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Basic Information


Human-like in appearance, they reveal their true nature in the moments they hunt and feed. When they find a suspecting victim they reveal the hidden mandible from there throat used to feed, with their jaw unhinging and left to hang free.

Biological Traits

They are known to be able to leap double that of an human, and are substantially faster when running. They are extremely acrobatic when it comes to moving through towns and village, maintaining an almost perfect silence as they hunt.

Genetics and Reproduction


Dietary Needs and Habits

The require emotions of fear and terror in order to sustain themselves. They are known to roam the countryside and small hamlets at night, sneaking into the homes of mortals. Once they arrive in the bedroom or upon a sleep victim, they use the mandible in their throat to access the victims brain and initiate horrid hallucinations and nightmares while keeping them in a comatose-like state. The victims they leave behind after feeding are typically rendered trapped within their own body as it devolves into a zombie-like monster known as the Khodun.

Additional Information

Facial characteristics

Lean and gaunt, sunken eyes.

Geographic Origin and Distribution

They are mostly found near site related to ancient history and the War of Souls. An influx of Balal has been noted near Aic Ocuel in Ur, and likewise the creatures have been attributed to the cases of Vibratum Hysterium effecting the area, despite the creature's have no such abilities.

Average Intelligence

They possess a cleverness that few humans are ready to encounter, often times passing off a quirky or eccentric human beings when caught off guard. They have a great disdain for humanity and see themselves as superior, leaving their victims shells of their former selves after feeding.
A sketch of a Balal
Genetic Ancestor(s)
Genetic Descendants
Scientific Name
Bala Abomini
Urye the Leviathan
Average Height
1.6 - 2.1 meters
Average Weight
55 - 90 kg
Average Physique
Human-esque, although much more lean and flexible.

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