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Zhizn (a.k.a. l'Gota of Life, Mother Nature, Mother)

Zhizn is daughter of Yeor, the Awakened Creator, and sister to Stenok, Vybor & Eyinan. Responsible for harboring good and just souls of humanity to her realm upon their passing through the Gate of Death is what she is most often associated with in Mir. She is partially responsible for the destruction of Mir in the early First Era, along with it's current climate's and geological state in the war she fought with Stenok.

She, along with the other three l'Gota left to the Handle of Yeor at the conclusion of the war, vowing to no longer interfere with humankind while they exist in there mortal vessels. Some time in the Second Era, Zhizn began to grow weary of the life of the Engellic Spirits, and wished to experience what it was to be mortal, in an effort to better understand their way of life. It was in this time that she forsook her ethereal form, and took that of Hobbe's. A man of Zjin'au decent, living in Bliss named Wee.

Divine Domains

Life and Happiness

Divine Goals & Aspirations

She seeks to harbor the souls of the fair and just mortals upon their passing and keep bad influences of the world at bay. She is often viewed upon by mortals with disdain, however, a consequence of her actions in the War of Souls.

The Gift of Life is the symbol used by humankind to depict the Right of Life.
Divine Classification
Aspect of Yeor, One of the Four Right's.
Presented Sex

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