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While the Zjin'au ethnicity itself is split into three major subgroups, the Coastals, Inlanders and Nomads, they are all connected in that their cultures and beliefs systems share common points of ancestry, even so far as the Coastals being a split of the main tribe. The Nomadic tribe, however, is more connected through faith and shared values, with the other two tribes viewing them as adopted into the culture rather than growing up in it. It is said that before the Coastals and Inlanders separated, they saved the original ancestors of the Nomads from a great sickness and invited them into their community.


Common Dress code

People of the Zjin'au cultural groups are known to adorn themselves with eccentric piercings and jewelry, with each tribe favoring a specific precious gem. The Nomads favor gold, the Coastals obsidian and the Inlanders seek Jade normally. The core beliefs of each group place heavy emphasis on each material, but each of the three groups interpretations of that importance is different, resulting in the divide present in the current times.
Encompassed species

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