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Humanity came from natural processes of evolution over the millions of years between the time Urye the Leviathan created the Planet of Mir and the time the l'Gota of Yeor the Awakened Creator arrived and made contact with humanity.

They are unique from other sources of life found by Yeor, in that their struggle and fight for survival on Mir has led to the unique creation of a soul in their physical vessels. The addition of a soul into a physical form was previously only believed to be possible by divinity from the higher forms of Engellic Spirit, and thus lead to the decision for Yeor to create aspects of himself in the form of the l'Gota and send them to learn the truth behind humanity.

In the end times, they are the bringers of their own doom, decimated by their own inquisitive nature. Upon exploring the caves and caverns of Mir, a prophecy was discovered, and soon the literal engines of their doom were initiated. Beginning with the observant Ka, they descended upon Mir with the activation of a lost Signalum to gain a new perspective for their master, Urye.

They are the only species on the planet to achieve intelligence enough to form a society, thanks to the blessing of the four l'Gota, Zhizn, Stenok, Eyinan and Vybor.
Scientific Name
homo leviath
Related Ethnicities

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