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18 Dec, 2018 06:57

Thank you, for following my brand new world Tovedorp and putting forward trust and interest in my new project :) I hope you will enjoy what I build there!

@ lunalapanda
Atena Luna
26 Dec, 2018 01:39

You're welcome! I really love your worlds and your writings, and I'm looking forward to this new world! :D

23 Oct, 2018 17:58

Thanks for the follow! ^-^

Visit Miand'Mésvéstell Chronicles. "Look upon the stars, and you will see the light of the past."
@ lunalapanda
Atena Luna
23 Oct, 2018 18:02

You're welcome! Your world is very interesting! I hope you keep posting more :D

23 Oct, 2018 18:03

Thank you ^-^ That's the plan :)

Visit Miand'Mésvéstell Chronicles. "Look upon the stars, and you will see the light of the past."
19 Oct, 2018 01:04

Thank you for the follow!

@ lunalapanda
Atena Luna
19 Oct, 2018 01:25

You're welcome ^ ^!

5 Oct, 2018 19:17

Thank you for following! Cosmos is great!

@ lunalapanda
Atena Luna
6 Oct, 2018 00:51

Aaaaah! Thank you so much!! And you're welcome ^^

@ Gerrit_Dodd
Gerrit Dodd
25 Aug, 2018 00:33

Thank you for giving Mir a follow!

@ lunalapanda
Atena Luna
25 Aug, 2018 00:44

You're welcome! I'd really liked what I've read so far so I thought I'll give it a follow. Keep up the great work :D!

3 Aug, 2018 15:09

Thanks for the follow! I'm trying to give my followers options on what they want to see next, so if you're interested in partaking in that, here's a link for you! :D

@ lunalapanda
Atena Luna
4 Aug, 2018 19:52

You're welcome! And I'll think certainly think on it! ^^

17 Jul, 2018 15:55

I just noticed you are from Mexico… Yo soy de Venezuela ^^

@ lunalapanda
Atena Luna
17 Jul, 2018 20:02

Ah hola! Si soy de México xD. De casualidad estas en el discord de WA de hispanos?

17 Jul, 2018 20:09

No sabia que existía, puedes pasarme el link?

@ lunalapanda
Atena Luna
17 Jul, 2018 20:37

hmm, mejor mandame mensaje por discord y ahi te paso la invitacion, no se si funcione por aqui el link

27 Jun, 2018 23:46

Moon Bear! What are you up to, favoriting my updates?!

Who the hell does this guy think he is?
PatheticBarrel, Logo by Sai
@ lunalapanda
Atena Luna
29 Jun, 2018 05:19

*flails* I like your articles and how you write and describe your world. *flees*


Mexican, speak Spanish, English, learning German and wants to learn Japanese. D&D 5e player and dungeon master. Loves pandas and cats. Also anime trash.

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Learning languages, writing, drawing

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Silence of the Lambs, Lord of the Rings, Ladybird, John Wick

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Young Justice, Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood, Hunter x Hunter

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Antonio Malpica

Favorite Games

Shadowrun, Civ5, Stardew Valley, Mass Effect Series

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World Geography


Península Ahndírica

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