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2 Jul, 2020 21:26

Merci pour le follow ! Ca fait chaud au coeur !

11 May, 2019 22:05

Thank you for the follow. It means the world to me.

11 May, 2019 22:36

The pleasure is mine. You deserve more followers, and my likes when I'll have dived into your universe for real, and perhaps into the campaign, as a reader.   I do like your tastes for the pictures you used, for I have jumped from an article to another. As for credits, it's quite often a tiring hunt, and not always successful. That shouldn't prevent you to take inspiration from them nonetheless.

11 May, 2019 23:39

I give credit where available, and am very open to giving credit where it's due. Unfortunately, some photos are just not as easy to find their original author.   Thank you for the words, I am quite the quality snob when it comes to the pictures I use. Only the best.

21 May, 2019 09:59

Did you find the courage to translate and read the 9k words of Imperium Kathair ? :D

5 Sep, 2018 09:26

Thanks for following.

@ Gerrit_Dodd
Gerrit Dodd
5 Mar, 2018 00:16

thank you kindly for the follow, friend!

5 Mar, 2018 11:49

A pleasure to follow such a well written and developed world :) Not enough time to dive into it entirely though

Co-author and game mechanics designer on both Aardheim and Voileterres, FR and partly EN worlds.

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