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Vibratum Hysterium

A condition caused by a what is thought to be a malfunctioning Signalum, it is often misattributed to the Balal. Overcoming its victims, the condition goes through a series of stages with no possible end, while others only experience the painful hysteria for moments. No matter how long it lasts, the survivors it leaves behind all fall victim to the same strange personality shift and a more nihilistic view on the world. Some people who have witnessed this describe it almost as if they have seen hidden truth.


Caused by close proximity to a malfunctioning Signalum, an example of which can be found in the Ur village of Aic Ocuel. The intensity of the condition brought on by a malfunctioning Signalum is an extremely painful and intense experience for not only the victim to suffer, but for viewers to witness. The connection to the Signalum was made early in history when explorers tried to smash the panel of the machine and the entire group succumbed to the horrendous fate almost immediately.


Stage 1

The symptoms start out relatively mild with a personality shift in the victim along with severe mood swings. Potentially aggressive or dangerous behavior has been reported at this stage as well. This stage lasts for different amounts of time for different users, not typically longer than 45 minutes.  

Stage 2

Stage 2 consists of a series of cluster headaches. These headaches often leave the sufferer screaming for death or in an incoherent almost trance-like state. There is no known current relief for this symptom. Many people who succumb to Vibratum Hysterium that reach this stage unobserved succeed in committing suicide.  

Stage 3

Once the victim enters stages 3, the headaches subside and the pain is described to be as if moving from the back of the skull and into the molars. A severe vibration sufferer's teeth have been observed routinely by medical professionals and have been intense enough to severely impair the patient's ability to speak and communicate. At this point, the pain and torment of the condition become too much, mentally overwhelming the patient.  

Stage 4

Once the patient has been overcome by Vibratum Hysterium, they go into a manic rage. They will scream, rant, spit on, defecate on and more to anyone nearby and if within reach will attempt to take their life as well. Their strength is said to double, with the frailest of patients taking many men to secure. This stage can become seemingly unending or pass after an unspecific, almost random amount of time.  


Survivors are said to suffer a shift in personality, most notably with their outlook on life and the nature of their existence. They hold personal relationships less valuable, almost becoming entirely uncaring in their treatment of others. When asked why they act the way they do or pushed for explanation survivors will attempt to deflect to another topic or otherwise attempt to avoid the discussion. The reason why is speculated on by many with no clear answers in sight.


This can last from just an hour to days or be unending. Due to the difficulty of containing a victim who has become maddened, it is often thought to be humane to inject victims with a poison to let them find relief. Once the processes of death have begun in a living individual affected by the condition they become calm and tranquil and pass in peace, no matter the means of delivering death. This strange trance-like state in the face of death also extends to seeing devices such as guillotine's or a headman's ax as well.


Although extremely rare, survivors of Vibratum Hysterium describe themselves as feeling 'changed' by the experience, with many claiming to be enlightened to the true nature of existence. It has been observed that victims who manage to get through the symptoms will almost immediately develop a nihilistic point of view no matter who they were or their personality before going in and can also be known to lose emotional attachment to their loved ones.
Chronic, Acquired
Extremely Rare
Affected Species

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25 Aug, 2018 05:53

Interesting article.. Sounds like quite a grim condition. I'd recommend an introductory vignette or a quote from in-universe to lead the reader into the article, as presently we're dumped into 'causes' and have to figure out what we're reading

25 Aug, 2018 06:57

For some reason, I'm imagining Nanites being involved. Nasty ones. :P   I forgot if it was the Stone Fish or Blue-Ringed Octopus that had a venom so painful that it's driven animals to kill themselves to end the pain, and one military officer shot himself to try and distract himself from the pain (allegedly). This reminds me of that. Nasty business. :)   Is it infectious, or is it only from smashing the ancient machines, with no further spread possible?   I like it, but the symptoms seem a little disconnected: Mixed emotions, pain, trance-like state when facing death and nihilism if you survive. Maybe high-lighting the connective tissue between them all might be interesting!

Creator of Araea, Megacorpolis, and many others.
25 Aug, 2018 09:05

Its a fascinating condition. The symptoms seem a little random (I personally suggest looking at real world illnesses to bade symptoms from) but overall it's good! Are there any cults that strive to survive the illness? It definitely sounds like a condition some people would end up thinking of as some sort of higher state of being.

25 Aug, 2018 09:53

Very interesting condition!   who was the first doctor to write about this??

25 Aug, 2018 22:13

Grammatical Thoughts: "... the condition moves to what is often described as an extremely painful vibration in the molars of the victims begin." The word "begin" here seems out of place and kind of confused me.   "... hysteria and become violent ..." I would suggest saying "... and they become ..."   "... thought to be human to inject ..." I think you meant "humane" or perhaps word it as "more humane"   Overall thoughts: It's an interesting condition, and sounds like something terrifying to experience. I like the idea of the survivors being left with nihilistic points of view since this condition sounds like it makes the victim long for death, no matter how it comes.