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Iyo Nishiura | Member Since 27 Dec, 2017
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Sociolinguist by day, artist and world building enthusiast by night.

Interests & Hobbies

Planning projects, drawing, cooking.

Favorite Movies

Flavour of the moment is "Look Who's Back (Er ist wieder da)"

Favorite TV Series

Revolutionary Girl Utena, Avatar: the Last Airbender

Favorite Books

The Romance of the Three Kingdoms (Luo Guanzhong), The Dark is Rising (Susan Cooper), His Dark Materials Trilogy (Phillip Pullman), Obernewyton Chronicles (Isobel Carmody)

Favorite Games

Ace Attorney series, Dragon Age series, Sid Meyer's Civilisation series


Latest Loved work

House Aban

The Vritrian Dynasty

Introduction to Tairos