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Urite's are the people native to or settled in Ur, as there are no people truly indigenous to the region. This, however, has not stopped the formation of a culture and belief system distinct to the desert region.


Culture and cultural heritage

While a region of immigrants, over the thousands of years since the great war this group of people has homogenized from their varied origins. Many of the original people to settle Ur travelled from The Grasslands, Tu Empire and the Zhao Khanate. Much of their religious beliefs are a culmination of their ancestors, and as such oftentimes is found favorable by outsiders.

Common Etiquette rules

They're a solitary people and mostly keep to themselves while in public. It is considered rude in most social situations to make and maintain direct eye contact for an extended period of time, and patting the top of an individuals head is a great offense and thought of as blocking that person's connection to a greater plane of existence beyond this realm.

Common Dress code

They are known to wear long flowing robes, often of a white or khaki color and made of a lightweight breathable fabric in an effort to help fight the effects of the sun and desert heat. Individual Urite people will often decorate their robes and clothing with special beads and jewelry for specifics occasions such as wedding ceremonies or birthdays. They are typically only known to have a few outfits at any given time, given the practical and potential quickly changing nature of their culture, so it is easier to carry a handful of ornaments for ceremonial reasons than have specific outfits like is common with other cultures.

Art & Architecture

Influenced heavily by the duality of the desert and themes such as light and dark, cold and warm, life and death and more, the art that comes from this culture is often steeped in metaphor and allusion to greater themes hidden behind rather mundane concepts. What little Urite art has made it into the mainstream markets of the rest of Insennis is highly sought after and valued greatly.

Birth & Baptismal Rites

When a new Urite is born, the first day of birth is celebrated by a large feast of the family and immediate friends and blessings are made to the gods Zhizn and Eyinan, along with gifts made to the family in order to garner health and goodwill for their future.

Funerary and Memorial customs

Each village has a central pyre that is used in the cremation of loved ones upon their time of passing, and as with birth celebrations, is attended by close family and friends. After the ceremony, the ashes are placed in a ceremonial urn and taken to the crypts below the settlements and placed in the family allotment, among other members who have passed. These urns are maintained by the local religious leader.

Common Myths and Legends

They share Zhao Lore #1: The Great Modification story and plot with its original creators, although in Ur it is much less important. The Prophecy of Lost Shadows from the Cult of the Deciever is also known to make an appearance amongst the more holy denizens as well.
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