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The Signalum are devices spread across the Planet of Mir by its creator, Urye the Leviathan, typically found deep underneath the surface in caves and blackened caverns. A few have been discovered by humanity and temples carved out around the monumental instruments, but the humans have yet to understand what the purpose of the Signalum really are or do.

A colossal machine, they are a fork-like structure with two very tall blackened prongs that meet at the base entering the floor. Metal panels, large cogs and gears and various piping can be expected in the vicinity, and even switches and levers. A distant rumbling can also be heard more often than not from deep within the surround walls, in all directions.

These machines seemingly lie dormant, despite the input and experimentation of the human race. They have come to be left alone in modern times, and even revered or worshipped by some due to the mystery of their unknown origins. While many forms of legend exist and swirl around these monolithic structures, one thing is clear. They are meant to produce a great reverberant sound.

The reality of the great machines is much more sinister than just noise. Acting as giant tuning forks, when activated they produce a frequency great enough in unison it can be heard by Urye and awaken his dormant Ka found floating above the clouds to begin their observations and planning of Mir's great retooling, often foretold by cultures around the world.

There is a known Signalum beneath Aic Ocuel in Ur that is believed to be malfunctioning and causing the locals to find themselves affected by the condition known as Vibratum Hysterium. This fear of the disease and uncertainty in the town of the origins of the affliction has brought the attention of a group of Balal as well, eager to begin feeding off of the negative emotions of the terrified populace.

Vibratum Hysterium
Condition | Aug 30, 2018

Madness descends upon those crowned by the Noise.

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23 Aug, 2018 23:52

Are there any accounts of people trying to interact with the signalum? There are some technical terms here that could use defining, but other than that it's a good article, simple to understand with a clear premise.

Gerrit Dodd
24 Aug, 2018 01:19

Oh my goodness, good call out! And you're right! There are actually two pieces of historical texts that involve the Signalum, I'll be sure to add them to the sidebar!   The journal entries of Alvus Solarum concerning his time in Aic Ocuel can be found here:   And a summary of a Zhoa Nation legend from their religios perspective can be read about here:

24 Aug, 2018 02:45

If the devices are underground how does their sound have any affect on the surface?

Gerrit Dodd
24 Aug, 2018 22:46

It's really, really big and produces more of an extremely low frequency or tone than a truly audible sound in the human hearing range. Think of like an Xbox controller vibrating and the slight noise that comes from the movement.   That, and magic and stuff. This is actually about as 'magical' as it gets for Mir.

24 Aug, 2018 04:59

A: My ears ache now... lol. B: Was Urye the creator of the planet or the signalum? It is not clear in that sentence to me. C: Has Humanity attempted to destroy them before? What were the results, if they have not, why not? D: Just curious, what is the retooling? I don't see a link to that, but sounds epic.   Scary, mysterious and somewhat creepy, I can imagine an adventuring party stumbling into one of these and inadvertently activating it. HA! The implications!

Gerrit Dodd
24 Aug, 2018 13:54

B. Both Mir and the Signalum! C. So far no, as they want to try to figure out what their purpose is. D. Basically the apocalypse. With the proper activation of a Signalum, they act as a beacon for him to follow out of the Smoke of Shadow. When he shows up he's angry at the destruction and changes that humanity and the l'Hita have brought about upon the landscapes of Mir, and decides to start over. Reworking the land into it's original shape. Lowering mountain ranges, etc. You can see a depiction of him approaching Mir in If he's article.

Gerrit Dodd
24 Aug, 2018 13:56

***l'Gota, not l'Hita. Haha.

Atena Luna
24 Aug, 2018 14:49

I love how this is a mystery in current time, also the article is short but is good at describing the Signalum. There are some things I am curious about: 1. Is there anyone with the knowledge and/or desire to activate the Signalum in the current times? 2. Is it dangerous to be near one at the moment of its activation? 3. Also what cults or religions have been born worshipping the Signalum or it hasn't reached that point yet?

Gerrit Dodd
24 Aug, 2018 22:43

So the answer to questions 1 and 3 are the Cult of the Deceiver, while not worshiping the Signalum itself, they do worship Urye or seek to understand the nature of him and their own existence and believe that activating the Signalum around Insennis will bring them closer to that goal. No one really worships the Signalum specifically, and the devices are often met with logical problem solving and the sciences than it is with faith, but people do incorrectly associate them with other concepts and beings through correlation. You can read more on the cult here:   To answer question number 2, yes. Very much so and I just finished the article on the resulting condition last night! More on Vibratum Hysterium can be found here:

10 Jan, 2019 23:59

Foreboding and mysterious! I also like the sketch you have! Has anyone attempted to destroy one of these devices and are the indestructible? Can anyone still suffer from Vibratum Hysterium if they are deaf? For example, still be affected by the physical vibrations the sound may cause?

Gerrit Dodd
11 Jan, 2019 03:34

This one is malfunctioning because of humanity trying to interfere with it or figure out what it did, which is the cause for it to go off once in a while and cause the disorder. As far as deaf people being affected by it, most certainly, and for the reason you brought up. It's the vibrations. Sound basically immobilizes people and makes them unable to escape the sound, I would Imagine that being deaf would be a bit of a benefit near a Signalum if you could get far enough away before the madness sets in fully.

Forgemaster Janet
Janet Forbes
11 Jan, 2019 06:47

Absolutely amazing work my good sir!

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