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Notes from the 3rd Sevan Expeditionary Unit

...written by Alvus Solarum , Commander of the Sevan 3rd Expeditionary Unit.
The Journal is a dark brown leather with bound parchment pages. It is nearly ruined, with the pages spotted with mold and rotted from moisture. The first two salvageable journal entries are written in an easily legible handwriting, typical of those who find themselves writing official documents and unrushed. It is known that he had taken his unit to Ur on behalf of the Republic of Seva.
Thur, 4th of Sred, 3E455
  It is with great regret to say that I have found nothing so far on our journey into the fabled region of Ur. This adventure has gone on for months, but rations are holding up alright, and we still have some time in the desert left. I'm not sure what the politicians see in this place. We should be on the front lines helping with the siege going on at Bliss and the skirmishes taking place in Thul lands. The night draws close and we have set up camp along a small stream here in Aic Ocuel after hearing about some nearby ruins from the local Urite's. Our translator keeps thinking that they made mention of the fabled Signalum earlier in the day, but the rest of the troop has been playing it down. There's no way in hell something that important is lost all the way down here.   Anyway, I'm headed off to grab some shut-eye for dawn and we set off for the site tomorrow morning.  
— Alvus Solarum, of the Commander of the 3rd Sevan Expeditionary Unit.
Fren, 5th of Sred, 3E455. Just before daybreak.
  We were awakened late last night or early this morning, whatever you prefer, by the screaming of one of the local women. She had been going on about a loud vibrating sound in the back of her mind and kept muttering the word unescapable over and over again. The locals took her away and remain silent on the matter, but now that everyone's awake and ready, we're headed off to the ruins now before daybreak. We don't know what happened to the girl with the night terrors. I'll come back to this journal entry a bit later on when we get back from the old temple.
— Alvus Solarum, of the Commander of the 3rd Sevan Expeditionary Unit.

The next entry, written on the next day is written in a much more hastily manner and as if panic had overcome the author. Blood partially smears some of the pages, while the old black ink remains legible still. The mold and moisture do not touch the next two entries and are cold to the touch as if still haunted by whatever event did the expeditionary unit in. There are strange spiral patterns all over the margins of the page.
5th of Sred continued...
We were beset on all sides by some force once we made it deep into the ruins. I'm still trapped inside attempting to write this by torchlight and I can still hear some of the other soldiers that were drug off screaming in the distance. I fear I will not survive this encounter and take this moment to leave behind my last words.

I am trapped inside of an old temple just outside of Aic Ocuel in Ur and the group I command was just attacked by an unknown source. If this message escapes these darkened halls, I want to wish my family all the love in the world. We were attacked when we located and began to approach the Signa-  
— the page is torn and blotted with blood, obsuring the rest of the text.

The contents of these two journal entries were the only legible pages found within the ruins near Aic Ocuel in Ur. They detail the events of some sort of paranormal activity that befell an expeditionary force sent from the Republic of Seva. This journal belonged specifically to Alvus Solarum, a highly decorated war hero and successful leader of men in the past. Given the ongoing conflict between Seva and the Nation of Thul, the decision to send Alvus to the desert of Ur over the battlefields in the The Gap was often questioned by both himself and his men alike.

It is assumed by military officials that the group is dead, and on record officially as 'missing in action'.


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Please Login in order to comment!
27 Aug, 2018 03:32

I love the change in tone you've created between the second and third notes, the fear is palpable. I enjoy when writer's take the time to make pieces like this, because it adds an intimate, human element to what are often very grand scale events. My biggest question would be wondering if the country these men belong to ever sent a force after them when they didn't return? Was this a national tragedy or was it swept under the rug? On a smaller note, I really enjoyed the detail about them being listed as MIA, because it reminded me of Halo. "Spartans never die."

Gerrit Dodd
27 Aug, 2018 03:37

I've been meaning to actually create an article specific to the 3rd Expeditionary Unity to expand on the group and haven't really delved into it too much yet! I imagine it'll go along the lines of a cover up where the government claims they were ambushed by the heathen Urite's and use it as a reason to ramp up their operations in the territory and to cover their expedited research into the Signalum. Potentially drawing other countries like the Zhao Khanate into it as well, given their close nature to musical notes and the Signalum being prevalent in their own myths and lore.   And the Spartan reference is a good association, as I had a similar mindset that these dudes are elite and never considered dead!

27 Aug, 2018 17:54

That was a enjoyable read of an expedition going haywire in a hurry :D   Some notes!   "The locals took her off and remain silent on the matter" - Do you mean took her away?   "I'll come back to this journal entry a bit later on when we get back from the old temple." - I'm not sure what you mean by this? Do you mean that he returns to writing in his journal? It sounded like he'd resume writing on that specific entry

Creator of Araea, Megacorpolis, and many others.
27 Aug, 2018 20:03

Great narrative and the excerpt in the sidebar helped set the scene really well. I admire your use of tooltips, it made it very easy for me to understand more about your world at a quick hover.   "The next entry, written on the next day is written in a much more hastily manner and as if panic had overcome the author. " - I'd love to see these visual descriptions expanded a smidge more, I felt like they added great depth to the article.

Creator of the dark fantasy world of Melior
Latest Work:
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27 Aug, 2018 21:09

Editor Notes:

  • "...alright and we still..." comma needed before the word "and"
  • ", we should..." A new sentance could be started instead of comma
  • " old templed just..." should just be "temple"
  • " unkown source." Should be "unknown"
  • "...halls I want to..." comma needed after "halls"
  • "...these two journals entries ..." no "s" after journal needed
  Overall opinion:  

I really enjoyed these journal entries. The way it was written really draws you into the story and I love the mystery that entries add. As far as any of my editorial notes go, some of the errors could be chalked up to the fact that they are journal entries and could be errors in the commander's writing. Either way, I chose to list them in case you wanted to correct them.