see things currently in the works, and stuff hidden from my players and public. So enjoy!

24 Mar, 2018 20:34

Aweome! Thank you! :)

24 Mar, 2018 19:56

Hello! I have a quick question, did you make the wonderful drawings on your world The 4th Race?

24 Mar, 2018 20:30

Some of it! But some of the really amazing stuff is drawn by other artists like Nele Diel, Ninjatic or Joakim Olofsson and I either have permission to use their art or have commissioned/bought peices :)

25 Mar, 2018 01:20

Thank you! Well I love your art and those you named. I'm excited to see what more will become of The 4th Race

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