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@ Gerrit_Dodd
Gerrit Dodd
11 Mar, 2018 02:38

Thank you for the follow, fellow Anvilite! I can appreciate the name of your world being a massive Tolkien/LoTR fan myself!

@ Gallio
Wade G
12 Mar, 2018 23:16

I actually came up with the name myself! It's based off of a latin word (I can't remember what though). Sadly I don't make the connection between LoTR and Pellinor. Could you clarify? Thanks

@ Gerrit_Dodd
Gerrit Dodd
12 Mar, 2018 23:38

The battle at the end of Return of the King is held in Pellinor Fields that surround the city of Minis Tirith!   Makes sense that it's a latin word though, with Tolkien being a linguist and such! Although, now that I look it up it is spelled as Pelennor instead. ha

@ Gallio
Wade G
13 Mar, 2018 16:48

I did not know that! Good thing I spelled it differently, although unintentionally.

Hello everyone! I am a 19 year old student who, in the last year, started playing D&D. This sparked an interest in creating a world and setting. In the past, I only wrote for school assignments. But now I've started to become more interested in writing. We shall see how this all goes!

Interests & Hobbies

Hiking, backpacking, birds.

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Star Wars, The Princess Bride, idk what else. :P

Favorite Books

The Reckoner series, Harry Potter

Favorite Writers

Brandon Sanderson

Favorite Games

D&D, various board games (Terra Mystica, Scythe, Eclipse), and Horizon Zero Dawn to name a few.

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